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Build Wooden Houses

Posted on December 26, 2011 in News

Quite often, the happy future owners of the houses asking the same question: "Are you from the woods? Not because of the Chernobyl accident under? "Indeed, if we follow the logic, the best wood – wood is the northern, in exactly Chernihiv, Zhitamirskoy, Kyiv region, the most affected areas of our country from the Chernobyl accident. However, despite this, the wood from these areas trains exported to EU countries, where Believe me, the issue of environmental friendliness and radiology paid very much attention. This forest meets the requirements of the EU countries, so it is clean and the houses built out of it, suitable for living. Each Normal Organization will provide the customer a phytosanitary certificate and radiology at the forest from which made its timber (another way to distinguish between "Sharashkina office" of the actual construction firm). Data documents can be formally obtained from the forestry enterprises engaged in logging and cooperate with legitimate organizations.

Without them, none of the log does not cross the border of our state. At worst, I recommend simply purchase household dosimeter and walk with him near the plant ready to export their logs to your building site. I can assure you right away – no increased background you will not find a trace, shattering another ridiculous The myth that an environmentally friendly wood can be only in the Carpathians, Karelia and Siberia. The most common types of wood used for construction of wooden houses in Ukraine – it is pine and Carpathian Smereka. Rarely used spruce, Russian larch and cedar. Very rarely – oak. Take the two most common species (pine and Smereka) and try to compare them to physical and mechanical properties: 1.

Indicators of average moisture content of wood freshly cut pine – 88%, Smereka – 91% 2. Density at 12% moisture: pine – 500 kg / cubic meter, Smereka – 445 kg / cubic meter, 3. Density in a completely dry pine – 470 kg / cubic meter, Smereka – 420 kg / cubic meter, 4. The coefficient of volumetric shrinkage: Pine – 0.44% Smereka – 0.43%. 5. The coefficient of radial shrinkage: Pine – 0.17% Smereka – 0.16%. 6. The coefficient of tangential shrinkage: Pine – 0.28% Smereka – 0.28%. 7. Coefficient of volumetric swelling pine – 0.51% Smereka – 0.50%. 8. The coefficient of radial swelling: Pine – 0.18% Smereka – 0.17%. 9. Coefficient of tangential swelling of pine – 0.31% Smereka – 0.31%. As can be seen from the data, the coefficients of the properties of shrinkage and swelling are almost identical. The only thing what wins pine – that wood density – 11% higher than the density-density Smereka. But the house of Smereka slightly warmer home from pine, according to the organization, working exclusively with this material (due to the looseness of wood). The greatest density of all types of wood used in wooden house construction, is English oak – 690 kg / m, beech – 670 kg / m and larch – 660 kg / cubic meters, the smallest – Siberian fir – 375 kg / m and cedar – 435 kg / cubic meter.

Setting Bios

Posted on October 30, 2011 in News

A personal computer consists of components that are configured individually using the parameters BIOS. These components are: the chipset, CPU, RAM, keshpamyat. Each of them has its own BIOS collection of settings that affect the operation of these components and their interactions with each other. By changing the parameters of BIOS, you can improve performance of your computer, that is, increase the speed of running programs. It should be borne in mind that the overestimation of the BIOS your computer may become unstable.

It is therefore important to maintain a balance between performance and stability of your computer. Manufacturer averaged parameters are established that do not provide maximum performance, but at the same time guarantee a stable operation. Companies that sell computers, collect them from completing their own and make your adjustments in the BIOS settings to inflate the baseline characteristics, and thus be able to set a higher retail price, than that which deserves the computer. Buying a laptop, you get a computer assembly factory, which sets the average parameter settings and, therefore, it is possible to improve the performance of your computer (up to 10%). On the contrary, buying a desktop computer, collected by the seller, you get the car does not factory assembled, which means that the BIOS could be inflated above the average. Therefore, the owner of your computer must have an idea of how to quickly determine how BIOS settings are different from the optimum. It does not require special training. You just have to enter the BIOS and on the first page that opens to find the line Load Bios Defaults (or Load Optimized Defaults).

It remains to get the cursor on this line and press Enter. This will set the parameters averaged BIOS, adopted by the manufacturer and make the most stable operation of the computer. It remains only to enter the BIOS, rose cursor on Save & Exit Setup. Thus, quick and easy do you define the nominal characteristics of the test computer, then there are those who have been declared by the izgotovitelem.Teper consider setting your computer components with parameters BIOS.

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First Automobile Group

Posted on July 29, 2011 in News

In the last decade in automobile markets of the former USSR was a lot of cheap Asian cars. Bought a car and made a toning skate itself. In most of these cars are bought by our citizens in large numbers. It's all about the price. After all, the price of Chinese cars in the total mass is much lower than not only the Russian car industry, but also well-known brands. Corporations that produce cars in China, can be safely divided into two categories. 1) This is a joint venture with the world's major auto companies.

For the most part, are ordinary assembly plants that use advanced technology of the West and of course, appropriate quality components. These companies produce apart from older models, taken out of production, as modern cars sold in Europe. For example, the well-known company First Automobile Group (China) has plants in joint ownership with Volkswagen, Toyota and Mazda. They are not available new Mazda Familia (323), VW Santana and quite modern – Toyota Corolla, Mazda 6, VW Gol and Land Cruiser. 2) In this group of companies – all Chinese. They let the cars of their own development, which quietly and successfully replicate model brands. In addition, they use Chinese parts and assemblies, and use their own production technology. From well-known brands such can be called the Geely and Chery.

There are companies that own the plants with world known companies. Price range for the car affects the use in the manufacture of world technology. One can cite the example of Ford Focus, whose price in China is identical to the price of a car in our country or in the Square Ukraine. Prices for such cars as the Chevrolet Aveo, BMW 320i, Toyota Prado, Hyundai Sonata and Tucson, Honda CR-V are consistent with European standards. Excellent selling older models, or their, the Chinese development. They then, as time and cost many times cheaper than their neighbors and competitors Koreans, Japanese or Europeans. In addition, Chinese engineers are not static, and can now offer a car to liquefied natural gas. Higher gas prices do not stop producers who want to develop and implement environmentally friendly car models. However, if you look at the price of cars in China, it turns out that the country gathered in current models, produced in the same time Europe, as well as in Korea and Japan – are expensive, the price of comparable European.


VAT Contractor

Posted on July 15, 2011 in News

The only negative point in this case would be to still an open question about the need to pay VAT to the Treaty partnership, applying only USN. But this is a topic for another day … Situation 4. The buyer? No agent! Suppose that taxpayer, speaking the customer building, signed a building contract with contractors who have been provided for the contractor to perform the duty of using their own materials. Parallel (outside of the contract Contract) the taxpayer has realized a contractor of the construction materials.

At the same time realized the contractor building materials were purchased taxpayer at the expense of the target revenue in connection with which he has had complications with confirmation of the validity of expenses, which threatened crediting additional amount of significant amounts of VAT and income tax. Given that the probability of resolving disputes in favor of the taxpayer is not 100%, the taxpayer could be invited to the next version of its solution: pass the revised declaration of income tax and VAT, translating materials acquisition by the taxpayer in the plane of agency relations, ie when he carried out the acquisition of materials not their own, and on behalf of and at the expense of the principal (contractor). This will allow delete operations on purchase and sale of materials considered for the taxation of the taxpayer. In addition, if this agency fee amount equal to the amount set margins on implemented building materials, these operations do not entail the need for delivery of the specified declarations by the contractor. Proposed in this paper simulated options for preventing disputes may be applied to real tax disputes. However, it must be remembered that the introduction of any of the above options requires careful consideration, from the rationale for business purposes and to give reality committed transactions (including collateralized counterparties opportunities to sustain counter-checking), ending with meticulous design of contracts and contract documents that mediate these or other business transactions.


Web Site Promotion Prospects

Posted on July 12, 2011 in News

Probably have all the leaders of thought one way or another, and the most advanced – and has embodied this idea into practice, establishing a web-site of the business on the Internet. And any of them should know what is website promotion and why it is needed. AND this is very true! Where, as neither the Internet broke out following the battle of the Great Capitalist War of the Buyer? In the recently released blockbuster movie in theaters 'Surrogates' shows a future world where people do things for the robots. People just sit at home and supervise them. And it's not so fantastic as it may seem at first.

Progress on this and go. Who needs to be advertising in the subway and streets in such a case? She now has little interest to potential client, and sometimes annoys him. And then the promotion of web sites, in defiance of an expensive and inefficient as advertising in the media, will be released in leading positions in the list of methods to attract visitors. Indeed, even now daily the largest number of visitors to Web sites is comparable and sometimes exceeds, the number of people traveling on the subway. And they can see your colorful and interesting advertising.

And emerging from the avalanche rate system PPC advertising allows you to display it only with clear terms of people – in the city, age, gender, interests, etc. Cool, eh? But in addition to a fee and, therefore, still relatively expensive advertising has improved methods to find a buyer. Moreover, it is concerned, you, your product offering. The buyer himself will find you, well, yes? But how? But this need and promotion of your site. User visits the site search engine, type in the search term that interests him or offer goods and sees you. Everything is easy and perfect! Of course, this course of events there is no possibility of a certain game at a moment of weakness client when he entered the shop and – ah! – Notes marvelous teapot, even though he came for winter tires. Yet here is not so hopeless. With proper site design, placement of information on current promotions and uletnyh proposals seller can easily continue to manipulate the visitor motivations. In the wild it is modestly called supermarket merchandising)) This website promotion, when he is among the first in the list of issue search engine is also called search engine optimization. It is fairly cheap, and most importantly, is almost time for life – then you have to be only a small number of regular activities to keep your site on these initial positions. Promote it on the internet – you never will not miss that!


Gold Factory

Posted on July 5, 2011 in News

For the first time, we offer investors the investment that pays off handsomely – to conclude a contract for the preparation of the trader, the trader sign agreement on distribution of profit and the period of cooperation, open the account and Provide your username and password trader. Profit. Risk management provides us. Your account is protected by U.S. law. The essence of the contract: the investor invests in the training of traders and give him seed money to open an account and trade on the American stock market, with profits earned by a trader over time during the term of the agreement, distributed over agreement between the trader and investor. Why is it profitable investor: when opening an account takes only 2500 usd (this is the main investor’s risk), and the trader receives the account baypaver of 50 000 usd (we cooperate with the U.S. propretari company that enhances customer accounts in 20 times and engaged in risk management).

In addition, we practice the installation of dynamic baypavera, that is, for every $ 100 earned baypaver (amount in management) is increased by the 2000 usd. Thus, for successful trading, baypaver accounts is growing rapidly, and hence increased opportunities for input items, and income trader and investor. For example, if baypavere 50,000 usd Average earnings per day trader is 200 usd. When baypavere 100,000 and this figure increases by about two times and so on. An investor can deposit into an account and large amounts – up to 2 million usd, these contributions will be increased by 20 times. Also, the investor can produce several traders from among the offered or their nominees. One trader, ‘grown’ under the scheme may have chereh 9-12 months to earn thousands of dollars a day.

In the interest of all and investor and trader, and our company (we earn on commission). In this case, the investor is not necessary to increase the initial expense as baypaver account automatically increases with successful trading trader. Cost course in this case is from 3000 to 6000 usd, depending on the starting level of training of the trader and the time to educate him. Most often, this time from 3 to 6 months. We are ready to offer the investor nominees traders which have already been trained and traded until the demo accounts. Total costs for the preparation of a trader will be approximately 10 to 15 thousand dollars. Term training (including practice in real life) 6 -9 months. Return on investment within half years. The main objective – to grow a professional trader who will trade large facilities are already in our propkopanii.


Assembling Furniture Modern Technology

Posted on June 9, 2011 in News

Shopping for furniture in the shops or furniture stores, furniture postponed indefinitely, or service is completely absent. The component parts of furniture are disassembled and must be assemble and install on site. Furniture assembly requires certain skills and knowledge. Guarantee of quality furniture assembly is to attract skilled professionals, the use of modern tools and compliance with all regulations. Furniture assembly in complex modular systems is not possible without the use of specialized tools.

For performing assembly, installation, hitch, fitting furniture used: battery tools, power tools, measuring tools, hand tools. In the beginning, what components are manufactured furniture: it is chipboard, mdf, solid wood, as well as decorative objects (mirrors, plastic, metal). When furniture assembly of different materials – the main thing is the quality of parts for cpd – it is the density and well-glued edge to the array – this is the right process of manufacturing raw materials. Furniture hardware – that's something to be pay attention, the competent assembly bedroom is directly connected with this element. The use of lifting equipment, furniture for eccentric and connecting ties. Furniture manufactured today is different diversity, and the handle must not only conform to the style and color palette of the product. When choosing knobs do not forget about the magnitude of detail, it should be easy to capture.

Handle made of metal, wood, and also used plastic, glass, ceramics and various combinations of them. The main color is gold and satin chrome, so it was led. Fits handle with screws or screws, the assembly of expensive furniture in addition to the pen is fine laths.



History Of Technology And Equipment

Posted on June 8, 2011 in News

The first samples of research and production of steam turbine is rooted in distant past. First, one of the oldest descriptions of the primitive steam turbine refers to the I century of our era. In Germany, the German physicist O. Gericke was invented first in the annals of universal porshenkovy lightweight pump. Probably published in 1640.

O. Gericke scientifically proved the existence of atmospheric pressure. Engineer Ledemur designed and scientifically argued the centrifugal principle. Ledemurom, in 1732, was invented by the brand-new and unique system of centrifugal water-pump. L. Euler established and scientifically proven concept of centrifugal motor vehicles.

ne and sa Chaplygin and several other prominent Experts in the field belong to the doctrine of axial compressors and propellers. In 1705, Englishman Nyukomenom was opened and created water-lifting machine. Russian discoverer ii sliders, in period from 1763 po1765 years, has created a steam blowing machine. All the data listed above invention does not lead to wider use in industry, pumps and compressors. But due to this information, a scientific basis for the formation and improvement of compressor equipment in the future. The modern systematic study and industrialists have launched a huge compressor engineering industry. Aviation, any industry, food or space, even the catering does not get along without a compressor technology. Principles of designing compressors, developed by our glorious ancestors, still in use today. Change materials, design, form, but of something radically new has not been invented. As for us, the most famous in the old Soviet Union from the compressor with the parameters of performance to 100 m3/min, are reciprocating compressors. Technology to which underlies the principle of their work, more than two hundred years and it is quite elementary. Consistent with this factor, this view of the compressor was considered important and not so long ago, one type of lung compressors produced here. Their main advantage is underestimated initial cost, unlike other types of compressor equipment, ease of manufacturing and ease of maintenance. Reciprocating compressor, in the case of the current. service will last long enough. But these are details, in general, it should be noted that there existed seyches not destroyed before the end of a huge industry. This means that we have another industry that can compete in the market abroad. And you can continue the technical history of the country. Guest developed during ische Union, are now and which still produced the majority of domestic compressors.


Therapist Director

Posted on May 29, 2011 in News

Vision is more than the naked eye, the latter is just one more of the senses such as touch, hearing, smell and taste. The vision is a much more complex process, involving the whole body response, helps us interpret our environment for good development in the. Vision is learned and therefore can be trained. The proper functioning of visual skills provide us with processing information we are receiving through our eyes, and therefore a better understanding of school activities. Answering the question posed at the beginning of the article, the answer is: Yes, as long as it is done carefully evaluated to have an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. We can analyze the following example: Imagine Tiburcio, is in the classroom, sitting in the second row, fourth desks and are trying to copy in his notebook the task that the teacher has just said on the board. The teacher says – "The end of copying homework can go out" – Tiburcio notes that most of his colleagues have done and are doing, in fact there are only two children and he and as he realizes that he lacks much and not want to be the last to leave, closes her notebook, keeps in his backpack and stands ready to retire without being completed. A story oft repeated every day in different classes and schools.

What might have been the causes which have prevented visual Tiburcio complete the exercise? We mention a few: Trouble focus at different distance several times (see the book – see the blackboard) there is no flexibility in his system quickly gets tired approach and increasing the time of copying. Poor visual memory or ability to retain what you see (every time he looks at the board retains little information to copy it into the notebook, then you have to volley more often than necessary and get tired faster). I could mention some more, but I think these are sufficient. We must improve its retention capacity and flexibility in approach. Finally I will share with you the main visual skills can be trained and improved in order to have better school performance: Ocular Motility: The basic skill testing and inspection for critical information and is composed of the following skills: Tracking: The ability of follow a moving object smoothly and accurately with both eyes, such as the ball in the air or the movement of vehicles in traffic.

Saccades: is the ability that allows us to quickly move the eyes of a visual object to another. (This is the way we read, jumping from a letter, word or one line to another in milliseconds) Bindings: The ability that allows us to keep our eyes on a visual object. (Indispensable to be vigilant in close work) Visual acuity: This is the basic ability to discern specific details that are visible in the bright environment. The ability to see clearly or blurry. Focus: The ability to focus easily and clearly an object of both distance and near. Binocularity binocularity exists when the information reaches the brain from each eye is combined to achieve an environmental assessment in terms of space, size and distance. Visual Perception: The process of entry and exit, which processes information from abroad, to recognize, discriminate and interpret stimuli we see. Psych. Luis Villegas visual Therapist Director


Electronics Magnets

Posted on April 4, 2011 in News

Already mentioned in the context of the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor unit 'thermophilic' RMX140J are 46% cheaper than the closest analog of the line vrv. The modest size of the block (1350h880h320) pose a new scroll compressor with a motor, for which the company Daikin in Japan received another prize for progress in the life achievements of the Institute of Electronics, ieej. A new magneto-dc motor Optimized Reluctance dc motor, also known as 'Brushless' has several advantages over conventional electric motors. In contrast, ferrite magnets used in most engines, the engine used in a magnetized neodymium magnets (neodymium), having considerably more power. Motor rotor includes a curved iron plates, the location of which relative to the magnets is chosen to ensure maximum driving force. This leads to a decrease in consumption electricity and thus increases the efficiency of the engine. If you continue to practice the analogy with the world of internal combustion engines, the idea of a new engine Daikin is just as revolutionary as a source of pride Herr Ferdinand Pieha – Units W12 and W16, wherewith group vag equips its top models: Audi A8 and the Bugatti eb. Once and for focusing on the optimal half-liter volume of the cylinder, Volkswagen designers improve cardinality as well as economic engine performance, 'threading' on a crankshaft as a two row (R) engine and two V-shaped his own design (VR). By placing their new magnetically motors dc 'under the hood' blocks of Super Multi Plus, the designers at Daikin essentially performs a similar task: maximum performance (18.9 kW) with a minimum consumption (5 kW).