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University Professor

Posted on January 5, 2017 in News

Can you imagine with the bum around the corner, to be connected? Why not? It’s your status you think brakes? It is easier for the group dynamics to do love affection and attention. So to do it off easier – to – narrow. Only through separate status is possible. You feel as if you are sitting on a higher branch. It has more claim and appeal in the group. People are just animals! “One of my favorite statements is: we are monkeys with technology!” But that I provoke just to think about.

Much has been taken from the stone age. Such hierarchies. Based on the also group behavior such as Hackordnungen. This results in the State! Status – she size of the branch on which you sit! Did you see ever build a particle accelerator a Penguin? Ran recently resistance groups of chimpanzees, armed with your garden? Any dolphins who do research on new forms of energy? Perhaps we yet significantly differ from the animals… First, we have it’s hard to find a balance with our environment.

Such as viruses. Secondly, we have learned a lot through trial and error and forget even more.Just as children. Thirdly, we try to represent almost always topics objectively. As well as all-knowing. Fourthly, we have fears that make us be manipulated. You like Pawlosche dogs. Fifthly, we are able to communicate and interact. Like people! But all this is still long not enough. We are able to make very complex communities and thus more complex systems. Through these systems, it is possible that you did your fridge. Through these systems, it has become possible that you can learn a foreign language like Swahili in Germany. Do you feel the connection? With everything? You feel how the indifference is different, if you’re a victim of the social system. They are called also bum. Or someone without a job can pay no apartment and without dwelling gets no more work. All just a matter of definition. The University Professor can be as much a victim of society. His parents forced him to study, and the place was imposed on him. His decision making was not taken into account. I expect now that you change your filter? No.

Erotic Shop For Women And Couples

Posted on November 16, 2014 in News

For women who want a friendly, stimulating atmosphere women are involved in the sex but has always been, why has the erotic industry only now the idea to adapt slowly to the female half of the population? Why are there so many sex shops that want to operate apparently only the male audience and leaving the women ignore? Woman must be hard boiled, to get into an undemanding designed and sprinkled with clumsy groan videos showroom in mood. Sneak in their imagination men with lapels pulled up from the cabins and a lewd smiling salesman eying the courageous lady from top to bottom. At least this is the feeling of many women, and therefore we find it there so rarely. Fortunately rethinking comes slowly and thus arise appealing sex shops for women and couples, the wellness and lifestyle connect female love. As with a good prelude, this business with an input range are equipped, the curious and desire make more. So are issued there for lingerie stimulating the feminine eye and playful accessories in the shop window.

A friendly, sensual colors and interesting designed retail space invites browsing and asking questions. Preferably, advise and sell women here, and you have not only sexy underwear on, but also as outerwear. The further one penetrates into the sales room, the product range will be more unique: sex toys of all kinds or appealing made literature and women porn, see the good sized trading. Due to the high production costs, there is far less made good sex movies for women and couples but, there. Maybe there’s a station also soon in Germany than in America: playgirl TV. This pay TV channel broadcasts movies, TV shows and even soaps, which are staged erotically appealing to female viewers. Who shy away from still going to the Mall, is in the right place on the Internet: absolutely anonymously, with good value and tasty selection all covet the heart and the abdomen can be found here.

Here you will meet guaranteed no neighbors, and also shipping expires completely unobtrusive. You can themselves before their home PC make comfortable and after individual inclination from alluring lingerie, fancy high heels, exciting sex toys and of course erotic accessories select. To find more sensual suggestions, E.g. at.