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Month: June, 2011

Industrial Climbing Modern Technology

9 June, 2011 (23:49) | News | By: eye

Industrial climbing! To date, the construction services market, there are a large number of solutions in the production of high-altitude operations. Carry out installation, or simply repairing the facade, garland or hang Advertising signs, in any of those cases we are forced to hire specialists to work at height. Depending on the specifics and scope […]

Assembling Furniture Modern Technology

9 June, 2011 (20:26) | News | By: eye

Shopping for furniture in the shops or furniture stores, furniture postponed indefinitely, or service is completely absent. The component parts of furniture are disassembled and must be assemble and install on site. Furniture assembly requires certain skills and knowledge. Guarantee of quality furniture assembly is to attract skilled professionals, the use of modern tools and […]

History Of Technology And Equipment

8 June, 2011 (03:47) | News | By: eye

The first samples of research and production of steam turbine is rooted in distant past. First, one of the oldest descriptions of the primitive steam turbine refers to the I century of our era. In Germany, the German physicist O. Gericke was invented first in the annals of universal porshenkovy lightweight pump. Probably published in […]