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Virtual Sticker Albums

Posted on August 29, 2017 in News

ANDREU / creators of digital cards and virtual albums await the attention of digital natives. You are joining people with the same interests in social networks. It will be purchased through micropayment via SMS and they will be exchanged between users through offerings. Fight against digital is a losing battle and stale collections of baseball cards were not going to stay on the sidelines. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with incyte. The company Totfan Games has created a few virtual albums, in addition to satisfying the desire of the collector, will serve to make friends through a social network. The idea, which is intended to bring to market next fall, is directed above all to digital natives, i.e.

children and adolescents who are handled smoothly with new technologies and smartphones and to those who touch the scraps of paper not generates them the same sensations as their parents or older siblings. Here, the album is virtual. After registering on Facebook or Twitter collector in power will get the top ten digital stickers for free. If one is fond of, each time you enter the site from the collection get free another more, but to do with the whole (there will be a unique percentage) must make micropayments through SMS (which around the 1.40 euros) to buy packs of ten cards randomly, as traditional envelopes that you had to rip to view its contents. Explains Jaume Teixi, moreover, co-founder of Totfan, everything is the same, repeated scraps can be changed (or give away as third) with other collectors that will send them an offer on line with numbers that is demanded and what is offered to them in return, it may be rejected or contraofertada. This relationship makes the virtual album in a social game, a community that will make it possible to connect people with the same interests: football, music, TV series, celebrity animation Teixi and his partner Raquel Iglesias, with whom founded the company a year ago (headquartered in the incubator of Barcelona Activa) have already reached a pre-agreement with the Spanish first division soccer equipment (which do not give the name) to get out of shape joint the first collection. They are also negotiating with some TV stations, artists and musical groups to create other series.

We call Totfan because, precisely, the idea is to make collectibles to fans, explaining those responsible for the project. Totfan Games has also thought about digital immigrants, those who like to count with the physical album. Once glued the last virtual chrome, the collector may print them all on paper and have it between your hands with an additional cost. If not, can comply with the pdf. The platform works via web and ipad and they are developing applications for mobile system android and iPhones. These entrepreneurs are about to finish their first round of financing, that between private and public capital will be around half a million euros. If these digital collections are successful, the image of a child with a WAD of chrome to change and a paper with the list of numbers that is missing may be about to go down in history.

Diamond And Jewelry

Posted on August 28, 2017 in News

Diamond is the hardest mineral that exists and causes a huge attraction in many people. This is mainly due to its characteristic brilliance which transforms it into a very precious stone. 3,000 Years ago when it was found that diamond has an extremely high spiritual value and is by that which is used for the manufacture of different gems, among them alliances of wedding, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. These lines mentions these jewels and use with diamonds. Wedding partnerships: alliances can be made in yellow gold or white gold, but on many occasions used the Alliance of diamonds, which is manufactured by embedding small diamonds in the common Alliance. Engagement rings: this ring is very valuable in the wedding so symbolizes and it is advisable to seek advice before you buy it. Mostly rings with diamonds, are used since they are part of the tradition for a very long time. A fairly common example are the rings in yellow gold with diamonds.

Earrings: They are divided into long and short earrings and they are chosen according to the hairstyle, face and dress that women use at that time. The earrings in yellow gold with diamonds make one more than ideal accessory to accompany with the bridal dress. Pendants: They are perfect as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions and can also be used in day to day. Pendants white gold with diamonds that are manufactured have a very varied colors and shapes range. Bracelets: Bracelets are a very striking complement in the image of a woman, thanks to its figures and components. Gold with diamond bracelets offer a wonderful visual addition. Necklaces: In large part they are used by the bride at the time of the wedding and that it forms a nice item with diamond necklaces and also Australian pearl necklaces are used. The named diamond jewelry are the most frequent and that most occur in the jewelry market.

Social Networks

Posted on August 27, 2017 in News

What is meant by the term 'Forum'? Certainly in the first place – a place to exchange ideas, communicate and bring people with similar interests. Wikiquote (ru.wikipedia.org) on this subject states that 'web forum' – class web applications for organization of communication web site visitors. Not entirely clear from a purely consumer point of view, but a specific forum in Encyclopedia mass, and this is the term – the most appropriate reality. 'Social Network' (again same in terms of Wikipedia) – an interactive multi-site, the content of which is filled by the members of the network. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as incyte by clicking through. Again, as a vague but more or less Reflecting the nature of these projects. So thoroughly thinking about priorities and I am interested in the network, came to the controversial conclusion – services forums steadily losing its visitors 'in favor of' social networks.

Of course now, this omission is not so much the eye, but what further – the more we see the benefits of sotsialok over popular forumnym services. I cite the example of exactly free services forums like mybb.ru, without considering and not taking into account the pay engines, which are often used for commercial purposes. What – I think many have heard about the popularity and Odnoklassnikov.ru Vkontakte.ru, even the most avid forumanov no-no and yes there is its own page on sotsseti (even if it is not haunted by the creator). And this popularity is growing exponentially, along with the number of Internet users, and yet not so long ago, during the heyday of the Internet forums is given the opportunity to communicate without any restrictions people from different countries and even continents. Naturally, the policy of social networks aimed primarily at bringing people together with common goals, as well as finding friends, friends / girlfriends, who can not see in real life moment. . Go to hilton family for more information.


Stretch Ceiling

Posted on August 17, 2017 in News

PVC stretch ceilings are perfectly smooth surface, it turns out the tension of PVC film. But to get a quality surface finish by conventional methods requires enormous financial and labor costs. When fact that traditional methods have no such advantages, such as moisture protection, fire safety, speed of installation, durability (up to 100 kg / sq. M), ease of use, durability, etc. This cost to add that stretch ceiling color and texture of a great multitude, so that today the design of suspended ceilings will meet all your needs! But before you buy suspended ceiling in fairness, say about disadvantages, namely: first, suspended ceilings are afraid of sharp objects, a second, relatively high price (the sale of suspended ceilings from 30 starts with.

E per square meter) stretch ceilings are a kind of suspended ceiling, though to say hanging suspended ceilings – it will not be entirely true, since we use the ceiling mount to the base is very rare, often painting a heated state is fixed on the perimeter of the room to the walls. Additional information at financial technology supports this article. Come when selecting the suspended ceilings. So, for yourself, you can choose any interior ceiling, whether it is multi-level suspended ceilings premium, which perfectly blend with various finishing textures, and for demanding clients designers will develop exclusive designs on the ceiling, which will be your highest dignity! Another course, you can select glossy stretch ceiling, which will underline your brilliance interior, or alternatively choose a dull stretch ceilings, which are without light did not lose its luxury and its stately appearance. Finally, the most luxurious stretch ceilings "starry sky". "Starry sky" – a symbiosis of the ceiling and light systems based on fiber optic technology can flicker and image of the galaxy, signs of the Zodiac, the Milky Way. The structure of this stretch ceiling is a realistic copy of the starry night sky. Suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" gives a sense of universal harmony, space, aesthetic satisfaction and comfort.

If you want a unique repair in your home, then the ceiling must be unique. Which suspended ceilings pick it all depends on you, your tastes and preferences. On a still of course it is worth recalling that before ordering suspended ceilings verify their authenticity, beware of imitations to your new suspended ceiling you just brought a sense of satisfaction, comfort and joy, and pleased you would be long and many years! Stretch ceilings are calculate them, too, is to hold on their financial capabilities. Since the tension ceiling price of Moscow and varied depending on the design and on the invoice and again on your preferences. When using the text link is required.


Design Thing

Posted on August 17, 2017 in News

Flame – a symbol of passion. A romantic evening by the fireplace – the perfect time for the two lovers hearts. The touching atmosphere, tranquility and harmony. It was only a slight crackle in the fireplace wood violates this magical silence. Next to the fireplace can accommodate two comfortable chairs and small coffee table at him intoxicating drink from the juice of the grape berry mini – bar. Unique and exquisite taste of the wine adds a touch of playfulness to your intimate atmosphere.

The interior space is made up of different components: artistic ideas of your own preferences, desires, to construction and improvement of living conditions. Here we must build on that for you a vacation home? If this is a favorite meeting place with family and friends, good solution will be equipping the playing hall, where you can put a pool table and coffee tables with sets PLAYING: chess, backgammon and poker. If you constantly live outside the city, you better be there to create a peaceful atmosphere and do not overload the interior catchy and bulky items. Pictures and paintings – works of art that artists create a unique technology. Wall panels can be of various sizes cover the entire area of wall or ceiling, and then all the space will be a single story. Or decorative panels can be made small insertion in the interior and exist as a separate item. The pictures in interior gives a picturesque look of the room and emphasize its individuality, make the interior complete.

To enhance the illusion of light and space often use a mirror. They significantly add volume area. In hallway mirror is placed as close as possible to the front door, it was convenient to look around yourself, correct headpiece or hairstyle .. But in a room it can be placed on the ceiling, so that it can completely visually change the size of the room, make a narrow-wide, and low-high. If you want to simulate the space of a room with wall mirrors, then you need to know a secret: it is enough to be covered is not the mirror itself, and then that it reflects. The mirror is awesome and mysterious piece of furniture. And the ability to use, there are so many. All depends on the game of your imagination and fantasy. Peter Thiel can aid you in your search for knowledge. The merits of country image Life is full. It’s pure air, which means healthy and sound sleep, peace and tranquility can not be said about life in the city, a place where you can always stay alone with my thoughts, or vice versa, to invite a gay company of friends at a barbecue. Another important advantage is the presence of much larger area than the standard urban quarters, and consequently opportunities to plan and space Interior decoration.


The Firm

Posted on August 17, 2017 in News

If there is no other way, you can rent from the organizers 'engineered' exhibition space, including walls, carpeting, simple furniture. On all shows there is and specialized firms, which for an additional plan will offer you a more interesting shapes: curved lines, add-colored and transparent plug-in panel. But if you regularly participate in exhibitions, and each time fee of about $ 30 per building per square meter, then probably more economical to buy your own stand? Often you can see on the exhibitions disposable construction of plasterboard, fabric and wood. Disadvantages of such stand is clear – each time they need to be rebuilt. There stands a reusable based on aluminum extrusions, as well as popular designs such as Pop up and Fold up. Always advantageous to buy a mobile stand (simple to assemble and easy to transport). Experienced designers will offer an original stand design based on reusable profiles with the addition of the original low-cost materials for decoration of interior design: color Plexiglas, fabric, paper, metal mesh, which makes mobile stand unique, user-friendly and reusable. Help in the perception of the stand and accessories – lights, artificial flowers, balloons, huge inflatable figures or mockups of your product.

Thus, the exhibition design – a combination art of visual communication, functionality and technology. Exhibition stand – a space frame having a certain strength characteristics and therefore requires at least a minimal engineering work. Therefore it is better to contact a professional manufacturer of stands. Qualified professionals, tend to offer you a choice Several projects based on the exhibition concept formed by you, and what clearly is your concept, rather than specific terms of reference – those of optimizing from all points of view will stand. Final choice, as well as establishing the concept – for you.

After all, nobody better than you do not know your products, the interests of your customers! Forming a technical specification for development of the stand, imagine yourself in the place of your visitors stand. What should they bring to the stand? Whether it is convenient to communicate with stand-assistant? What impression of your products will stay with them after visiting the exhibition? In terms of graphics – exhibition design must meet general concept of the brand of the company and the specific objectives of participation in this exhibition. This goal should be to develop and inform the designer customer himself. None of the most professional designer will not be able to develop optimal for the firm stand if it does not define its objectives and requirements to the stand. Large complex stand to develop only in specialized firms, if the stand – a small, one can do by their own advertising department.


Publishng Children’s Literature

Posted on August 17, 2017 in News

"The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" in the design of Dora was reprinted Publishing Children's Literature. " Illustrations by Dore exactly transmit the contents of the main episodes of the book Raspe. Both the protagonist is depicted in the pictures looks the way it described the author. It is dressed in his uniform not very tall middle-aged man a big nose, dashing mustache, beard, ponytail and wearing a wig with a thin braid at the nape. But in the illustrations to "Myunhauzenu" reflect the characteristics of creativity to Dora as a whole. For an artist has always been a characteristic desire to impress the audience with something spectacular, fantastic, terrific. And in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen," an artist first and foremost attracted by the wealth of invention, a variety of events, plenty of unusual characters and all sorts of weird and wonderful phenomena. So, for example, his drawing of a horse tied to the top of the church, do not laugh, but rather astonishes the viewer.

As a rare and entertaining look at the spectacle of him, and "The Taming" "raging coats, and the procedure for" matching " two halves of the horse. But here's a hundred years after the book appeared, with illustrations by Dore, in 1971, in Moscow, published by "The Kid" "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" out in the design of two Moscow graphs – ma Skobelev and A. Eliseev. Dore illustrations from the works of these artists – our contemporaries, primarily distinguished by the style of his drawings – a much more catchy, concise, less well-developed, as well as its graphics technology: a Dora – black and white line images have Skobelev and Eliseev – a bright-color watercolor.



Security Division

Posted on August 16, 2017 in News

Development of information technology leads to the fact that electronic communication affect more and more new areas, and all deeper into our everyday lives. Many of us can not imagine their life outside Internet, it became part of our lives. But along with this growing and internet crime, each year an increasing number of Internet attacks. In the first five months of 2008, Internet attacks have been more than 205 financial institutions in the world in order to obtain customer data. Peak attack occurred in May, in which the attacks were more than 200 banks.

Computer criminals commit an attack from different countries, but headed the list from year to year United States. Only in May this year, 61 banks were victims of precisely the American criminals. However, the United States is headed not only the list of countries where Internet attacks occur, but the list of countries which account for the attack. U.S. financial institutions – a tasty morsel for hackers, so the U.S. banks account for half of all attacks. Unenviable position in this regard is China, which accounts for 11 dollars percent of the attacks. Next come the United Kingdom, Germany, France and South Korea.

With the attacks is actively fighting center RSA – Security Division of EMC, an American manufacturer of software and storage systems information. For more clarity and thought, follow up with financial technology and gain more knowledge.. Center RSA discovers and tracks down the block malware attacks in more than 300 organizations worldwide, and operates 24 hours 7 days a week. One of the latest and most serious threats which have found the Centre virus is "Zeus". Zeus – a new technology of computer attacks on financial institutions, he combines the delivery of e-mails, and Trojans. The virus was launched by a known group of computer pirates Rock Phish, which was founded in 2004. The main purpose of this group are financial institutions around the world. It is assumed that more than half the attacks in the world – the work of Rock Phish. Also on their account is credited with stealing tens of millions of dollars bank accounts of users.


Google AdWords

Posted on August 14, 2017 in News

Buying traffic schemes CPM: Cost Per Thousand impressions, cost per thousand impressions Under this scheme, who pay to attract traffic to show a creative (banners, video, flash, link, etc) depending on the number of times shown. For example, a 2 CPM means you pay 2 for every thousand times they show some of the creatives of the campaign, this is totally indifferent to whether or not you click on the creativity to enter the site. The CPM is a very efficient scheme in terms of value creation (sales), however, can be very useful for "branding" and brand recognition. CPC: Cost Per Click, Cost Per Click is typical of Google AdSense and Google AdWords (for example). Under this scheme, no matter how many times is a creative, what matters and what is paid for each click that creativity is done in order to enter the site. For example, a 0.10 CPM means you pay 0.10 per click. For the purposes of a page that displays the creative (which seeks to monetize the traffic), have a CTR (Click Through Rate = Number of clicks / number of times it shows the creativity) of 1%, mean that display ads to a CPC of 0.10 is the same as display ads at a CPM of 1 . The benefit is the model on the model CPC CPM for whom the campaign is designed to attract traffic, you may be able to get some value if you have ways to monetize traffic (in turn, display banners or other ad). (Source: Brad Pitt).


Technology Plans

Posted on August 14, 2017 in News

Application of technology to create a laminated veneer lumber strong frame which resist deformation, and consequently, will serve their owners for many years. Used for bonding waterproof glue acts as extra protection from the negative natural influences. Double-glazed windows in the euro windows are two-or three-compartment. For heat and sound insulation in the frames used double and sometimes triple loop seal. In connection with this eurowinows not require gluing for the winter – are adjacent to the window sash box tight enough. Finnish window.

FINNISH windows have two sets of wings that are fastened together with special fittings. In one of the valves installed ordinary glass in the other – glass. With this design to realize the opening of windows in the two planes is quite difficult, although sometimes produce Finnish wooden windows that open, and in vertical mode. To ventilate and provide small transom windows. Sometimes, in cases where the use of curtains is not desirable, the Finnish interior window shutters installed to manage the flow of light in the room. Material for the production of Finnish windows is often natural wood, rarely used double-laminated board. To more effectively apply the contours of the adjacency leaf seal. The Norwegian Norwegian windows windows combine features of Russian and European windows windows. Similarities with the joinery of wood attached to an array of quality materials which should be very strictly: it must be of high quality northern pine or larch. Similarity with the euro-windows is the use of glass, but the technology has serious differences.