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Social Engineering

Posted on May 10, 2020 in News

Giving continuity, the first case that I will present is of as to cross the security of a company for the simple act of the lack of information and the curiosity. In as, to substimar an employee it can be the key for its fall. In case that 1Para to get access to a company, a consultant left, propositalmente, a COMPACT DISC in the balcony of the entrance of the building in which it wanted to test the security level. The content of the COMPACT DISC ero archives of text and some spread sheets, however in the way had a program ‘ ‘ trojan’ ‘ for ‘ ‘ pescar’ ‘ sigilosas passwords and information. In the COMPACT DISC the following heading was printed matter: Leaf of Payment Direction – ConfidencialAps to leave the COMPACT DISC it left the building and was waiting in the car with a connection 3G and logado in the site that was ‘ ‘ esperando’ ‘ the information. 8 minutes so that it had access to a machine and, in next the 30 minutes had been enough, already it had more than infectado 100 machines of the company. This was only one test to affirm that the curiosity of the people goes beyond its reason and, over all, of the norms.

Case 2Em one determined company of the interior of Minas Gerais, diverse projects had been copied by a competing company. During one year the internal inquiries had not obtained to discover as the emptying occurred. Passed 8 months of the finishing of the inquiry, the problem occurred with another company of another segment, but of this time it was not difficult to find the responsible one, in the truth ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ responsible. When all believed to be an employee of raised intermediate level for, evidenced that if it dealt with the faxineira that after one I raise in its registers, was verified that the same one was not faxineira engineer and. This seems cliche of American film, but it happened with a team where I myself was part. For surprise of all it said the following phrase when questioned for the policemen: ‘ ‘ Nobody of value for faxineiro, because many times find even though that they do not know to read, therefore leave drawers opened, confidential papers on the same ones.

Vocs finds that I went to lose the chance? ‘ ‘ I do not go nor to comment the phrase of it. For perhaps in its company also they leave everything ‘ ‘ soltas’ ‘? He is this staff, Social Engineering and Crime, both exist and all attention is little.


September Apple

Posted on December 5, 2019 in News

In recent years, the company used in September to showcase the new iPod models before season of high consumer demand at the end of the year. IPod players dominate in its market, but sales growth has slowed in recent years, Apple focused on the smartphone line iPhone and tablet PCs iPad. For quarter, the company sold 9.10 million iPod. In this teleresiveriv Apple tv for computers sold around one million per year. Apple is in talks with major U.S. television networks of abc, owned by Walt Disney Co, at nbc, owned by General Electric Co, hoping offer its customers television shows for download through the iTunes online store for 99 cents per episode. However, so far not reported anything about the agreement between the parties..


Mason Man

Posted on December 8, 2017 in News

From the age of eight – tells Pacheco – leo everything that falls into my hands. At eighteen years of age it is mobilized and earmarked Oyarzun, in the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco. He worked in many different trades to kill hunger, the poet himself reminds us of the following: monaguillo, singer of tangos, photographer, charger dock station railway, Mason, Marbler, dealer registration and theater comparsista sheets, finally, enters as a typist at the offices of the military Pagaduria. In 1949 he published his first poem air in the newspaper today. On October 5, 1955 he married Manuela Canon Villarroel. Extremadura Medal is granted in 1986 and two years later he was elected member of the Royal Academy of Extremadura of letters and the arts. In his abundant poetic works include the following titles: absence of mismanos (1949), in the land of cancer (1953), the Archangel sleepwalking (1953), Loscaballos of dawn (1954), mia (1955), poems (1960) son, still estatodo still (1960), poems in the form of (1962), poetry on Earth (1970), Paracurar cancer do not serve dragonflies (1972), the emblem of the dream (1972), Cantaresde eyes open (1976), has never lived as (1977), die now movies andother poems (1978), poetry (1942-1984) (3 vols1986) and sepia color poems (1989). Work in prose (1949-1995) was published in 1995.

And as the Extremaduran poet said: what matters is the man / because if the man dies / will turn off forever / torches of alba. Francisco Arias Solis no man believes that his situation is free if not at the same time fair, not fair if it is not free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.


Platinum Time

Posted on February 5, 2016 in News

Wristwatches are watches that are in the subject wrist with a strap and are manufactured in various materials, such as steel, titanium, gold or plastic. Wrist watches play an important role both as a complement of fashion and by its additional functions, since in addition to marking the hour they can incorporate features such as date, moon phase, Chronograph, tachymeter, alarm, world time, lighting, altimeter, synchronization by radio, calculator or water and shock resistance. Materials materials wrist watches are not only important for aesthetics but also because certain materials can cause allergic reactions. Let’s look at the materials most used in wristwatches: box: used stainless steel (durable, resistant and will not rust), titanium (resistant, lightweight and stainless), gold plating (used in high range, between 10 and 20 microns thickness wristwatches), (used in very high-end clocks) gold, silver, Platinum, aluminum (lightweight and rust resistant) or plastic (lightweight and resistant, commonly used in watches). Sphere: the used in the box more copper or brass decorated and bathed in porcelain in the visible face.

Belt: the employees more skin in box (elegant but deteriorates easily), rubber, rubber or high-strength fibers. Crystal: mineral glass (used in mid-range and low wrist watches) is used and Sapphire Crystal (very resistant, used in high-end wristwatches). Features wrist watches, in addition to marking the hour, can incorporate numerous additional functions: date: displays the date (day, month, year and day of the week). Moon phase: indicates the phase of the moon with an image on a rotating disk. Stopwatch/chronograph: wristwatches that allow counting from zero at the push of a button, as well as take splits or countdown. Tachymeter: corona graduated located around the dial that lets you measure distances and speeds. Alarm: you can configure one or more audible alarms. World time: indicate the the time in different time zones.

This type of bracelet watches are very useful for people who travel a lot or who communicate with people from other countries. Lighting: activated via a button. Synchronization by radio: allows you to synchronize time with a time server or atomic clock. Water resistant: wrist watches water resistance is measured in meters or atmospheres, and may be resistant to splash (water resistant 30 m, 3atm), suitable for swimming (5atm, 50 m), 100 m (10atm) snorkelling, diving with scuba equipment (150 m, used) or scuba (20atm, 200 m). Anti-shock: they are shock-resistant watches. Altimeter / barometer: show the altitude and atmospheric pressure. Compass: they have compass, usually digital. Thermometer: display the temperature. Calculator: they carry built-in calculator. GPS: they have GPS receiver. Depth: inform the diver’s depth at which it is located and pressure that is supporting.


Jacqueline Thermati

Posted on January 13, 2016 in News

A humanitarian organization complained of improperly calculated and priorities lack of distribution of humanitarian materials in an airport controlled by U.S. authorities. The general in charge said that the U.S. Army was working hard to speed up delivery of products of first necessity. Next to the ruins of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, where the Sun is colaba between Kristallnacht, a priest told parishioners during the first Sunday mass after the devastating earthquake on Tuesday: we are in God’s hands now.

However, the frustration grew hour after hour, as well as complaints of slowness in delivering food and water to millions of people. The Government is a mockery. The UN is a joke, said Jacqueline Thermati, 71, sitting on the floor, in front of a hospice for elderly people. We are one kilometer (half a mile) from the airport and we will die of hunger. Water was delivered to more people around the capital, where an estimated 300,000 displaced were living outdoors. But the food and drink were scarce. On the streets, people still dying, Haitians on their knees praying begging for help, pregnant women gave birth in the asphalt, and the wounded appeared in wheelbarrows and on the backs of others who ran at hospitals.

The authorities warned that looting and violence could spread. In the old market district, the police tried to disperse looters driving trucks in the middle of the crowd, at the same time many scurried in shops partially destroyed by grabbing anything they saw. As he ran with a huge box of tampons, Love Zedouni shouted: I have no idea what this is, but we are sure that you can sell. Police officers threw tear gas against looters, forcing the crowd to run by the havoc-filled avenues. The Secretary general of Nations Ban Ki-moon, who departed for Haiti, described the earthquake as one of the most serious crises in decades.


Lourdes Casanova

Posted on January 12, 2016 in News

However, the total lifting of the trade embargo that has USA against Cuba since the 1960s would not have likely to be made soon because, it is said, that it requires the intervention of Congress and, at this point, is majority Republican, contrary to deletion, so it will be difficult. It will depend on the margin of initiative that President Obama has. This while there are who like Lourdes Casanova, lecturer in the Department of strategy of INSEAD in France, believes that a lifting of the embargo would help accelerate economic change in Cuba as long as soon as the Cuban regime would lose part of their excuse for staying in a closed attitude. But what we will see in the coming months is, according to experts, gestures by both parties because, says Pampillon, Professor of environment Economic of IE Business School in Madrid, what Cubans want at the moment is it reaching economic agreements with the US and this will prompt to change things. At the moment, Pampillon believes that only funding that is going to get on the island is from abroad, through remittances from immigrants or direct investment, as happened during the special period in areas such as tourism, cement, construction, etc. because I do not think that anyone dares to give credit by now. Along with the financing, experts consider essential to establish and respect the rights of property. Pampillon points out that it remains to see how to reassure people that their business will be yours truly and it is not going to expropriate.

It will be necessary to have laws that pick up on some system of property registration and to give legal certainty to which starts a business. He also believes that there are doubts about up to what extent want to formalize business initiatives if that means they pay taxes that are a bit one-sided. And in case outside little, permits and the bureaucracy represent, in his opinion, a brake for the management of business applications. Cubans are not accustomed to the diligence to promote entrepreneurship. Also says that an internal market that functions effectively, is required where workers of the private sector may be fueling. For example, have begun to emerge in Havana Street stalls of food, cafes, new tastes, all of them require inputs: food, beverages and others, and a functioning market is needed, says. Another challenge that the update of socialism will bring will be the formation of the public unemployed to perform a few trades as the bricklayer or plumber requiring skills rare in Cuba, where too many engineers or doctors whose formation was featured some generations ago, but now it has become obsolete. We will also need a change of mentality about the role they will play small entrepreneurs on the island’s economy.

Professionals such as doctors, officials, etc. could do with bad eyes these initiatives because they will be left out of the benefits that occur, notes Pampillon, who adds that it was precisely these misgivings which halted the reforms of the 1990s. Ultimately, Cuba to give step to new reforms that will allow to consolidate its economy, should know that this will seriously affect wing socialist ideology, which for years has been at great social cost and that to have new perspectives on economic management, this can be outdone.


Electromagnetic Fields

Posted on January 16, 2013 in News

As mentioned in the Old Testament: "And will all the earth: bordered by filaments'. It seems that these words were indeed prophetic. Now Globe surrounded by hundreds of thousands of electrical wires. So what, you say, we also have to live somehow, we are accustomed to refrigerators and TVs, do have to give up all this not to be afraid of the offensive end of the world. Yes, refuse from anything you do not want to only to the extent possible to protect themselves against effects of electromagnetic fields. It is understandable that snacking on house wires are not needed, but consider in what place is your house or yard. Scourge of many cities are building lots under the power lines (power lines). Berries, vegetables is possible, but work on these gardens can not.

Unfortunately, the gardens and lined them houses that are in close proximity to power lines, are there illegally, and hence the norm the correct location are not met. Since it is impossible to completely change the situation, it is necessary in any case, to protect themselves from harmful effects of power lines. First, power lines generate magnetic fields. Normal, not leads to oncological diseases of the magnetic field is level 0,3 – 0,4 mT. Secondly, apart from the magnetic field generated by electric fields. There are sanitary protection zones, within which is prohibited build houses and public buildings.

Here you can grow those crops that do not require a long stay of the person and the use of manual labor. The electromagnetic field of the line is dangerous to health. A person may develop cataracts, broken kroei circulation in the vessels of the brain. Butterflies, for example, try to fly away from electrical wires, the plant under power lines, develop various abnormalities – extra petals, a new form.




Posted on November 10, 2012 in News

Do not advance you are equal you to have a painting, a drawing and to have an livened up drawing and to want, know? To speak that the things a thing is process of another one. In the truth they are different things. You have a drawing nanquim and it, by itself, it you soon. It does not need to color! A painting the oil, it you soon, understood? Then, thus, they are is different languages.

You finish having that to assume. The virtual scene cannot for in the head that it goes to be a real scene. Future, who knows? It can until arriving at a processing point that you obtain subtilities that more does not obtain to identify. But today, with the equipment that people have, people do not obtain and have that to assume this, she understood? She is what people make. In the digital age, of the digital TV, in the real scene, all the elements, thus, have that to have more somebody (…) why nor a transparent line cannot, because already goes to appear A risk! A nugget is of the place! Ruguinha! How it is that it goes to be, thus, is in its opinion, the virtual scene can substitute all the others? Not! (laughs) I Am equal you I spoke! They are different languages, understood? Then, thus, it is is same history, for example, of when they spoke of 2D and 3D, drawing animado.e graphical computation, understood? One goes to substitute the other? They are different languages, n? You have the livened up drawing traditional and you she has the graphical computation. It is more easy today to make in the graphical computation? It is! This can discard the livened up drawing, because it is a delayed process more, more elaborated and such, understood? But one substitutes the other? I find that not, it understood? You find that she has some identification the virtual scene with the format? For example, thus, for the journalism the virtual scene a soap opera, a real scene? It has! It is of very specific use, understood? Equal saying he tava you with regard to to the figurino.