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Platinum Time

Posted on February 5, 2016 in News

Wristwatches are watches that are in the subject wrist with a strap and are manufactured in various materials, such as steel, titanium, gold or plastic. Wrist watches play an important role both as a complement of fashion and by its additional functions, since in addition to marking the hour they can incorporate features such as date, moon phase, Chronograph, tachymeter, alarm, world time, lighting, altimeter, synchronization by radio, calculator or water and shock resistance. Materials materials wrist watches are not only important for aesthetics but also because certain materials can cause allergic reactions. Let’s look at the materials most used in wristwatches: box: used stainless steel (durable, resistant and will not rust), titanium (resistant, lightweight and stainless), gold plating (used in high range, between 10 and 20 microns thickness wristwatches), (used in very high-end clocks) gold, silver, Platinum, aluminum (lightweight and rust resistant) or plastic (lightweight and resistant, commonly used in watches). Sphere: the used in the box more copper or brass decorated and bathed in porcelain in the visible face.

Belt: the employees more skin in box (elegant but deteriorates easily), rubber, rubber or high-strength fibers. Crystal: mineral glass (used in mid-range and low wrist watches) is used and Sapphire Crystal (very resistant, used in high-end wristwatches). Features wrist watches, in addition to marking the hour, can incorporate numerous additional functions: date: displays the date (day, month, year and day of the week). Moon phase: indicates the phase of the moon with an image on a rotating disk. Stopwatch/chronograph: wristwatches that allow counting from zero at the push of a button, as well as take splits or countdown. Tachymeter: corona graduated located around the dial that lets you measure distances and speeds. Alarm: you can configure one or more audible alarms. World time: indicate the the time in different time zones.

This type of bracelet watches are very useful for people who travel a lot or who communicate with people from other countries. Lighting: activated via a button. Synchronization by radio: allows you to synchronize time with a time server or atomic clock. Water resistant: wrist watches water resistance is measured in meters or atmospheres, and may be resistant to splash (water resistant 30 m, 3atm), suitable for swimming (5atm, 50 m), 100 m (10atm) snorkelling, diving with scuba equipment (150 m, used) or scuba (20atm, 200 m). Anti-shock: they are shock-resistant watches. Altimeter / barometer: show the altitude and atmospheric pressure. Compass: they have compass, usually digital. Thermometer: display the temperature. Calculator: they carry built-in calculator. GPS: they have GPS receiver. Depth: inform the diver’s depth at which it is located and pressure that is supporting.