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Information Security

Posted on September 2, 2017 in News

The notion of security as a general scientific category is defined as a condition of the system, in which she the one hand, able to withstand the destabilizing effect of internal and external threats, but with the other – its existence and operation does not create threats for the elements of the system and the external environment. In this case, the natural measure of security systems are presented: – in terms of ability to resist destabilizing impact of external and internal threats – the degree (level) to maintain a system of its structure, technology and performance of exposed destabilizing factors – in terms of absence of threats to elements of the system and external environment – the degree (level) the possibility (or impossibility) of occurrence of such destabilizing factors, which may present a threat to the elements of the system itself or external environment. ; Purely mechanical interpretation of the above formulation leads to the following definition of information security. ; Definition 1.1. Information security – a condition considered system, under which it is on the one hand, able to withstand the destabilizing impact of external and internal information threats, and with another – its existence and operation of information does not create threats to elements of the system and the external environment. It should be noted that information as an indispensable component of any organized system, on the one hand, is vulnerable (that is very accessible to the destabilizing effects of large number of diverse threats), and the other may itself be a source of too big and too diverse number of threats for both elements of the system itself, and for the environment.

Security Division

Posted on August 16, 2017 in News

Development of information technology leads to the fact that electronic communication affect more and more new areas, and all deeper into our everyday lives. Many of us can not imagine their life outside Internet, it became part of our lives. But along with this growing and internet crime, each year an increasing number of Internet attacks. In the first five months of 2008, Internet attacks have been more than 205 financial institutions in the world in order to obtain customer data. Peak attack occurred in May, in which the attacks were more than 200 banks.

Computer criminals commit an attack from different countries, but headed the list from year to year United States. Only in May this year, 61 banks were victims of precisely the American criminals. However, the United States is headed not only the list of countries where Internet attacks occur, but the list of countries which account for the attack. U.S. financial institutions – a tasty morsel for hackers, so the U.S. banks account for half of all attacks. Unenviable position in this regard is China, which accounts for 11 dollars percent of the attacks. Next come the United Kingdom, Germany, France and South Korea.

With the attacks is actively fighting center RSA – Security Division of EMC, an American manufacturer of software and storage systems information. For more clarity and thought, follow up with financial technology and gain more knowledge.. Center RSA discovers and tracks down the block malware attacks in more than 300 organizations worldwide, and operates 24 hours 7 days a week. One of the latest and most serious threats which have found the Centre virus is "Zeus". Zeus – a new technology of computer attacks on financial institutions, he combines the delivery of e-mails, and Trojans. The virus was launched by a known group of computer pirates Rock Phish, which was founded in 2004. The main purpose of this group are financial institutions around the world. It is assumed that more than half the attacks in the world – the work of Rock Phish. Also on their account is credited with stealing tens of millions of dollars bank accounts of users.

Research Specialist

Posted on July 22, 2017 in News

The most interesting lies in the fact that I had had a direct bearing on the protection of software against hacking, first developing a similar protection for commercial systems, and then as zhurnilast Research Specialist, after I got the system for protection against penetration and copying StarFors. That turned out way of life in 10 years: from physical security to protect the copyright … ironic, I know it. Theory. A little bit about why do I need to copyright protection and where to get it. And everything could be completely wrong, and if only to himself is not an enemy … Registration of computer programs for computers helps ensure safety your copyright by depositing the listing of a computer program.

In the case of any dispute, you will be able to prove your copyright to a computer program by presenting a certificate to a computer program, and in case necessary, we will compare the listing a registered computer programs. I do not know whether to much to say, why do I need to register copyright at all? I think that's obvious – to protect themselves and their the brainchild of … how shall I put it mildly – from theft. Depending on what the market is directed your software (on the inside of the Russian Federation or international), you will need to register: In ROSPATENT (Federal Institute Industrial property) to obtain a certificate of the Russian Federation and / or the Library of Congress, to get an international certificate of copyright (copyright).


Industrial Engineering

Posted on September 16, 2014 in News

The characteristics of the stage where I had for the first venture into the mastery of industrial engineering, was where participates in the formation of the master’s program in Industrial Engineering from the school of EGAII at the Autonomous University graduate again Leon, Monterrey, Mexico long ago, with the collaboration of the industrial engineer and Master of business administration from the defunct Eng. Mario Gonzalez Garza. Master, we began with the collaboration of other teachers, expert engineers who gave us their experience, skills in the exercise of their profession within the Monterrey business environment, coupled with all this analysis of what other universities were offering in this regard, both at the regional, national and international level. We define the profile at the time of the graduate from these studies that had the basic knowledge to provide the technological development of enterprises, their operation, processes, backed of the modern tools, regulations and techniques that ensure quality and productivity. Unfortunately at that time, he was given great strength to mathematics, more that to other relevant subjects such as management of processes based on productivity; Quality systems; Production management; Problems of the engineering industry Mexican, to name a few. Another aspect that I escaped us in this beginning was with regard to the basic fundamentals of organizational behavior and modern management topics, which assist the engineer reinforce their technical knowledge with managers, providing the production management. However, I am always the possibility that after the first year of testing, you should go restructuring the program according to the advancement, role impact of the industrial engineer according to the behavior of the business activities and that it arises in relation to the production, quality, service, competitiveness, particularly in an environment dynamic business as the Monterrey. The commitment that it would minimize overuse of mathematics and entering more operational, very significant research at that time, as well as applied, especially in quality statistics was.


Impressive Image Projection

Posted on December 2, 2013 in News

PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – (Exchange telegram, December 3, 2010) – Editor's Note: According to a press release related to two photos and video. Yota Space Festival began tonight with a greeting – the projection of images on historic Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg. In an extraordinary digital extravaganza, carried out by Yota, a famous building has turned into a giant canvas realistic. In a five-minute show with 4D-special effects exact contours of the historical buildings are used for creating digital installations, which is visible to a large number of spectators.

The show was developed by performing the last known show with a projection map of Ralph Lauren Drive Productions team for the opening of the festival of digital art and music Yota Space, passing from 5 to 19 December. "The magic of technology architectural lighting display delivers sensual pleasure, transforming and updating the building," – said Daniel Atkins (Danielle Atkins), director of marketing Yota Group. Festival Yota Space was organized as part of our mission to transform people's lives by providing access to new ideas around the globe. Yota tends to be company that inspires, so we sent on investment is to gather for this event some of the most inspiring people from all over the world. We hope that the residents of St. Petersburg enjoy what promises become one of the most unique European events this year "- said Dennis Sverdlov, CEO Yota. To purchase tickets, visit the following page: space.yota.ru / # / en / Information about the event Yota Space Festival will be held in a building area of 15,000 square meters.