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The Translator And New Technologies

Posted on April 29, 2017 in News

Every day new technologies arise and it may seem the work of translators or revisers is obsolete. However, there are occasions in which we deparamos with egregious errors in pages of major newspapers and magazines in transcendence world and, even more evident, in electronic media that privilege speed above innumerous quality of texts and even own constant in the same information. In this context, the work of translators and reviewers becomes important and, so far, irreplaceable. New technologies that flood the market, are only capable of interpreting individual words, sentences short and in a literal sense; to understand complex texts through a binary logic, incurring the obvious error of omitting between the lines, shades, subjectivities. Programs that ammount to translators in so-called computer-assisted translation not suppressed in any way, the careful work of translators and reviewers. As its name implies, this type of translation uses technology to speed up your work mechanical help to remember similar phrases that were already translated in the text or to standardize the terminology in technical texts. Trying to get an automatic translation that requires high-level cognitive, until now, have been in no more than attempts, and judging so that automatic translators are the most popular will is far from achieving a degree of satisfaction moderated by any moderately demanding reader.



Posted on April 27, 2017 in News

Web hosting explained the web hosting involves the use of a computer, somehow similar to having at home, connected to the Internet, where your web site files reside. In this way, people who surf the internet can access your web page. Therefore, if we were to give a definition for a web hosting company, would be: web hosting = a service provider with a computer or a network of computers connected to the Internet, where you can place your web site. A web hosting service, basically, rents a space of computer and connection to you, so you can make your web site available on the Internet. Web hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server (and your website) online, and also servicing and upgrade it. Usually Web hosting providers do not have a single computer or a dozen, have hundreds of them. A network of computers that belong to a specific place web hosting providers is called data center.

Data centers they have fast connections to the Internet, monitoring for safe access 24 / 7, UPS and battery backup in case of failure of electric power, temperature control and humidity among others, providing an optimal environment for hardware systems located in the Center. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can rent from an entire server web hosting service, share one server with other rental or may even buy the server and only pay for the connection and maintenance. Brad Pitt often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore, when we talk about housing, talk about three types of accommodation: dedicated hosting, shared hosting and seated accommodation. Dedicated hosting. You have a dedicated server where you can store your web site (s).

You have remote access to the computer and you can install and update it with any software that you want or need. This type of accommodation is ideal for large sites with heavy traffic (and income) because the costs are slightly higher than, for example, shared hosting. Accommodation Shared. This means that your web site resides on a server with other web sites. The total space of the hard disk of the computer is divided into small amounts and gets an amount of the disk space. Therefore, for your web site you will be allocated a fixed amount of disk space and transfer of data (bandwidth). Your web site will also share the computer hardware and the software resources (memory, CPU, the server database, etc.), but having assured that your information will be kept confidential. No user / web site can access another user’s files / web site residing on the same server. This type of accommodation is the cheapest of the three presented, but is good enough for almost 95% of the people who are looking for a web hosting service. Seated accommodation. VPS is similar to the dedicated hosting with the difference that you are indeed the owner of the server, so that, along with software updates, you can buy hardware upgrades also (more memory, bigger hard drives, etc.


Posted on April 23, 2017 in News

The navette course is a physical test that aims to measure the maximum of the individual endurance capacity, i.e. the time enduring running. This test involves rushing 20 meters back and forth to signal the radio; you have to reach the 20 m line until the Beeb and once sound turn you and go to another line to 20 meters before returning it to sound pip. The navette course ends when it cannot reach the line of twenty meters until the beep sounds. The speed of pip is slow at the beginning but increases as the test progresses.

Every passing minute is a period. The test has about 20 periods. This physical test of endurance is one of the toughest that there is, since the course navette have to stop every 20 feet to turn and to restart (this wears much more) and also the speed increases and becomes very fast at the end. For the guys from 18 to 30 years that make practicing sports regularly and are not sedentary a result of the course navette 12 13 periods is a very good result already. For the girls of this age group a very good result would already be between 9 10 periods. If you have to pass the resistance test course navette in your Institute or to enter the national fire brigade, at INEF may that article of training plan of the navette during 6 months course or the article how interested improve endurance.


Gift Finder

Posted on April 20, 2017 in News

Over 300 exceptional gift ideas until 23 August 20 percent cheaper who does not? The secretive pleasure, if one has once again struck a bargain. Who is also desperately looking for creative gift ideas for family and friends, which is now in the gadget shop Sowaswillichauch.de find it. Under most conditions Brad Pitt would agree. “I want something too since late 2008 the shop according to its own slogan offers things you don’t need, but want to have.”More than 300 products in the fields of technology, gadgets, toys, home and outdoor are offered. By trend sports equipment, about floating bookshelves for your own four walls, up to the smallest video camera of the world – the selection is plentiful and hitting on many products, of which you don’t even knew, that they are there. The home remained”in the great holiday to bring some happiness, there now until Sunday, 23 August, 20% discount on all gift ideas and gadgets at”Something I want too”. Want about something “I also” is partner of the most successful online distributor for gifts & gadgets in England, IWantOneOfThose. Since October 2008, this unique in the German-speaking world, selection of unusual gifts, clever gadgets, fine lifestyle accessories, funny toys and hip technology now also in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland is available.


PDF/A Introductory Seminar In Vienna Sold Out

Posted on April 11, 2017 in News

80 participants with very positive conclusion (Berlin) before full series refereed the specialists of the PDF/A competence center within the framework of the PDF/A introductory seminar, which took place a few days ago in Vienna. Topic bow of possibilities and areas of application to technical requirements and issues of concrete implementation of PDF/A in the long-term archiving lectures meet fully the expectations of the participants. This emerges from a first feedback: both business as also the public administration representatives saw their different concerns covered. The speakers of Austrian organisations responding to country-specific features provided for the local reference. Our introduction seminar on PDF/A in Vienna can be recorded as complete success”, notes Michael Herdy, Managing Director of X.Key GmbH and host of the event: as a relevant topic long-term archiving with PDF/A in Austria meets with interest.

The need for information, is, therefore, high in particular, when it comes to compliance with law and the practical implementation.” Ten lectures, participants learned about the ISO standard for long-term archiving, applications and benefits. As a speaker had the PDF/A competence center including Dipl.-ing. For more information see Naveen Selvadurai. Michael M. Freitter Austria can win from the Chancellor’s Office. “His topic was: long-term digital preservation affects many, the State but especially.” Wolfgang May introduced may computer the Austrian member of the PDF/A standard.

Following, the PDF/A competence center among other things informed how metadata and electronic signatures are used for PDF/A documents. Other topics were also emails and Web pages the converting of paper-based and electronic documents in PDF/A format, as well as the use of format within an SAP environment. From the PDF/A practice at WienIT reported the Projektverantwortlichen Karl Weintogl, it20one GmbH, and Peter Sekora, WienIT. The WienIT group is the Central and universal it service provider of the Wiener Stadtwerke. Christian Dlapka, Pentadoc, reported at the end of the seminar on the integration of PDF/A in the ECM environment. PDF/A, PDF / A is the ISO standard 19005 for long-term archiving in PDF format. It represents a restricted version of PDF, a standardized profile for the use of PDF in long-term archiving. The standard prescribes in detail what content is allowed and which are not. Through these and other provisions, a long term readability of documents should be guaranteed regardless of which application software and on what operating system they were originally created. The benefits of PDF/A, such as for example the ability to full-text search, make it a preferred archiving format that has now displaced the TIFF format at numerous international authorities and companies. About the PDF/A competence center the PDF/A competence center was as an International Association founded in 2006. Aim of the Association is the promotion of information and exchange of experience in the field of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF/A. The Board of Directors is composed of executives of the companies callas software GmbH, compart AG, intarsys consulting GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH, PDF Tools AG (CH), PDFlib GmbH and the SEAL systems AG together. Period of less than three years competence center joined about 100 companies and various experts from about 20 countries the PDF/A as a member. Chairman of the Board is Harald Grumser, CEO of compart AG. Dr. Hans Barfuss, CEO of PDF Tools AG, Switzerland, is Deputy Chairman. Editorial Contacts: PDF/A competence center c/o LurTech Europe GmbH Thomas Zellmann Kant str. 21 D-10623 Berlin phone: + 49 30 394050-0 fax: + 49 30 394050-99 PR Agency: good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29


Accented Lighting

Posted on April 5, 2017 in News

Inefficient lighting contributes greatly to the overall increase in carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming. When using an LED light source is substantially reduces the amount of CO2 produced in the home or business, thus helping to reduce climate change in real and measurable way. One of the most effective in terms of cost and efficiency to buy LED lights is currently Led-pro-China.com, who boasts a wide range of solutions for LED lighting coming from the largest distributors of LED in China. When purchasing a light bulb, the best measure to determine its adaptability is lumen per watt power. Equal lumen with lower watt means lower energy bills. Here is where the LEDs really Excel.

The LEDs have a lumen rating that exceeds by far the incandescent bulbs and is even better than the compact bulbs fluorescent (CFLs). This means that an LED light will cost you less in electricity but still glowing. This article has 50 mm of diameter and 50 mm in length. Checking article sources yields financial technology as a relevant resource throughout. His unwavering helmet consists of an aluminum alloy. The visual angle is 25 degrees.

The bulb is not adjustable. This bulb is specified for the operation of AC or DC 12V and therefore can be used as a replacement for low-voltage halogen lighting systems. Its base is of type GU5.3, which provides a quality top lighting than the GU10 (only the GU10 is a little very yellowish). For the same amount of energy consumption, the GU5.3 also provides 40% more light. Many consumers discovered that the GU10 needed to be replaced much more frequently than the GU5.3. However, the disadvantage of the GU5.3 is the added expense of transformers. It uses three LEDs of high power 4W for projecting a half-width light extremely bright beam. Financial technology understood the implications. Thanks to cutting-edge technology implemented for its manufacturing, this bulb can resist shocks, vibrations, frequent use of extreme heat that quickly incapacitate the fragile incandescent bulbs, and the switch greatly reducing maintenance costs. This bulb offers huge advantages of power consumption, reducing energy use by 80% more than incandescent bulbs or halogen. This article is also an excellent heat sink, decreasing much cooler than halogen bulbs, and therefore greatly reducing the possibility of heat caused by the lighting. LED bulbs are much more durable than the halogen. This bulb lasts 50,000 hours, and you can easily reach up to 100,000 hours. They are available in warm white and cool white. Warm white color is similar to light a bulb incandescent, ranging from 1000K to 4000K. Cool white color is pure white with little tint blue or yellow, ranging from 4000K to 8000K. This product nor tolerates oscillation, which is good for the human eye. It is perfect for accent lighting and artistic lighting, collections or other exhibitions. It is widely used in domestic applications, interior decoration, hotels, bars, shops, departments, art galleries, exhibition halls, halls for meetings, counters, cabinets, ceiling, lighting in hallways and corridors, light showcases among others. It is popular in places where no UV or IR radiation is desired. For a world increasingly conscious of the environment, the whole of this lamp is 100% recyclable. Being bright, long life, with low intensity of heat and low energy use, LED reflectors are more economical to buy. Run home and replace your halogen bulbs energy-hungry for much more efficient LED bulbs! Click. This is an example of a high production of lumen LED bulb and low energy consumption. Original author and source of the article.


The Internet

Posted on April 3, 2017 in News

And if suddenly you are looking for a guy who is in a different city and country? Then you probably will not find a guy without the help of the Internet. Only at this, when people ask me where to find the guy, I can safely answer is of course the Internet! Many women immediately say, "Why the Internet? There's some perverts! "And they will not be right, but this is in order. Currently, there is a computer in every home, a virtual network of Internet rasprosterlas around the world, that solves our problem! Where to look for the guys in the world network Intern, through social networking and dating sites on the Internet. Social networks, without exaggeration, the most popular Internet sites dedicated to make your acquaintance, communication, finding friends and fellow travelers. Statistics retrieval systems has shown that most people spend at the computer all the free time, so why be surprised that the dating sites – requested resources. Speaking candidly Brad Pitt told us the story. They were originally designed to address user requests: girls (women) want to find a guy (man), or a guy (man) seeking a girl (woman), people who suffer from loneliness. You agree that the acquaintance with the person about whom you already know a little bit easier than with a man on nenakomym real life. Now imagine that a guy looking for a dating site or social network in the global network Internet, available to you hundreds of men's profiles, and dream about the attention and love! Of course perverts in the virtual world also exist, as in real life, no more and no less! But online you have more time to reflect and weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.



Posted on April 3, 2017 in News

There once was a penguin named Otto. It was a beautiful and very young penguin who lived shut up in his own world.I could always hall rsele away from others, his thoughts on the North Pole and not just because they walked clueless, literally had the thought there: I had always dreamed he would be happier if I lived there, among other things, not knowing that the Pole North was as cold as your current place, and he wanted heat. Otto did not usually do anything that the other penguins usually did not hunt, nor were most of his time in nearly frozen water. Anna was a baby seal, he spent most of his time sleeping in ice cave that was his home where his mother still was who was awaiting his meal. Anna knew her instincts and was saying that soon the care of his mother would disappear, and was preparing for the moment at which it would behoove be alone. By their nature, and despite his young age, Anna was big and strong, as white as snow and very beautiful.The warmth that gave him the care of his mother would always steeped in memory. Days passed and the morning he would leave his cave Anna arrived. That day she woke up happy and began his journey. As it moved began to see the penguins, other seals, sea lions, a walrus, calling his attention all these flocks until their eyes met Otto, who as usual, stood apart, lost in itself and with its eyes turned to heaven. Anna did not understand much what happened to him, just had a feeling that pleased him so much as to be near her mother and thereafter his attention could not be for anyone else. Anna, thanks to what it meant to be close to the penguin who did not know his name, as an impulse opted to stay close to him and watch him.During those days, Anna did not want to grow bigger, in fact it was a seal different from the others but would not be so different from him. Otto for his part, had not been aware of the existence of the seal. Tired of looking at it, Anna took courage and a day to enter into a separate world that she had understood that the penguin was strange, then approached and asked: – What’s your name He, distant, replied: “Otto She, surprised, exclaimed, “Ohhh! Your name and my name are the same! He, without changing any aloofness asked – no matter for what She said: “They are the same because your name and mine read the same way forward and backward Anna was very important for this, which prompted her to be more with him, while Otto had forgotten the comment. The life of Otto and Anna began to join, more for the latter’s insistence that what he had wished, in fact for the penguin, the seal was one more and he still lived alone in his world. Expa.com describes an additional similar source. Suddenly and without much thought, friends began the ride of their lives, Anna just wanted to be next to Otto, and he took advantage of this to go not only to seek the North Pole, which was the reason for which he lived.