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Everyday Documents

Posted on January 13, 2019 in News

Why, many offers are free of charge and what consumers watch free templates from the Internet should such as are good? The majority of Internet users is located on the World Wide Web around the clock information available and offers free of charge. “And even if completely free is impossible because real” search for products, it should be as cheap. Vouchers such as GroupOn and price comparator like idealo vendors benefit from the cheap boom and are becoming increasingly popular. Who still manages to be listed, way up high in the search engines can calculate with high turnover and rich profits. To gain such a position is however not easy. Unlike in the early days of online trading, now mostly financially strong investors who spend first considerable sums of money for online marketing for a company in the long run to be profitable behind market-dominant stores. But also a number of smaller than Zalando and co.

still gains can be. In addition to the big fish, many small vendors in unusual niches cavort in the network. The Effort to create a simple website is comparatively low financial risk, basically. If a Web site for the sale of goods or services is not profitable, revenue still remain through advertising as a modest but reliable pillar. Register with the largest provider of advertising on Web pages, Google’s AdSense, is quickly made and also affiliate marketing about companies like affilinet or zanox is possible without much effort.

The range of templates and patterns for everyday documents is a good example of the functioning of such a business model. A template for a lease, a work certificate or a sample application has been on the net and made quickly in PDF or MS Word formats. The own pages for a particular search term can be optimized with a basic knowledge of online marketing and the first visitors on the own side come not too long ago. Some user page, click placed not only on the free forms, but also to the Advertising. In turn benefited the operator who receives a small amount for each mediation on a foreign website. Quality and content of the templates available for download are only rarely demands just such portals designed specifically as an advertising platform. When it comes to the quick click, digital forms are rarely legally tested and formally correct. Especially for business people who rely on legally compliant model contracts, bad examples pose a threat. In addition a poor usability of the templates: often the download files are damaged or can be restricted to editing. Interested parties should consult so exactly, because in addition to the free patterns, there are professional templates for nearly all documents.

Use Google AdWords Successfully

Posted on November 29, 2018 in News

Affiliate marketing is a good solution to make money online on the Internet! A great tool for this is the online advertising with Google AdWords. It is also a very effective and easy to use solution. And the best part: the use of Google AdWords can significantly help to improve your sales. Simple principle, great effect the principle is simple: someone searches for a particular keyword on Google, not only the actual search results appear. The column right next to the search results, but also stops advertising that also fits with this keyword. And you can book as a promotional short text on Google.

These small advertising units are switched by Google after an internal calculation process. You may want to visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to increase your knowledge. It weighed variables, such as the price you are willing to pay per click with quality scores of the landing page as well as the display itself and created as a ranking of ads. Clear advertising messages put your ad text you create on their own. It is important standing, on the few available Place as clear information to convey say catchy and specific advertising messages. There are a title bar, a row for the address of your website, as well as two lines of text available. Both when composing the heading is also in the ensuing couplet make sure the Internet user with an incentive to pick up such as, for example, a bargain offer, speak to arouse curiosity and to entice him to click on your listing. Traffic for the Web site the potential customer then click the title of your ad, he passes on the site that linked where the offer explained closer to him and can be submitted to. What means that you have a real chance to, to win a new customer. A good side effect of it is that your Web page thus comes to more visitors, so more traffic, which in the longer term may influence the Google ranking, together with other factors, of course.

DVDs Images

Posted on October 21, 2017 in News

Protected, free, and easy sharing photos Cologne, 20 February 2013. Whether pictures of the holiday with friends, from large weddings, birthday parties, or the dear little ones with dawawas photos of shared moments in the Web, app and on the TV now have a big digital home. So, the memories of unforgettable experiences can be targeted and protected shared with the right people and detained. Patrick Ohler and Fabian Jager, which have already established in the social network of who knows wen.de and successfully sold to RTL are behind dawawas. Now they handle the cloud service for photos at the start of officially dawawas. Thus, they solve a problem before they themselves were: after a skiing holiday with a larger group the many snapshots on the different hard drives and smart phones to vergammelten once again.

As so often, the exchange of memory cards, DVDs, or CDs and shipping huge amounts of data by E-Mail had does not work. Gain insight and clarity with incyte. A common problem for many people: These days are many common Experiences photographed. These images are rarely targeted exchanged and shared. With dawawas it is possible to collect, Exchange, sharing and comment personal images, simply, securely and everywhere by all devices. There are in addition to the Web platform, apps for the iPhone, all Android powered devices, Windows 8 and for many smart TVs. dawawas Spanish and Italian are available on German, English,. The photos of all those involved can uploaded via the different apps or the laptop in the cloud in common albums and directly by smart, on the computer or with the apps be watched TV. “After much about giving rights to images has been discussed in recent times, the approach to dawawas is a completely other: all rights to the images remain with the users, strictly according to the principle: your data is yours.” Pro Photo album or experience can be decided individually, the pictures will be made available to who.

The default setting for each experience is absolutely privately only invited People can see the images at all. Location of the server is in a German data center. Fabian Jager: Since the very first prototype we have dawawas already tested in the closed trial with several hundred thousand photos of several thousand users on heart and kidney. The enthusiastic feedback from our users has confirmed that we have created a place with dawawas for the wonderful moments from the various points of view of different cameras.” “Patrick Ohler: this is us particularly important that remains private, what is private.” Do you have questions? Karin Rothganger Tel: + 49 (0) 221-630 605 601 more press so it works the explaining video: video of dawawas dawawas is the new photo platform by Fabian Jager and Patrick Ohler, the creators of the social network who knows wen.de. Personal pictures of common experiences can be shared anywhere specifically with dawawas simple manner with other people. Membership at dawawas is free and all rights to the photos remain with the users.


SKVTechnik Configurator

Posted on March 25, 2017 in News

SKVTechnik simplified search for side channel blowers in the online shop In the shop of SKVTechnik are now three search functions for customers. Side channel blowers can be found here for all possible criteria without expenditure of time. These three search functions are: 1 the SKVTechnik Configurator 2. The SKVTechnik device discovery 3. What is the SKVTechnik frame size search so special? Customers are looking for side channel compressors in three different ways. The three new search features take into account exactly these search paths.

This saves the customer time. How does search work? The SKVTechnik Configurator: Configuration of side channel compressors by the customer. After the selection of the Configurator in the left navigation bar, all available variants are offered the customer side channel compressors in the playlist. These are currently almost 800 variants. Then, all necessary to select attributes of side channel blowers are listed in the navigation. Customers then tick the desired parameter attributes and the playlist is reduced automatically to the fan that will not be the focus of the customer. This selection so long continues the customer, until only a side channel blowers for the selection. This vacuum pump is equivalent to exactly the desired device.

The SKVTechnik device search search for side channel compressors by form search. After selecting the device search in the left navigation, appears a form customers fill out. In the form drop are defined under attribute fields down lists, which can easily fold up customers and select. Such attribute field is, for example, the volumetric flow rate. Customers simply select the desired flow rate. The selection of the customers is stored and sent to the SKVTechnik service, which submitted an offer. Finding the device: device search the SKVTechnik frame size search simple search within a standardized size of a side channel blower. This search is similar to the search in the SKVTechnik Configurator. Customers choose the size search in the left navigation. Then, the customer selects the desired size. All side channel blowers within the same size are displayed. Then, the customer in the left-hand navigation selects the appears attributes such as installation art, free ports or other technical parameters such as suction or blowing pressure. Also a multiple selection is possible. Ultimately a found side channel compressor stops, corresponding exactly to the customer. The customer’s search takes just a few seconds in all three cases. This was and is the stated goal of SKVTechnik, which is to save the customer time.


Andreas Taisakowski

Posted on November 5, 2014 in News

From the 07.07.2008 runs a campaign for founders of new businesses. The participation is free of charge. glenglobe.de is an industry and community portal which combines customer loyalty, customer acquisition, and public relations. Through a variety of functions is presenting, advertising and contacts on a platform possible. Peter Thiel contributes greatly to this topic. glenglobe.de – the platform for entrepreneurs, newcomer and entrepreneur has initiated a contest, which allows people and companies to present themselves. glenpeople tell your story! With the help of a new section in the lively YellowPages glenglobe.de another area offered for its members, especially the image construction of the advertisers in the Center says. On “glenpeople”, each Member can tell its history and illustrate with meaningful images.

The user return about the profile and the logo again on the buyer. Still, members such as our own employees, partners or contacts can recommend or highlight. A small banner refers to within the entry on the selected story. So, the user can complete vividly his impressions of the presented company and the people in it. A campaign on the glenpeople area for entrepreneur runs for two weeks from the 07.07.2008. The participation is free of charge and is offered with an extra term of a free membership. Simply enter the coupon code “Entrepreneur” in the registry, and until March 31, 2009 all features of glenglobe.de free of charge.

Be raffled for the most beautiful stories: 1 iPod + 24 months free membership 1 iPod + 12 months free membership 1 seminar in .garage Berlin also the first 3 winners in the business magazine “BUSINESS LEAGUE” will be presented. Can anyone who has founded within the last two years, and of course everyone who is still in the planning phase. You look Glenglobe – the living business directory …lass! glenglobe on GmbH Princess str. 30 10969 Berlin Contact person: Anita ink, Andreas Taisakowski email: Tel: 030 / 841 82 127 post by Winfried Brumma glenglobe GmbH / presse.html


New Business Portal For Industry

Posted on May 22, 2014 in News

The cross-media marketing platform offers a large portfolio of services for IT companies and professionals, aiming at a comprehensive online communications. We want to encourage people and businesses in the communications and sustainable support in developing and maintaining business relationships”, says Managing Director Holger Fulling. selectIT4 offers in the period from 1 January to 28 February 2011 a free start up! phase map. In this period IT company selectIT4 free trial to secure 50 per cent discount on the favored product package. For General selectIT4-user is basically free. IT companies such as software vendors and IT service providers can focus their integrated online marketing activities on selectIT4.

Is the company for this purpose a showroom with five areas available: In the area Companies represented the IT company with all essential information and international location. Service portfolio, the company can present cross-media product and service portfolio. The documents Center allows the company to provide all relevant documents and media for the recipients. So, these documents via the document search or search engines can be found and be the first step to a sustainable relationship. Potential customers can check the references in the area, what experiences have made other customers with the favored companies. This is especially for companies which so far do not insert the reference marketing to acquiring new customers, a sustainable multiplier. In addition, companies can perform its press activities in the fifth area press. We are proud to be the company that we can offer these possibilities, holistic and transparent to present themselves on a platform”, thus Fulling.

Small and medium-sized enterprises could not goal-oriented insert so far such important online marketing campaigns for various reasons. We now offer them this business portal for this holistic implementation. Efficient, innovative, different. This claim we live and want to let him live through our community.” So the company optimally and their needs can present themselves, different product packages for software vendors and IT service providers are available. There are packages for startups and small businesses, to medium-sized and large enterprises. In addition to the possibilities offered by selectIT4 for exhibiting companies, there are a number of free services for General portal user. The functions for the General selectIT4 users are something special. We can offer also the Member search and a business network in addition to powerful search capabilities for software solutions, services and documents. The selectIT4-user can a operate sustainable networking and relationships to maintain and expand. In addition, we use selectIT4: mail an integrated mail system and in addition a task management with reminders function available, so that the portal activities can be controlled by the subjects. A next highlight followed promptly with knowledge management.