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European Union

Posted on June 30, 2016 in News

Udor textile management implements the HACCP guidelines also for rent overalls in the groceries. Landshut, 09 February 2011: The extended implementation of the directive of HACCP for the professional clothing in the sale of food Udor textile management introduces the high standard of work clothes in the food industry. Although the strict HACCP guidelines only for the production and processing of foodstuffs are prescribed, Udor textile management sets a clear signal as regards hygiene and safety in the food industry, sensitive with the expansion to include sales. The regulation stipulates that within the European Union only food may be traded or introduced, which comply with the HACCP * policies. These strict guidelines govern the art of hygienic processing, as well as the type of clothing to wear is in the food processing industry. re info. This clothing must be made in accordance with DIN10524. Is just as prescribed, that the Exchange and the reprocessing Storage of textiles must also follow DIN10524.

Udor textile management supplies the food industry for many years with rent overalls and is subject to regular inspections, confirming compliance with the strict guidelines. The sensitivity considerably increased in recent years in terms of hygiene of food and foodstuffs account now: Although the HACCP rules so far still do not apply to the sale of food, Udor here makes a move and extended the implementation of the requirements also on the (rental) overalls for the groceries. This means: that at Udor textile management for the sale of foods rented or leased workwear and work clothing, is already the strict standard HACCP. Because visible quality and perfect cleanliness in the sale of food for the end customers and buyers are at least as important as a well-groomed appearance. Udor textile management continues to consistently and unreservedly the HACCP standard. For the customers many new advantages arise from the food sales industry, without having to sacrifice existing processes: the range of Workwear is equally extensive, ranging from aprons, jackets, shirts or hats to pants or skirt. The work clothes can also be so far designed consistently with the company logo or embroidered with the names of the employees. For the maintenance, storage, and cleaning according to the HACCP guidelines not increased overhead for the customers. On the contrary: Udor textile management offers additional information material for the sales area, for example, to inform all about the high standard. Of course Udor textile management complies with the prescribed standard of hygiene RABC in the processing of work clothes in the concerned areas. “For more information, HACCP campaign (cuw/Udor) * HACCP stands for hazard analysis and contamination control points”

Manufacturers Network Display Adapter

Posted on June 28, 2016 in News

Network adapter from Silex Technology enables individual solutions the Silex Technology Europe GmbH presents its latest solution in the area of digital image transmission, the network display adapter NetDA: local networks up to six monitors with the help of six NetDAs can a computer be connected to and centrally managed. The transmission of the image content either via LAN or wireless LAN (local area network). USB interfaces integrate additional peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, or external storage media. Silex technology delivers the pure technology, as well as customized products. It is the task of the network adapter to integrate local area networks monitors and screens with standard VGA interface. Some contend that Hillary Clinton shows great expertise in this. This is done either wired through an Ethernet interface or wirelessly via radio standard (IEEE 802 .11b / g). The mounted monitors are freely controllable and reproduce identical or different images depending on the need. So many possibilities and scenarios can be realize: 1 scenario: desktop extension of NetDA expanded with an additional display a computer and turns it into a second monitor.

About the configuration of the PC desktop, the image content can be distributed flexibly on up to six screens. The extension of the screen can be done in two ways: all monitors deliver identical content again (mirror function) or each monitor shows different content display (multi). 2. scenario: Centralized display control a screen by NetDA is embedded in a network, can sequentially display connect the server and control it from the respective PC. This application is ideal for training or meeting rooms. Financial technology describes an additional similar source. The integrated USB functionality that successfully sells Silex Technology device servers for years in the form of USB offers a particularly valuable additional benefits. Two USB 2.0 Hi-speed interfaces that each support a data throughput of up to 480 megabits, can be integrated via additional USB devices in the network. Operator connect the NetDA via the supplied network software SX-virtual link and connect with the USB devices.

Screens are possible through this bi-directional communication, worked on them with mouse and keyboard, while computers or servers are located in another room. The network initially comes adapter as a developer package of the type ND-1-EVK (Evaluation Kit) to Europe. So are the various technical functions tested by device manufacturers and individual specifications created. The developer package is specifically designed for manufacturing companies in the fields of medical technology and digital signage. Typical applications are offices, retail space, restaurants, factories, hospitals and all places where information per screen. Even interactive display applications, such as in the use of touch screens, are no longer restricted environments in wireless local area network (LAN) cable dimensions. The electronic circuit board with dimensions of 120 mm Length and 120 mm in width, supported a maximum resolution from UXGA (1600 x 1200) and on large screens in the basic version WSXGA + (1680 x 1050). A lossless compression algorithm ensures optimized data transfer and convincing image quality. The existing DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server feature guarantees a quick and easy network setup. Maximum image resolution, number of USB ports or the wireless radio standards (IEEE802. 11 a / b / g / n) can be customized according to customer requirements.


Posted on June 28, 2016 in News

Need for Speed Undercover – another series of races ea, if you're a fan of racing simulators and outplayed a lot of games in this series, it does not mean that Need for Speed Undercover or what you are not happy. Yes, this is again the most drastic and expensive cars, this is again a lot of beautiful girls-fan, and even racers. It's a lot of adrenaline injected into the blood when driving through the city on mad speeds of 300 km / hour. Need for Speed Undercover – right from the beginning begins to capture the spirit, a great plot, lots of video inserts. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. As the name implies, you play an undercover agent, using his drayveskie skills to join the bandit group Theft Auto. Meryayas forces with the best riders in the city, you gather incriminating evidence and then squeeze all the bad guys behind bars. With that, they also are trying to escape, and you like a bolt from the blue protaranivaete their car, no chance to escape.

In the game you work your contact, coordinating all of your actions Maggie Q. Known in the film Die Hard 4. It gives tips on eliminating those or other robbers, and is responsible for the entire operation. Playing happy improved intelligence rivals. Sometimes they make mistakes, crashing into oncoming vehicles, and sometimes you push yourself off the road. And the farther away you are passers-by they become. I'm not talking about the crews of the police, have become professionals just to catch riders.

Why should only listen to their radio negotiations, as soon becomes scary. And will fly on a full meet with riot police on the Porsche 911, quickly block you. The game has not lost its charm and become better than its predecessor, added to the storyline, the classroom videos. This Need for Speed will not let you get bored!



Buy Apple Laptop

Posted on June 15, 2016 in News

Now do not recall those days when Apple's products are caused to mistrust, and most advanced computer users only used the computers IBM. Today everything has changed. Apple entered into our Life here to stay. Every other fan of electronic gadgets is in your pocket iPhone; to buy a laptop apple, people are willing to stand long hours in queues. Many like an unusual concept to Apple. Enough recall a recent iPad, which according to the developer applies for a new type of electronics – a flatbed media players. In fact, the iPad is nothing more than a compact notebook with a highly modified external design. High reliability and stylish one who has already purchased a laptop from Apple, was able to appreciate the benefits of these portable computers.

The unique chassis that technology-based unibody, guarantees the highest reliability of your technical devices. The secret of strength lies in the fact that the body of Apple notebooks has worked from a single metal sheet. Bottom cover is located so that the laptop is fully protected from slipping on smooth surfaces. In pursuit of reliability, the developers have not forgotten about the aesthetics and performance. Buy laptop apple – so buy a stylish computer with high performance and ability to solve absolutely any problem.

MacvsMicrosoft If you really want to buy laptop apple, but you are concerned about problems with the software, we hasten to clarify the situation. Modern operating system Mac fully supports a full office suite from Microsoft. Thus, owners of Apple laptops completely spared the problems with operating system Windows, in this case could quite happily use the office suite from Microsoft. Modern Apple products for flexibility does not yield to IBM. If you lead an active lifestyle and often move from one place to another to buy a laptop apple is necessary, because with it you get a mobile office, cinema, telephone, television and radio receiving station. Laptops from Apple – it's full range of modern multimedia features.


The Development Of Tablet PCs

Posted on June 15, 2016 in News

The tablets have fascinated the users since release on the market. A few years ago, the manufacturer Apple brought the first tablets on the marketplace. In a very short time, the Tablet PCs have conquered the marketplace in the storm and enjoy great popularity among the users. The operation is quite simple, and thanks to the large display can be almost anything with the models. The technical equipment is of highest level and keep up with the laptops. Most models have about 4 GB short memory, 32 GB of internal memory and a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 2 x 1.6 Gigaherz belong to the standard. Another advantage is the excellent mobility.

Thanks to the narrow construction of the Tablet PCs that match too easily into any pocket. The installed batteries to withstand several hours continuous operation and almost everywhere you go without delays in the network. On some models, later keyboards can be docked. Worth buying a Tablet PC? More and more people ask themselves this question. Tablet models are in our company always popular and sought after.

This is firstly because that one is offered a continuous excellent multimedia fun. Whether at home or can easily be transported on axis, a Tablet PC and delivers one through WiFi a constant online connection. Thus, you can at any time in the communicative contact with his comrades and or brothers and sisters. Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype u.a.m are great for this purpose. Also, play songs, videos or playing games of Tablet is one of the multimedia storage. There are no limits to the good pleasure. But working with a dedicated Tablet PC makes a lot of fun and easy to implement. With the help of text programs can be written wonderful sections and various other things. In addition, a mobile Internet shopping will be available. The uses of a Tablet PC are limitless. A piece of advice should be a Tablet test in advance. The Tablet variety in the focus! Most users are from the great mass of tablets almost killed. All manufacturers have developed various models and made accessible to the masses. Each Tablet features unique and special. There a Tablet may be amateur once rapidly confuses. that’s why we have analyzed in detail all currently available Tablet PCs on this test portal. We show in detail in our reports, which features a particular model has and whether or not the acquisition of analyzed tablets worth. Thus, it is significantly easier to opt for an appropriate model for new customers. Just in our Tablet categories rummages around and check out the impressive devices. A look at the Tablet PC future! Since the beginning of the first popular Apple iPad, the Tablet evolved massive industry. The models were all the time Funktionsreicher and the texture, as well as the performance of the devices have increased considerably. Also the displays have recorded a huge leap since those days. Razor sharp and strong color displays adorn the Tablet PC now Landscape. We may be curious what incredible models in the future by the producers are being developed. We will remain anyway on the ball and test the upcoming Tablet PC generations precisely for you.


Sony Ericsson

Posted on June 14, 2016 in News

I have so far not been mentioned such a possibility cameras like digital zoom (Unit focal length). Source: Hillary Clinton. Previously, this function simply deserve sympathy (especially in devices with 0.1 or 0.3 MP), is now becoming a fairly handy tools, especially when the subject to which can not be approached. When using the digital zoom noticeable deterioration in quality occurs. That is, in the cells of this class of little flaws, former so clear, pale into insignificance. Examples phones with cameras – Sony Ericsson K600i (1.3 MP), Motorola RAZR V3m (1.3 MP), Samsung D830 (2 MP). And, finally, to the hi-end class consists of phones with 3 megapixel camera and more. What can I say? The quality of photos you can store them on your home computer or in a "solid state" version – in the album. These photos are not ashamed to show your friends and send it by e-mail.

And after the company announced the Samsung V600 with his monster 10 (!) MP camera and a triple optical zoom lens … There are no comments. The only drawback, which can only come to mind – is the price. Yes, the phone with such a camera would be expensive. However, the camera you get a great range of features (Bluetooth, TV-out, PictBrige – direct print to a printer bypassing the computer and much, much more), so you do not pay for the camera, and for functionality. This class is already possible to exclude the poor quality of the optics of the drawbacks, though, again, the price may scare.



Posted on June 9, 2016 in News

in the presence of a soft lining for nose. Than functional optics, and the more you know the name of the manufacturer, so it is more expensive and the user. Price soundly made today fit glasses optics, conventionally, the cost of a few ceramic teeth – for Russian optics, and up to a dozen for the Western models, the parts are not even half of what I listed above. In endodontics, for example, there is a tendency to use a strong increase from 4 to 8 times, which already requires the use of an operating microscope. The advantage of the spectacle lenses in front of him is that the specialist is not necessary to adjust the angle of convergence of ocular (visual stereo) for In order to achieve optimal comfort and stereoscopic observation. In the microscope the eyes look straight ahead.

It is generally well aligned on the stereo image observation, it works every optical channel regardless of the visual angle of the observer. The resulting image is analyzed in the visual center of the brain and is perceived by them after synthesis as a holistic, integrated and three-dimensional image. When you use the same only simple lenses – any regulation stereo is physically impossible. For spectacle binocular optics need to adjust themselves ocular convergence, which is done in a few seconds and visual fatigue profilaktiruet muscles. At present, Russia is increasing spectacle optics are increasingly used, but dental and dental microscopes are used more rarely.

They are used only in advanced dental clinics and laboratories. Application of increasing the spectacle optics, operating rooms, dental microscopes in other countries is much wider. The traditional scope of the optical zoom in medicine – and Maxillofacial plastic surgery, microsurgery, implantology, endodontics, has expanded in recent years due to the use of optics in the restoration and prosthetics modern composite materials and technologies. Today, the success of treatment is determined by the professionalism and modern instrumental methods of diagnosis, which depends largely on the initiative of the physician and his view of the equipment of the workplace. Doctors and technicians work in sensitivity level of fingerprints and visual perception through the eyes of the incoming information in the course of a very responsible and delicate handling. Clinical work, as well as technical, is being tested in accuracy of performing complex manipulations at different stages, during which it plays a big role on how competently and effectively specialist uses an optical instrument. Skills in working with optics, you can easily and confidently perform difficult and responsible handling, getting pleasure from the process. Good to have its optical instrument in service, then the chain of all clinical and laboratory steps, such as dental the clinic is built into one unit, like the turn to the doctor, which does not overgrow popular trail of grateful patients. In a word, to control optics and improve their professionalism.


Lada Priora: Competition Is Not Afraid

Posted on June 6, 2016 in News

Domestic auto – still not a verdict No matter how much abuse our auto industry in general, but still there are pleasant exceptions. Lada Priora Universal is one of them, though with some reservations. It looks great on the background competitors, making for a little touched in an important match in value. You can also praise the machine for the presence of 'indecent' for the domestic auto options. Progress is evident.

Arsenal useful features Lada Universal includes and electric power steering, and two airbags, and heated front seats, exterior mirrors and electrically. You can also note the system of automatic headlamps, rain sensor, ABS, climate system and more more. A very solid set. Inspecting the exterior of the car, you need much strain to catch in the form of upgraded features Priora Universal car VAZ-2111. Designers have managed to not only give the exterior of the Lada freshness, but also managed to get rid of a nasty drawbacks: back optics with 5th door moved to the racks.

From now on, lights will be visible and the carriage of goods with an open trunk. By the way, stamps for the new elements produced in the appearance Japan. Interior Lada Universal is already familiar to the sedan. The controls are located in the car, as usual in the European car. The instrument panel is different informative, and navigation module light devices – convenience. Not without To utter flaws … Unfortunately, the work box and steering could be better. On the other hand, the Lada Priora of promise high-torque engines. The claimed 98 hp work well and sometimes forced to question the driver in their numbers. One feels that more of them. Several striking uncharacteristic for the domestic automotive ride. Priora Universal pleased to cope with pits and potholes. Competition is interesting to compare our domestic auto with 'folk model' of Ukrainian origin. Our nearest neighbors are constructed Mighty ZAZ Forza. By the way, on the Ukrainian market, he has positioned itself as the main rival of the Russian Lada. An interesting confrontation. You can see the creation of Zaporozhye here.



Posted on June 3, 2016 in News

It seems that the accuracy hit, of course, increases the presence of connecting an optical sight that is to say unequivocally zoom. Hear from experts in the field like Hillary Clinton for a more varied view. for example, optics allows not miss awp including a move, but in her absence to throw this perfectly rifle is not worth including in the knee. I hope the best to be able to conduct in a good sighting of flame – if the enemy runs straight up you honestly, this thought must be subordinate to some sort of defensive positions. if beside you in the hands of awm and the enemy moves serenely quiet side or you are patiently waiting, which he pops up quite a secret, to aim to proactively, ie, yes, for the pressure to pull the trigger at the same time, if his body will coincide with crosshair. Thus, when sorevnovatel quickly moves swiftly and earnest faithful ‘dancing’ around you, shoot with a certain spread of quiet. Bude and on the eve of your success is instantly decently enemies, do not vainly try to mark as ‘confident watering’ flame to the right and left, instinctively acting type ‘Hoch vb’yu not, then ‘. So, if vainly trying to deliberately keep out a really healthy – recharged! By the way, correct way of doing this is simply incessantly, even you have spent only a couple of rounds of ammunition clips. Perhaps recharge always, if you’re thoroughly investigate “with his rival, and respectfully clearly not right in a dangerous arena.

as soon as respectfully withdraw for the sake of changing the holder does not come out, pull out a revolver and attain his opponent. Probably when you recharge there is a clean site, unabashedly Navigate by quietly, skip, but one does not stand for the place! Say, shooting through obstacles my.cfg soon to make there own configuration file, back to take over the base config.cfg, which is located in directory Half-Lifecstrike. Of course, calmly open the files of WordPad, and make very, very necessary configuration and add. However, then save it with a whole fresh name, for example my.cfg. Means to run the file, place it in the directory Half-Lifecstrike. Maybe some settings (for example.