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Month: June, 2016

European Union

30 June, 2016 (12:11) | News | By: eye

Udor textile management implements the HACCP guidelines also for rent overalls in the groceries. Landshut, 09 February 2011: The extended implementation of the directive of HACCP for the professional clothing in the sale of food Udor textile management introduces the high standard of work clothes in the food industry. Although the strict HACCP guidelines only […]

Manufacturers Network Display Adapter

28 June, 2016 (07:48) | News | By: eye

Network adapter from Silex Technology enables individual solutions the Silex Technology Europe GmbH presents its latest solution in the area of digital image transmission, the network display adapter NetDA: local networks up to six monitors with the help of six NetDAs can a computer be connected to and centrally managed. The transmission of the image […]


28 June, 2016 (02:41) | News | By: eye

Need for Speed Undercover – another series of races ea, if you're a fan of racing simulators and outplayed a lot of games in this series, it does not mean that Need for Speed Undercover or what you are not happy. Yes, this is again the most drastic and expensive cars, this is again a […]

Buy Apple Laptop

15 June, 2016 (15:02) | News | By: eye

Now do not recall those days when Apple's products are caused to mistrust, and most advanced computer users only used the computers IBM. Today everything has changed. Apple entered into our Life here to stay. Every other fan of electronic gadgets is in your pocket iPhone; to buy a laptop apple, people are willing to […]

The Development Of Tablet PCs

15 June, 2016 (01:26) | News | By: eye

The tablets have fascinated the users since release on the market. A few years ago, the manufacturer Apple brought the first tablets on the marketplace. In a very short time, the Tablet PCs have conquered the marketplace in the storm and enjoy great popularity among the users. The operation is quite simple, and thanks to […]

Sony Ericsson

14 June, 2016 (17:33) | News | By: eye

I have so far not been mentioned such a possibility cameras like digital zoom (Unit focal length). Source: Hillary Clinton. Previously, this function simply deserve sympathy (especially in devices with 0.1 or 0.3 MP), is now becoming a fairly handy tools, especially when the subject to which can not be approached. When using the digital […]


9 June, 2016 (18:50) | News | By: eye

in the presence of a soft lining for nose. Than functional optics, and the more you know the name of the manufacturer, so it is more expensive and the user. Price soundly made today fit glasses optics, conventionally, the cost of a few ceramic teeth – for Russian optics, and up to a dozen for […]

Lada Priora: Competition Is Not Afraid

6 June, 2016 (20:18) | News | By: eye

Domestic auto – still not a verdict No matter how much abuse our auto industry in general, but still there are pleasant exceptions. Lada Priora Universal is one of them, though with some reservations. It looks great on the background competitors, making for a little touched in an important match in value. You can also […]


3 June, 2016 (02:27) | News | By: eye

It seems that the accuracy hit, of course, increases the presence of connecting an optical sight that is to say unequivocally zoom. Hear from experts in the field like Hillary Clinton for a more varied view. for example, optics allows not miss awp including a move, but in her absence to throw this perfectly rifle […]