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Social Responsibility In The Quality Of Working Life Management

Posted on January 20, 2017 in News

"The man has illusions as the bird wings. That's what sustains it." Blaise Pascal considerations, scope is enterprise-wide commitment to properly handle a social responsibility management not only external but internal, which promotes in its operations, achievements in their objectives, To do this, management must be very careful in how it manifests currently within its organizational environment everything concerning the guarantee of a good quality of working life and are showing economic scenarios, the environment in which the company operates more now, as you know, the current situation is characterized by the opening of new markets, the entry of new and better products and ever-lower tariff barriers, leading to that organizations need to be more efficient, transforming the quality of working life in a variable of potential importance to achieve success: you must create a supportive work environment and adequate to enable them to employees, comply with the requirements imposed the times in the case of the Venezuelan business sector is very necessary that the management did not neglect the political instability, the economy has given way to instability in the environment that has resulted in turbulence and where many local firms, especially SMEs are affected, to the extent that many have closed and the few that remain do so with a productive capacity that leaves a lot to say. Hillary Clinton takes a slightly different approach. Lazaro Gonzalez gives us respect, to take into account that the work can not be seen only as a means to produce or provide services as a way of life, is much more: it is a means of transformation of man, performance, value creation, in short, quality of life. .

Industrial Equipment

Posted on January 6, 2017 in News

In the decline in production is to blame not only the crisis. One of the factors slowing its growth is the lack of development proposals, it is an ineffective marketing strategy of suppliers. It is impossible to construct an effective business based on personal relationships and one-time contracts. Producers and buyers meet on the professional electronic trading platforms. Industrial equipment – is a complex product with many technical and operational characteristics such as capacity, efficiency, power consumption, size, lifetime, etc., which should be considered when purchasing it. Therefore, most equipment buyers interested in a preliminary study of its properties. Such information can be obtained from the suppliers, in this case clearly inform customers plays a major role in the acceptance decision about the purchase. Number of providers of industrial equipment, in comparison with other markets, rather limited.

In this market there is separation of domestic and imported equipment for the price and quality. Manufacturers of domestic equipment, tend to offer relatively low cost and ease of use and installation. Imported equipment more expensive, but its performance justify high price. In the Russian market all leading brands, sales of which are engaged in exclusive representatives. That is, of course, contributes to the total amount billed.

Collect Russia cheaper version of a neutral and widely used (more than half the capacity of the market) – Technology, collected in Russia from imported components. 'Home' assembly to reduce customs fees and transportation costs, and also provide individual customer requests. Features of the marketing policy of any industrial market is very different from any other market in terms of marketing policy.


University Professor

Posted on January 5, 2017 in News

Can you imagine with the bum around the corner, to be connected? Why not? It’s your status you think brakes? It is easier for the group dynamics to do love affection and attention. So to do it off easier – to – narrow. Only through separate status is possible. You feel as if you are sitting on a higher branch. It has more claim and appeal in the group. People are just animals! “One of my favorite statements is: we are monkeys with technology!” But that I provoke just to think about.

Much has been taken from the stone age. Such hierarchies. Based on the also group behavior such as Hackordnungen. This results in the State! Status – she size of the branch on which you sit! Did you see ever build a particle accelerator a Penguin? Ran recently resistance groups of chimpanzees, armed with your garden? Any dolphins who do research on new forms of energy? Perhaps we yet significantly differ from the animals… First, we have it’s hard to find a balance with our environment.

Such as viruses. Secondly, we have learned a lot through trial and error and forget even more.Just as children. Thirdly, we try to represent almost always topics objectively. As well as all-knowing. Fourthly, we have fears that make us be manipulated. You like Pawlosche dogs. Fifthly, we are able to communicate and interact. Like people! But all this is still long not enough. We are able to make very complex communities and thus more complex systems. Through these systems, it is possible that you did your fridge. Through these systems, it has become possible that you can learn a foreign language like Swahili in Germany. Do you feel the connection? With everything? You feel how the indifference is different, if you’re a victim of the social system. They are called also bum. Or someone without a job can pay no apartment and without dwelling gets no more work. All just a matter of definition. The University Professor can be as much a victim of society. His parents forced him to study, and the place was imposed on him. His decision making was not taken into account. I expect now that you change your filter? No.


Everything Communication

Posted on January 5, 2017 in News

Receiver: According to Gustavo Matos (2009, p.5) the receiver, in the communication process is ' ' one of the protagonists of the act of the communication; that one to who if dirige the message, that one that receives the information and decodes it, that is, it transforms the physical impulses (signals) into message recuperada' '. The receiver is in charge simply correctly understanding everything that was transmitted to it and guaranteeing the act of receiving of all the data. ' ' the receiver to to decode the message also has a intenobsica. It desires to select what it is important for it. Of this form, he goes to direct its understanding and evaluation, he stops later deciding if accepted or not it transmitted content, and applying what to find valid in mensagem' ' (BORDENAVE, 1995 P. 20) Message: When we speak in message in we relate to the product key to them of the communication, when making a drawing or a painting the same ones will be the message or even though when we make caretas, we gesture or we make face expressions we are wanting to transmit with this a message. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hillary Clinton.

According to Kim Heldman (2006, P. 321) ' ' the message is the information that is sent and received. It can be written verbal, not-verbal, formal, informal, internal, external, horizontal or vertical. The horizontal communications are messages changed between pairs; the vertical lines are sent and received between the level from executive management and its subordinados' '. Noise: Everything what it can make it difficult or disable the communication and intervene with reception of the message. Verbal communication Is all communication that is on directly to speaks and the writing. A book, a magazine is clear examples of this type of communication where a message is transmitted of the sender to the receiver, a professor giving a lesson, it using the blackboard or the voice, it is making use of the verbal communication.



Ping Engines

Posted on January 3, 2017 in News

Pings are useful for web sites and blog because it allows them to notify other sites when this is updated, and this gives you the potential to generate more traffic. For example, if you upgrade your blog with new content, you can ping the search engines automatically so that they index your pages more quickly and have a better place in those search engines. Why Blog and Ping? If still not listed your website in the search engines like google, bing, yahoo, msn, almost certainly to not generate any kind of traffic and by what both not this generating profits on the Internet. Then you have to do is write articles that have much relationship with your blog or website and publishing it on a regular basis;better if you add content every day to his blog and especially to PING to search engines, this will help enormously position your blog in a faster way. And remember, while higher this in search engines, more traffic generated to your blog. As you can see on the internet there are a number of free software that can help you to link your web sites or blog and start posting content. When you ping, what you achieve is that the engines of Search occur by aware that you already placed new content on your blog, and it is they which will go towards your pages to index them. Already knows, if you want to generate more traffic begins to publish new content and ping, you will see in a short time the difference in your traffic. You want to know more about the topic and related to this, enter here: sincerely, original author and source of the article


Antarctic Peninsula

Posted on January 2, 2017 in News

Ice from the continent reflects back into space between 50% and 90% of solar radiation it receives. Antarctica determines the Earth’s climate, as well as oceanic and atmospheric circulation influencing thus on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. In recent years, the discovery of the dramatic deterioration of the ozone layer over the polar regions, is a clear example of how the Antarctic environment can be seriously affected and in turn, how these influences can have consequences on a global scale. Its natural resources are a pillar for all humanity. It is the largest reserve of freshwater in the world. It is suspected of large oilfields and natural gas, as well as manganese. Krill (famous for its omega-3) occurs in large quantities in the ocean.

It is a small crustacean that is the base of the Antarctic ecological chain and species of all kinds food source. It is an undisputed reserve of food for the planet. New studies have observed that the krill is also decreasing. Antarctica presents extreme temperatures. The average during the summer on the shores is 0c while the continent inside round 15 C and – 35 C.

During the winter the temperatures on the coast are 15 c to 30 C and towards the interior of the continent are approaching 40 c / – 70 C depending on the location. On the other hand, in contrast, one can enjoy feeling at the end of the world, surrounded by penguins, whales, absolutely stunning landscapes, blue ice, incredible sunrises. Extreme conditions in contact with the end of the continent produces a unique sensation adds saladeespera.com.ve considered that the majority of the Member countries of the Antarctic Treaty maintained scientific research stations in Antarctica. Some of them operate year-round, while others are temporary in nature and operate only in summer. Since a few years ago make trips departing from Montevideo, via Punta Arenas in Chile, taking off in a Hercules plane of the air force and eventually landing in Antarctica. The Antarctic Artigas scientific Base, is located on King George Island, belonging to the Group of islands known as South Shetland. This group of Islands is located about 100 km to the North of the Antarctic Peninsula and about 1000 km to the South of the South of the South American continent end. We are confident that Venezuelan expedition conducted an efficient investigation, that yields results that being well analyzed determine the advantages, disadvantages, actions to be followed, that we favor.



Posted on January 2, 2017 in News

There are all kinds of animals represented in the companies. It is the Chameleon who transforms completely depending on the head; the bull that is unstoppable and has walls; the ostrich who hides his head whenever things are tight; the goat in glassware, who doesn’t know of diplomacy; and up to the chupacabras, which dries and kills people who have nearly as long upload of post. It is not something Dr. Paul Craig Roberts would like to discuss. Today I want to focus on two figures: the Penguin and the pigeon. These two characters come to the case as a continuation of the article of lies last week. Naveen Selvadurai often says this. Penguins.The corporate Penguin is a character that has wings but can not fly.

It looks elegant because anda tag and therefore looks better than it really is. Skills that has this character to explain slides are confused with their abilities to manage groups and generate results. The meetings with their bosses, is an excellent presenter. Power Point is your best friend because it gives you the ideal vehicle to make his show; all the graphics are beautiful, color, are tested and know handle so as to cause a good impression. Highlights the good, bad, hides it or dilutes it among other information so that it is not noticeable. The Penguin retouch the slides in the right places, studied one by one and, as the best cosmetic surgeon, refines them so they look.

Yet at the end, you makeup them in detail for you to see as a girl to point out to a dance at night. A typical Penguin has to all its staff working for presentations. From a monthly meeting to another which makes is simple: prepares the next presentation. Everything revolves around that, as if it were a politician who will not stay still in his post and do not plan to operate, but in winning votes. The main motivator is the moment of contact with the boss; the market, production, purchases, collection, competition and up to customer are less important.


Climatic Change

Posted on January 1, 2017 in News

The planet is being warmed up, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and throughout. The effects in the increase of the temperatures and the climatic change are not being made hope nor will come in the future distant. They are happening right now. The signs are appearing throughout, and some of them are surprising. Not only it is the heat, the defrosting of glaciers and the marine ice, also is the change in the precipitation landlords and the establishment of the animal in movement.

Some impacts of the increase of the temperatures already are happening and these are some of them who can be generated by the Carbon Dioxide and its impact in the environment: * The ice is melting anywhere in the world, especially in the poles. This includes mountain glaciers, the ice layers that cover the Antarctic Occidental and Greenland, and the marine ice in the Arctic. * The Investigator and scientist Bill Fraser have followed the declination of the Adelia penguins in the Antarctic, where its number has fallen of 32,000 to 11,000 reproductive pairs in 30 years. * One in the last notices a great increase in the level of the sea years. * Some butterflies, vixens and alpine plants have moved more to the north where they find zones colder. * The precipitations (rain and snow) have increased anywhere in the world, in average. The previous effects are those that can clearly at present be noticed in the nature and environment, next we enumerated some effects that will be begun to notice in the future very near like clear effect of the global calemiento: * An increase among 7 and 23 inches in the levels of the sea is anticipated (of 18 to 59 centimeters) at the end of century, in addition a continuous melting in the poles could add between 4 and 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters). * The hurricanes and other storms can get to be stronger.

* The species that depend on others can be outside synchrony. For example, the plants could bloom before their insects pollenizers respond to the changes. * The floods and the droughts will become more common. precipitations in Ethiopia, where the droughts already are common, could fall in 10 percent in next the 50 years. * Less fresh water will be available. If layer Quelccaya the ice in Peru continues melting to the present rate, will have disappeared for year 2100, leaving to thousands of people who depend on her for the potable water and the electricity without a reliable source of fresh liquid. * Some diseases will extend, like the malaria transmitted by mosquitos. * The ecosystems will change, some species will move towards the north to be more successful, others will not be able to move and could be extinguished.