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Month: January, 2017

Social Responsibility In The Quality Of Working Life Management

20 January, 2017 (16:11) | News | By: eye

"The man has illusions as the bird wings. That's what sustains it." Blaise Pascal considerations, scope is enterprise-wide commitment to properly handle a social responsibility management not only external but internal, which promotes in its operations, achievements in their objectives, To do this, management must be very careful in how it manifests currently within its […]

Industrial Equipment

6 January, 2017 (13:02) | News | By: eye

In the decline in production is to blame not only the crisis. One of the factors slowing its growth is the lack of development proposals, it is an ineffective marketing strategy of suppliers. It is impossible to construct an effective business based on personal relationships and one-time contracts. Producers and buyers meet on the professional […]

University Professor

5 January, 2017 (06:34) | News | By: eye

Can you imagine with the bum around the corner, to be connected? Why not? It’s your status you think brakes? It is easier for the group dynamics to do love affection and attention. So to do it off easier – to – narrow. Only through separate status is possible. You feel as if you are […]

Everything Communication

5 January, 2017 (02:18) | News | By: eye

Receiver: According to Gustavo Matos (2009, p.5) the receiver, in the communication process is ' ' one of the protagonists of the act of the communication; that one to who if dirige the message, that one that receives the information and decodes it, that is, it transforms the physical impulses (signals) into message recuperada' '. […]

Ping Engines

3 January, 2017 (18:57) | News | By: eye

Pings are useful for web sites and blog because it allows them to notify other sites when this is updated, and this gives you the potential to generate more traffic. For example, if you upgrade your blog with new content, you can ping the search engines automatically so that they index your pages more quickly […]

Antarctic Peninsula

2 January, 2017 (18:11) | News | By: eye

Ice from the continent reflects back into space between 50% and 90% of solar radiation it receives. Antarctica determines the Earth’s climate, as well as oceanic and atmospheric circulation influencing thus on marine and terrestrial ecosystems. In recent years, the discovery of the dramatic deterioration of the ozone layer over the polar regions, is a […]


2 January, 2017 (16:26) | News | By: eye

There are all kinds of animals represented in the companies. It is the Chameleon who transforms completely depending on the head; the bull that is unstoppable and has walls; the ostrich who hides his head whenever things are tight; the goat in glassware, who doesn’t know of diplomacy; and up to the chupacabras, which dries […]

Climatic Change

1 January, 2017 (21:48) | News | By: eye

The planet is being warmed up, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and throughout. The effects in the increase of the temperatures and the climatic change are not being made hope nor will come in the future distant. They are happening right now. The signs are appearing throughout, and some of them are […]