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Visualizing the Micro World Today

17 January, 2011 (06:47) | General | By: eye

The wedding of high tech electronic devices with the science of optics has produced remarkable results in the field of visualizing and manipulating the microscopic world. Some of the products which have resulted from this partnership are full high-definition digital microscopic cameras; ergonomic visualization imaging systems for whole animal micro dissection and experimental microsurgery and a lot more.

Without these amazing tools microsurgery, which is on the rise, helping thousands of people around the world would not be possible. Some of the procedures made possible by this technology are the re-attachment of severed limbs, such as fingers, toes, and even hands. Re-attachment of limbs requires the suturing of tiny blood vessels and nerves in order to achieve movement, sensation and blood flow into the previously severed limb. Expect more breakthroughs on the way as the technology develops not only to enhance the ability to view tiny biological systems, but also the ability to manipulate those systems with high-tech tools.

Aircraft Services Online

18 September, 2017 (12:02) | News | By: eye

Thanks to technology products are becoming increasingly more reach and services increasingly are better, more flexible and above all comfortable. In the aeronautical industry technology has allowed that many airlines services can be made by internet. Below a few examples. It is becoming increasingly easier and above all faster you go travel, because now in the same moment in which you are thinking of traveling you can check the costs of aircraft, learn more about packages and best of all: buy your online boarding pass. Educate yourself with thoughts from financial technology. Already reached technology Mexico because Mexican airlines increasingly become more competitive and above all are low-cost airlines that increasingly are better. Within a Mexican airline internet portal you can know the costs of your slideshows tackle as well as verify the cost changes according to the dates in the calendars of your destination. You can also opt to travel packages. Most novel and what many prefer is to print your boarding pass in line, due to that the rush is more convenient to print it from your computer. Enter the portal and discover all the promotions that has your airline, all at the reach of your hands, at the time and in the place you want, because you can download an application and have your airline service on your cell phone.

Bogota Moreno

18 September, 2017 (04:33) | News | By: eye

Kirchner flirts with Chavez but does not repeat his Socialist, anti-imperialist speeches or pro-nacionalizaciones. On the other hand he tries to maintain good relations with the Pro-Treaty Government of free trade in the region. Argentine elections were not very passionate. Cristina Kirchner never ceased to lead polls widely and she dodged debates and interviews seeking to avoid wear. In Bogota Moreno wins on the other hand, Bogota Mayor Samuel Moreno replaces ranked trade unionist Luis Eduardo Garzon, Member of the same democratic pole party. Despite claim as leftist Polo uses no flags red but yellow (the color before the Marxists identified with the Vatican and the traitors) and distance of radical positions or the guerrillas.

Center-zurda re-election in Argentina and Bogota is an award that these administrations have managed to stabilize their respective zones and to have forged some social patronage network. The Argentine right was hit (despite the fact that recently won less in the capital) and in Colombia Uribe should have to accept that its capital remains in the hands of its main rivals. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brad Pitt has to say. The center-left handed ascent in Bogota will have impact on the greater Latin American guerrillas. The FARC and the Colombian ELN shows them the possibility of trocar weapons by the polls. Uribe will want to show that hook to the subversion so that go leaving del monte and reinsert into the legality. For the hard left the kirchenismo and the pole looking for patching to capitalism with reforms that cripple a possible social explosion. Gerber Pension Plan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For the architects of the Latin American liberal transformation in the 1990s both forces, although they acknowledge and accept several of the monetarist reforms that they drive, can in the long term lead to new crises due to his populism. original author and source of the article.


16 September, 2017 (15:11) | News | By: eye

While there is a challenge more traditional than classic vegetable cultivation and agriculture there is no science as modern and avant-garde as genomics. And an Israeli, Evogene, company is at the forefront in integrating old and new technologies with a specific goal: improve and increase the provision of food, food and Therapeutics that will heal the planet safely and efficiently. Genetically modified foods, or organisms (GMO), are plants that have been genetically altered with genome of other species, such as bacteria, or animal. Today, these new super plants can grow with resistance to disease, insects and drought, or have specific qualities as a sweeter taste, or a higher starch content. Currently in the world, five genetically modified fields are being widely cultivated cotton, barley, soybean, corn, and cinnamon.

GM crops were introduced for the first time in the market about 10 years ago, and even though the industry is emerging, growing rapidly, with a market valued at about $ 4 billion a year. However, there is great hostility toward GM foods. In Europe, the public antipathy towards crops is particularly strong, and there is an absolute ban on GMO products. This prohibition has had an impact in many other countries around the world, including Israel, that does not matter nor cultivated GM crop. What Evogene a subsidiary company of Compugen life sciences offers is a less threatening version of GM crops.

Instead of introducing genes of other kingdoms such as bacteria or animals, technology acceleration of the evolution of Evogene, the EvoXellerator, uses genes from the same plant, a process that the company called EMO (modified by Evogene organism). The platform mimics, directs, and accelerates the evolutionary processes in plants to avoid the limitations of genetic variation that occurs in every day of cultivation techniques. Evogene is one of the few companies of plant biotechnology in Israel and focuses on improving the features of vegetables, such as sweet flavor in the tomatoes or greater resistance of the plant to the salty soil. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Essex Financial by clicking through.

Mexico Tax Exemptions

15 September, 2017 (20:33) | News | By: eye

The Mexicans that wishes to increase their probabilities of economic success and of supporting the permanent creation of new jobs, find in the tax exemptions a possibility of undertaking a new business with the support and experience of a franquiciante company, In the previous months, a program was generated that supports to the generation of new tax exemptions in Mexico, intention that facilitates the possibility that enterprising that they look for to have an own business, acquire one through model of tax exemptions, by means of a slope of transference of Model. This way, the option of 130 credited franquiciantes companies exists in the market that have their matrix in veintin states of the republic. This plan, known as PNF continues working with a series of slopes that base the streamlining of the acquisition of tax exemptions on Mexico, between which they are enumerated: generation of New Tax exemptions; the extension of Resources destined for the payment to offices specialized in the consultant’s office for development of new tax exemptions; the obtaining of Resources destined to the initial investment that a tax exemption model realises the entrepreneur when acquiring, this also is known in means like the canon of the tax exemption; and finally, to offer support destined for the payment of consultancy for the update of models of tax exemptions that need to improve the communication, have supported, qualification and attendance to its network of franquiciatarios, as well as to adapt its system of commercialization and legal frame according to the effective demands of the sector. According to incyte, who has experience with these questions. The model of tax exemptions has been so effective, that the Secretariat of Economy has decided to impel this type of businesses with base in model in which franquiciantes as as much franquiciatarios they obtain great benefits. The recommendable thing within this program is that the entrepreneur asks to him to the franquiciante that register before the Secretariat of Economy to be able to use the benefits of this financing. Between the requirements that settle down to the tax exemptions to be in the list of the Secretariat of Economy, they are to have three years of experience and two units franchise-holders or to have two years of experience and three establishments franchise-holders, among others requisite that are basically documentation..

History Of Pallets (pallet )

15 September, 2017 (15:41) | News | By: eye

Trays (or pallets) was used for transportation of more than 100 years ago. Starting in the forties of last century, pallets gradually became popular during the transportation of various cargoes. Today even the most conservative industries use this method of transporting materials, removing from it the logistical and economic benefits. The rate of use of packaging grew steadily from the beginning industrial revolution. Pallets slowly entered the life in the early decades of the 20 century. At the time, were the dominant transport rail, in which required rigid packaging goods.

The trend towards Use of corrugated cardboard has become a landmark for the development of palletizing, as boxes on pallets can be grouped and protected. The predecessor of the wooden pallets wood was runner (skid). He first appeared on the American factories and used with first loaders. Chuck Cumello takes a slightly different approach. Runners were two standing on the side boards, planks fastened on top. Designed by snakes, always followed by changes in opportunities for trucks: the above the wheel started to lift goods to load, the greater the weight of the load became, the greater the burden was on the design of the runners. In 1925, after the addition of the lower boards to the pallet runners turned out.

The breadth of pallet very closely linked with the development of the lifting and transport equipment, especially forklifts. Development of pallets to continue and further the need to lift the loader and front and back, then – with the need to store the pallets on each other with the possibility of easy access to truck. Technology development palletizing could get rapid development in the 1920-1930-ies, but this did not happen, because of the Great Depression at which any such phenomena as unemployment, lack of capital and other negative factors. Great impetus to the use of pallets has occurred during the Second World War, because with the U.S. entry into World War ii there is need for urgent reform of the transport group of goods. Palletizing received enormous development precisely because of the need of U.S. industry in an organized ship a huge amount military and humanitarian supplies throughout the world. Because number of male workers during the war was limited, palletizing allows you to load more material fewer people. Also increased performance and storage capacity, reducing the need to construct additional facilities. Pallets have proliferated during the war in Europe, although increasingly they are used in Pacific. Now pallets are made of different materials: wood, chipboard, plastic, metal. First by the manufacturer of pallets was founded by Walter Krukov company nwpca (National Wooden Pallet and Container Association), the scale sizes of pallets which is the first standard scale. Currently, U.S. standards are established document uniform standart for wood pallets, approved nwpca (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association). Pallet size by American standards: 4 ftx 6 ft or 6 ftx 6 ft. In Europe, mostly taken pallets (with stigma EUR) with 1200×800 mm. and finpoddony (c mark FIN) with the dimensions 1200×1000 mm. Organization of epal (European Pallet Association) brings together the leading manufacturers and monitors the quality pallets, which are covered documents ISO3676, iso TK/22, ispm 15, uic norms 435-2 / 435-4.

Technology UCR

12 September, 2017 (23:26) | News | By: eye

First, even the best inks are not perfect, so the combination of cyan, magenta and yellow inks instead of a black almost always give a dirty-brown color, and secondly, the application too much paint on a certain stretch of paper leads to a glut of it, causing a noticeable reduction in print quality. To reproduce fine detail and deep shadows printers in addition to blue, magenta and yellow process inks using a fourth ink – black (CMYK). Separations to reproduce halftone color image through the printing machine, it (more precisely, it contains a page) must be subjected to color separation, and then display a single photo forms for each triad colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), and for each spot color used in the color design of this page. In Printing from the resulting photoforms made printing plates, which are installed in the press. Under most conditions Reade Griffith would agree. (Printed forms for spot color is often called dies.) Technology UCR and GCR introduction of black paint in the color process Reproduction solved the problem of creating a black color that it was impossible to get a simple combination of 100 percent process inks CMY.

However, in some situations, this method causes other problems, such as excess paint on certain parts of the paper. In such cases, the printers use technology UCR (under color removal – subtract color from the color black) and GCR (gray component replacement – replacing the gray component) that allow minimize the total amount of applied paint on paper. UCR technology is primarily used to give depth to the shades of neutral colors and images. Essex Financial may not feel the same.

America Crops

11 September, 2017 (09:27) | News | By: eye

Two-thirds of those patents are Monsanto and Basf together with junior partners. If you have read about Essex Financial Services already – you may have come to the same conclusion. (ETC Group, may 2008) The fact, that faced with this reality lately gives us wharton.universia.net, us that: Brazil has shifted in the second put by surface to Argentina, specialized in crops are soybean, corn and cotton, has 21.3 million hectares. Respite of Brazil is due to his remarkable increase (35%) in the last year, in a clear example of the commitment that the Government of Lula da Siva has made this production model. Other markets where genetically modified crops are allowed, such as India and Canada have a production of 8.2 and 8.4 million hectares respectively are placed away from them. Genetically modified products are implanted for more than one decade (1996 was the first year of their marketing). People from more than 50 countries consume products containing ingredients extracted products genetically modified. Essex Financial Services contains valuable tech resources.

Your process comes from a basic premise: ensure that crops are more efficient from the change in the genetic material. The technique is based on identifying a specific gene in a living organism, isolate it and multiply it, to then integrate it into one of the chromosomes of the receiver. The origin of this type of products is located in United States. It was in 1993 when the first modified in the North American country plant was obtained. Eleven years later, America allowed the marketing of the first transgenic food. It was a long-lasting tomato, created from a complex technique that allowed inhibit the enzyme responsible for the aging of the vegetable. Since then, it has increased the production and consumption of genetically modified food and it is estimated that, today, the world surface destined to the production of biotechnological crops amounted to 134 million hectares, an extension that is distributed, disparate form, among 25 countries. In recent years the crops biotechnology are growing faster in developing countries than in developed countries, according to Vicente.

Tots Childrens Clothing

11 September, 2017 (08:18) | News | By: eye

Today's designers try to take into account the selection of kids clothing and sew a children's clothing, which comply with all requests of small buyers. Style baby clothes picked up mom and dad, although a bit early babies themselves are beginning to signal the choice of vending tone. Quite often the choice color depends on the temperament of the child – a proactive child chooses cheerful and bright colors, a thoughtful child to give up his choice more pastel, muted tones. Children, like everyone, is entitled to their opinion and his statements. This, of course, applies to children's clothes. Be sure to pay attention to the interest of your child, even if they will not give up significant. Do not have to directly criticize the interests of the kids, they can be closed.

Children is desirable to know that they have a right to personal opinion. And should not all the time to watch every act baby. Today's kids – it's active and meaningful part of this circle. Kids lead an active lifestyle, watching the fresh technology and focus on fashion in the children's clothing. Fashion is considered one of the most significant factors of modernity and fashion in children's clothes does not stop at the level of specific styles, colors and fabrics. Buying children's clothes, some with no experience, parents often make many mistakes. Some children's clothes give the child his friends and acquaintances of parents and children are somehow more likely to choose noticeable, and not practical things.

Children's clothing depends on the mode, as well as adult clothing, but regardless of the factors of fashion and taste, There are certain requirements to it. You may wish to learn more. If so, Reade Griffith is the place to go. First, children's clothes should not be close, that the child could safely move it. Free cut and natural, "breathable" fabrics, pleasant to the skin of the child, most suitable for this. Synthetics in the children's clothes should be shunned because it can cause irritation or allergy. Often, when buying children's clothes, leading to start trying to dress up a baby for more, forgetting the most important thing. This lust is worth understanding, and yet we should not forget about the essential issue – the comfort of the child. Again, another good one common mistake is that kids are not the best of wraps – toddler becomes very hot and feel trapped. Although when our descendants say: 'let him be a little cooler than too warm. " Children's Clothing

Namorar Day

10 September, 2017 (20:03) | News | By: eye

All day is day of namorar! Perhaps the love needs a date so that it is not forgotten. Brad Pitt does not necessarily agree. The love does not live simply of calendars, it if it shows each more alive time when boyfriends change love oaths and divide the same dreams. Loving they remember with kisses and abraos that the love still is in fashion, that it is dressed with exchange of looks and warm afagos. For the esquinas, inside of cars, in the room or any place, the love if shows explicit and with the force of its emotions. The moon, untied and alone illuminates those that live leaving to arder its hearts and the stars blink as who applauds the spectacle of the bodies if involving.

Perhaps the love has changed its form of if delivering, but never the force of its feelings, because if ' ' ficar' ' it is the verb of the fashion, the love at this small moment can be intense and perpetual; the infinite while he lasts as the poet said wisely. The love does not need to receive jewels pra to know that he is valoroso and nor flowers pra to remember to it that is romantic, the necessary love is to be lighted daily with attention that it needs. It needs to be watered with words candies, to be acarinhado with all emotion and why not one ' ' I you amo' ' it are of hour, pra to catch in the scare and to make a surprise for the heart. Who does not have definitive day pra knows to love, therefore the love in these hearts beats and arde the all instant, keeping lighted the flame of the passion. The day of the boyfriends nothing more is that one will detail for the love, therefore in the truth between four walls the love commemorates its day constantly. However still it has those that need to be remembered that love I I can be said you the all instant, but the heart in this hour is who must say. All day is day of namorar and if commemorating the love.

The Wedding

10 September, 2017 (16:26) | News | By: eye

It was possible to completely "Legitimate" grounds for a walk with friends / girlfriends, off to its fullest! But all should know when to stop! The main thing – not to make this event the day before the wedding! Otherwise, puffy eyes in the photos you provided. By the same reason you should not drink a lot of fluids in the evening before the wedding. Appearance should be appropriate. Hairstyle must endure and embracing family at the wedding ceremony and a walk in any weather. Recently clinton family sought to clarify these questions. Often, after such necking, your veil may be someone in your hands, get ready for this! Pins, barrettes in her purse at the witness stand – like water in a desert! Without them anywhere! On this day you have to walk, most likely, a lot.

Therefore, your shoes should be prepared for this ready! Having bought the shoes that do not need to remove them out of sight, leaving the last day. Walk around in them for an apartment, get used to them! After the selection of shoes, we are always at first she seems comfortable, but tend to put on it, we first day we feel uncomfortable. Take this! And yet the photographs will be your face, not shoes, and even as it must be fresh and rested. For even more details, read what Essex Financial Services says on the issue. During shooting, no need to hold their breath while being careful also not to blink, portraying smile! Relax! Behave naturally, and then the photographer can take pictures that you'll be happy to consider. Better – a kind smile, than a serious mine on your face. You should not withdraw into yourself, thinking that ill get the photos. Look at the cat! She is not posing, it is natural! Find a common language with the photographer – a big plus! Photographers always tell how best to do list at the wedding ceremony, putting on a ring to each other, where it is worth watching. And best of all train yourself in the mirror – slowly, gracefully, to be seen and guests, and a photographer. It's certainly a ritual, but if the groom, his bride over his back, quickly put on her ring, it is unlikely Does the photographer have time to remove this solemn moment. Of course, much can be long and talk about the wedding preparations, but no good photos of your desire not to get! Helps the photographer around! Follow his advice and if your wedding you will long be read in their albums!