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Visualizing the Micro World Today

17 January, 2011 (06:47) | General | By: eye

The wedding of high tech electronic devices with the science of optics has produced remarkable results in the field of visualizing and manipulating the microscopic world. Some of the products which have resulted from this partnership are full high-definition digital microscopic cameras; ergonomic visualization imaging systems for whole animal micro dissection and experimental microsurgery and a lot more.

Without these amazing tools microsurgery, which is on the rise, helping thousands of people around the world would not be possible. Some of the procedures made possible by this technology are the re-attachment of severed limbs, such as fingers, toes, and even hands. Re-attachment of limbs requires the suturing of tiny blood vessels and nerves in order to achieve movement, sensation and blood flow into the previously severed limb. Expect more breakthroughs on the way as the technology develops not only to enhance the ability to view tiny biological systems, but also the ability to manipulate those systems with high-tech tools.

Plastic Index Procedures

10 October, 2016 (14:02) | News | By: eye

It is known for many years, the procedure to mix lime to him to a plastic clay, in order to lower its plasticity as well as to increase its capacity to support efforts. And also, during many years, a series of procedures has been standardized to carry out this incorporation, to manage to obtain a homogenous mixture as well as to establish some type of control that allows to verify results us. It’s believed that Peter Thiel sees a great future in this idea. Also the great difficulties have been legendary that must when trying apply the procedures established in a certain work. Gain insight and clarity with Structured Portfolio Management. Different procedures have been proven to obtain a uniform mixture of lime and clay. It has been tried for example, to disintegrate a plastic clay layer being used from agricultural plows, happening through motoconformadoras to the use of diverse machines with disgregadores drums of varied so large and designs. Once disintegrated the clay layer, it has been tried to incorporate a certain percentage to him of lime, being followed diverse instructions or that they indicate that the lime is handled in coats and the content of them is distributed according to a grid previously drawn up and calculated to have a relation according to the percentage that will have to be applied, or by some other procedures that can include in bulk until the application of the lime. Already the value of its Limits of Consistency is perfectly known that the lime builds a favorable effect in the behavior of a plastic clay, when modifying (Limits of Atterberg). In infinity of taken tests I finish during the course of the time, has been that the value of the Liquid Limit of a plastic clay tends to be increased when this clay is mixed with lime. When taking place this increase in the value of the Plastic Limit, consequently logical, the Plastic Index will tend to fall of value, which as well means that the plastic behavior of the treated clay improves, for the generally looked for aims in the construction.

The Case

28 September, 2016 (20:18) | News | By: eye

The problem of "prolonged jump" For most it companies, long-term "classic" consulting projects are the limiting factor in the process of making quality of process changes. it departments, and so are forced to constantly react to new technologies, the changing business conditions, changes in legislation and increasing demands for quality developed and introduced information systems. Problematic in terms of it consulting services are also the companies and divisions that have a negative experience with consulting firms. Repeated "campaign for improvements in" hard to not only initiate, but also to organize and complete, especially in a situation where at the end of the previous failure of the project was not carried out a detailed "debriefing" and were not the causes of failures. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by clicking through. One way or another, but all the changes relate directly to people on the ground that, having behind them a negative experience of large-scale projects, no longer believe in the result. However, without the support of these people, as well as free expression of political will of the leadership, any consulting project can not end successfully. Structured Portfolio Management may find this interesting as well. The only sure way that will change the situation, is an iterative design and produce tangible results as soon as possible.

The bottom line today – that's what the goal is put for most modern consulting projects. So tangible practical results in the case of process automation of an information system are implemented and operating software automation. Skeptics are sure to have expressed doubts as to whether something can be done more quickly, cheaply and at the same time qualitatively.

Good Web Design

22 September, 2016 (20:48) | News | By: eye

Web design in the past was only something that only professionals performed it. Over the years many people have found that they can build a Web site with little experience. If you know what looks good and have some motivation in design, the website is commendable. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recognizes the significance of this. Whether to be a generic design or a design from scratch, the creation of a Web site can put the company in the business world. Is easy fun and gives your company a face to millions of people around the world. There are no boundaries on the Internet.

Web design is a good combination of graphics, color, appearance and content. The site must be aesthetically pleasing, but it should not be difficult to use. Sites that are filled, are often difficult to maneuver, and even frustrating for the reader. Companies unwilling to give the visitors the change go before making the purchase or the behavior you want. If the Web design feels like something alien, there are many professionals to help. There are also many places of education that they provide templates and instructions, eliminating the difficulty of the process.

It is important that the site look professional, the position of the company as a positive side. Other factors that create a great Web site are marketing tools that help visitors find the site, therefore generate some income. The placement of good information, articles and other materials on the site helps customers with decisions and also keep them on the site during more time. How much more time is spent on the most likely site is make a purchase.

Handmade Toys

19 September, 2016 (23:33) | News | By: eye

What you need: – a tape or rope – seed beads color number 1 – 27 pieces – beads color number 2 – 22 pieces – beads color number 3 – 2 pieces – pair of scissors. This instruction will be discussed on the yellow, orange and black beads. I advise not to select more than two primary colors and it is desirable that these colors are contrasting, it will give an additional effect. Beads strung three yellow tape and insert the tip of the left strip in the right beads, and the right tip of the tape in the left beads. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Don Brownstein. See how get it in the photo.

Then add three beads: black – yellow – black ribbon on the right and the other end left thread the ribbon. Do not forget to look at the photo, you will be much easier to understand how to perform these actions. Take two beads of yellow color and do the same thing as a black and yellow beads, you should get a head lizard. After that, you need to do leg lizard. To do this, pick up two yellow and three orange beads and particles strung on the right ribbon. Bring the ribbon through two yellow beads back, do the same with the left hand side. Now you are ready to be the two front paws lizards. Then everything just as with black and yellow beads, make a first three-bead in the middle with the orange.

Then twice with four beads, the middle place two orange. After that one more time with the three in which the middle one, orange, yellow, and on the sides and back make two legs, on This time it's hind legs are lizards. Your lizard is almost ready. There are very few. To finish her tail and make a knot at the end, carefully trim the excess of the tape or rope. The lizard is ready! Do not forget, if you is a suitable metal ring, you can apply it and get a beautiful pendant. It will be a little fun to your friends and acquaintances. Handmade toys

Continuous Savings

14 September, 2016 (02:48) | News | By: eye

On a wall using conventional screws to hang any shelf. Therefore, SIP panels are often used for making internal Canadian home partitions. After lining plasterboard walls of SIP is similar to stucco stone walls. Finishing work can begin immediately upon completion of assembly boxes at home. Canadian houses do not shrink.

Limited set of tools and materials: panels, boards, screws and polyurethane foam. No need to waste time searching and purchasing. Because of the relatively light weight panels never have problems with the delivery of materials directly to the site. The assembly process of the SIP-house panels fairly clean. Minimum harm to the landscape and ecology. Almost all waste is recycled on site. Standing next to trees can be saved, because they do not create no interference assembly of Canadian homes.

Build on the Canadian technology at any time of year. Continuous Savings: now the owners of Canadian houses to pay for heating and air conditioning a few times smaller (in an estimated 5-6 times) than owners of 'traditional' homes. Saved Ruble – RUB earned. In this sense, the Canadian house – a profitable investment funds. If your site is only electricity, safely Canadian erect a house. The cost of installation of electrical heating systems are negligible compared to heating with gas, liquid or solid fuel. Required for Canadian home heating electric power is much lower Traditional 1 kW to 10 m2 (in our experience an average of five times). And if you do everything correctly: energy-efficient windows and doors, heated floors (including SIP as an option), the main cost will be used to heating of fresh air for ventilation that by modern standards is only 10-15% of the total heat loss. Yes, and these heat losses can be reduced rekupiratorom.


12 September, 2016 (09:28) | News | By: eye

Mico Column, Lynno in world-wide success and qui, interplanetary, came back to bind to me. Financial technology may find this interesting as well. As I did not have new features for it, he had the same them for me. it was saying that it intends to assist a candidate in the next elections. It did not say who is for not losing the mystery or incurring into eventual electoral crime, but as it does not lose time ordered me pitacos email so that I give to mine e, look at, I find that it did not leave itself badly and I place it the message for reading appreciations of vocs. The Lynno explained that it would be the first campaign of its virtual candidate.

job, first course technician, first religious vocation, at last, everything exactly, therefore nobody starts for the second experience. The brilliant Carlito (Charles Chaplin) said that the life is short and does not have time to be professional, therefore is all fans. Don Brownstein brings even more insight to the discussion. But, we must be amateur in the direction of devotion and love to the next one. Some times ask because only now I decided to enter for the politics and I educadamente search to say that these things are not decided and yes has consensus, call, construction around our name and I finish one more time renouncing personal aspirations to face the collective ones. All we make politics throughout our life, this independe if we will be candidates or not. What she is necessary to differentiate is if we make good or me the politics. Sincerely, it has innumerable had politicians as more experienced than I or that other friends () that they will dispute elections. But many of these experienced ones are so repulsive that, thanks to God, always Nor masters, nor general PS.Caro Lynno (it forgives for the cacfato with the Carolina of the Chico), sincerely: I liked! Its friend: Edson. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br>

Dan Gillmor

7 September, 2016 (12:48) | News | By: eye

And what he says is what is silent. We are not ready! Says it to the Word processor new technology. He begins to defend a truth. The own. For more information see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And the truth, opens the hollow of not knowing. Why we must clarify that it is not a fight between spectators and journalist or one replace the other. It is not, rather, a mix. A help.

Less megaphone, more communication. Let talk. Then, there comes the phrase.Journalists should no longer think of them as oracles, because they are not; they should consider Guide and direct the public to information, although competition has drawn up. The author of the new Dan Gillmor journalism, proposes to listen to, but not necessarily to sources, but the people. Understand that readers know more than us.

Migrate to different media. Go from being an Oracle to be a guide. Bind, even with the competition. We must go beyond, how for example asking your readers to help you. With the low cost of these possibilities is the best time in history to become an enterprising journalist. Collaborate with others. To deepen your understanding Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the source. 1 1 GILLMOR, Dan. We the Media. He is the founder and director of the Center for Citizen Media. The journalist faces a vision that requires resistance to change. Much to learn, conceptualize, join, merge, mix. Face the reality home photographer, the Creole paparatzi or self reported, new journalist may be in the corner and not in the hallway of the school of communication. Open your eyes and stop laughing about something that is believed far and clear, schools of journalism and their trainers or deformers, will be the first to make the leap. In renouncing his past and learn to unlearn. The most widely-read newspapers are free distribution. Of the meter. With the Web the range of possibilities is impossible to visualize. Why buy a daily Yes can read thousands of them on the Internet? Why listen to the fading announcer that passes music and salutes all afternoon when under that platform, you can listen to thousands of radio stations? Or better yet: to listen to what, if I can produce? I met in Managua different communication experiences.

Industrial Engineer

30 August, 2016 (16:18) | News | By: eye

Since then, the engineer must act with extensive knowledge of new technologies and it must be the main factor of industrial development, be able to generate employment and promote companies that contributes to the welfare of the region where providing their services. In short, as says Troconiz, the formation of the Industrial engineer must respond to the achievement of a professional who performs as an engineer, as a generator of companies, as an administrator, as asesor-consultor, and as a scientific researcher. As an engineer, you will be able to design, redesign, specify, install and manage production systems; You can improve operations or specific processes of production of goods and/or services companies. As a business generator, its preparation and professional development will be bases so that the engineer can create production services or goods, companies partnering together with other professionals tending to continuous improvement. As an administrator, his knowledge of the inside of your company or organization development allows you to operate strategic plans, senior management, develop national and international negotiations: their training will allow you to make optimal decisions and maintain leadership and authority with the appreciation of the motivations and limitations of the human being as an important part within the organization. As Asesor-Consultor, training and previous professional activity will enable the Industrial Engineer offer advice and consultancy services to companies in the different fields of its competence such as preparation and evaluation of projects, statistical treatment of information, industrial diagnosticon, driving times, movements and operations research and other studies. Production design.

Researcher Tecnico-cientifico, Industrial Engineer armed with the tools of mathematical sciences, as well as dominating modern aspects of production, operations research and computer science can be a search engine and/or breeder of technologies, processes and equipment within the context of production systems and socio-technical may contribute their knowledge to improve working conditions and troubleshoot industrial systems with clear emphasis on the human and environmental. Hillary Clinton may help you with your research. Also, could participate in the search for new processes, products and materials. Its work would be, especially creative and analytical in short, noted, that increasingly more the future of this Industrial Engineering insured as this any socially useful professional. However its importance is magnified for the reasons listed below: a. is easier to import or bring industrialized machinery and equipment, which bring organizational systems. b. the process of industrialization demands increasingly more tasks directed toward lower costs, increase the inefficiency of labour, the increase of the efficiency of computers, it seeks to working conditions more healthy, safe and better paid and in general improvement of task-oriented work, its rationalization and joint planning. c.

Industrial Engineering is emerging as an excellent instrument of social action in terms of helping needy population sectors. If you would like to know more about Structured Portfolio Management, then click here. Need design of productive enterprises that generate employment with a low investment, which use national raw and that demand technology produced in the country; Since it is a great challenge and in her Industrial Engineering can play an important role. Venezuelan reality sector of the country, especially their SMEs must rest in industrial engineers, in order to ensure a good productivity, enabling them to compete, especially in a scenario where competition is very active, presenting their products endorsed by the national Government that has encouraged imports, products with very good quality and that meets the needs of the consumer.

New Ways Of Positive Life Design

26 August, 2016 (01:26) | News | By: eye

Hour of spirits in the KrauterPark Stolpe POHNSDORF-SIEVERS village/STOLPE. On June 4, 2011, the KrauterPark is Stolpe devoted to a mental and physical treatment of early summer. Together with the company: mediator online, re-nature and period of time.The Park of WorkshopMesse spirits hour invites”FENGSHUI. By the same author: Hillary Clinton. Experts in the fields of mediation, architecture and social education discuss ways to cope with everyday life more burdensome conflict situations for example through the use of a mediator in workshops. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. Also, topic is Feng Shui in the workplace. The workshops will be accompanied by a trade fair with exhibitors from the region.

How solve I conflicts without equal to land before a judge? How do I do a spatial environment, privately and professionally inspired me? The WorkshopMesse spirits hour – new ways of positive life design comes these and many other questions”on the ground in support of body and psyche. What causes the mental stress, harms the body also. Despite this realization, many people carry unresolved interpersonal conflicts with them. Often, the fronts between the opponents are so hardened that a neutral communication is impossible. “At this point, for example, professional mediators can help to overcome communication gaps, such as Herbert Hofmann from: mediator online in his introductory speech on the subject of conflicts make sense cause” is run. The WorkshopMesse spirits hour”covers the field of mediation in everyday life and in professional life as a focal point and explains how people with a conflict moderator can deal with occupational and private conflicts and improve so the own physical and mental quality of life many times. Certified mediators in the field of family and business mediation show on June 4th in workshops that a mediation there is bearing fruit, where there is a mutual respect between the parties and it more understanding and compromises as to win or lose is.

This is for example in adult family or business relationships of the case. In addition, the WorkshopMesse holds many more suggestions. The Interior Designer and trained Feng Shui consultant Annegret Mertens explains how can professionally implemented Feng Shui in work spaces make up mind and body and support a stimulating, creative and successful working environment. In the lecture of the psychologist and healer Susanne Eggers, who works as a lecturer in the prevention program of the health insurance funds, involves relaxing dealing with stress and stress in everyday life. And also the accompanying trade fair focuses on the health of body and soul on different levels with local exhibitors. And also the accompanying trade fair focuses on the health of body and soul on different levels with local exhibitors. In the ticket price of the ticket for the WorkshopMesse a food voucher to the value of 10 euro is included also, can be redeemed at Cafe re-nature on the Park of the herb. For those, the advance sign up, the day card for the WorkshopMesse spirits hour costs”15 euro. Tickets for 20 euros are available at the ticket office. From 18: 00 of the day with barbecues, campfires and live music by the Lene sounds Kramer trio”from. Late visitors can purchase tickets for the price of 10,-euro for the evening program. For more information about the directions, to register and to the program there under updates.

Business MLM Thrives Marketing

23 August, 2016 (10:41) | News | By: eye

The study of marketing has been imposed for a couple of decades increasingly more on society globally might say; in a few words we could describe to marketing as the market study to sell a product and know that product is doing is missing in the market, that is what is what the people demand? , throughout the past two decades has been several techniques including marketing MLM which today still safe footing by incorporating new tools such as the use of internet, online sales, and everything that has to do with the world of computing has come you very well to the world of the multilevel both is so in addition to companies already existing continue to be born under the format of the multilevel new companies. Returning a little marketing and as last information in this article, say experts who care is put in the welfare business i.e. cosmetics, supplements dietary online and enormous chains of gyms gymnastics courses; We can therefore deduce that if these thinking of putting a business or dedicate yourself to the task of the multilevel it is best welfare..