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Visualizing the Micro World Today

17 January, 2011 (06:47) | General | By: eye

The wedding of high tech electronic devices with the science of optics has produced remarkable results in the field of visualizing and manipulating the microscopic world. Some of the products which have resulted from this partnership are full high-definition digital microscopic cameras; ergonomic visualization imaging systems for whole animal micro dissection and experimental microsurgery and a lot more.

Without these amazing tools microsurgery, which is on the rise, helping thousands of people around the world would not be possible. Some of the procedures made possible by this technology are the re-attachment of severed limbs, such as fingers, toes, and even hands. Re-attachment of limbs requires the suturing of tiny blood vessels and nerves in order to achieve movement, sensation and blood flow into the previously severed limb. Expect more breakthroughs on the way as the technology develops not only to enhance the ability to view tiny biological systems, but also the ability to manipulate those systems with high-tech tools.

New Ways Of Positive Life Design

26 August, 2016 (01:26) | News | By: eye

Hour of spirits in the KrauterPark Stolpe POHNSDORF-SIEVERS village/STOLPE. On June 4, 2011, the KrauterPark is Stolpe devoted to a mental and physical treatment of early summer. Together with the company: mediator online, re-nature and period of time.The Park of WorkshopMesse spirits hour invites”FENGSHUI. By the same author: Hillary Clinton. Experts in the fields of mediation, architecture and social education discuss ways to cope with everyday life more burdensome conflict situations for example through the use of a mediator in workshops. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. Also, topic is Feng Shui in the workplace. The workshops will be accompanied by a trade fair with exhibitors from the region.

How solve I conflicts without equal to land before a judge? How do I do a spatial environment, privately and professionally inspired me? The WorkshopMesse spirits hour – new ways of positive life design comes these and many other questions”on the ground in support of body and psyche. What causes the mental stress, harms the body also. Despite this realization, many people carry unresolved interpersonal conflicts with them. Often, the fronts between the opponents are so hardened that a neutral communication is impossible. “At this point, for example, professional mediators can help to overcome communication gaps, such as Herbert Hofmann from: mediator online in his introductory speech on the subject of conflicts make sense cause” is run. The WorkshopMesse spirits hour”covers the field of mediation in everyday life and in professional life as a focal point and explains how people with a conflict moderator can deal with occupational and private conflicts and improve so the own physical and mental quality of life many times. Certified mediators in the field of family and business mediation show on June 4th in workshops that a mediation there is bearing fruit, where there is a mutual respect between the parties and it more understanding and compromises as to win or lose is.

This is for example in adult family or business relationships of the case. In addition, the WorkshopMesse holds many more suggestions. The Interior Designer and trained Feng Shui consultant Annegret Mertens explains how can professionally implemented Feng Shui in work spaces make up mind and body and support a stimulating, creative and successful working environment. In the lecture of the psychologist and healer Susanne Eggers, who works as a lecturer in the prevention program of the health insurance funds, involves relaxing dealing with stress and stress in everyday life. And also the accompanying trade fair focuses on the health of body and soul on different levels with local exhibitors. And also the accompanying trade fair focuses on the health of body and soul on different levels with local exhibitors. In the ticket price of the ticket for the WorkshopMesse a food voucher to the value of 10 euro is included also, can be redeemed at Cafe re-nature on the Park of the herb. For those, the advance sign up, the day card for the WorkshopMesse spirits hour costs”15 euro. Tickets for 20 euros are available at the ticket office. From 18: 00 of the day with barbecues, campfires and live music by the Lene sounds Kramer trio”from. Late visitors can purchase tickets for the price of 10,-euro for the evening program. For more information about the directions, to register and to the program there under updates.

Business MLM Thrives Marketing

23 August, 2016 (10:41) | News | By: eye

The study of marketing has been imposed for a couple of decades increasingly more on society globally might say; in a few words we could describe to marketing as the market study to sell a product and know that product is doing is missing in the market, that is what is what the people demand? , throughout the past two decades has been several techniques including marketing MLM which today still safe footing by incorporating new tools such as the use of internet, online sales, and everything that has to do with the world of computing has come you very well to the world of the multilevel both is so in addition to companies already existing continue to be born under the format of the multilevel new companies. Returning a little marketing and as last information in this article, say experts who care is put in the welfare business i.e. cosmetics, supplements dietary online and enormous chains of gyms gymnastics courses; We can therefore deduce that if these thinking of putting a business or dedicate yourself to the task of the multilevel it is best welfare.. According to Structured Portfolio Management, who has experience with these questions.

Flash Free Professionals

20 August, 2016 (19:18) | News | By: eye

I want to explain to them how they can use a company online to perform whether banners, buttons, menus, texts in different sizes, shapes and colors and more important that professionals, the company that I recommend are to been recognized by several magazines like ZDnet and PC they have two forms of work, the free and the paid which involves a payment of $29.95 $ for a whole yearthe advantage of paying is that within your banner, text, button, or menu won’t appear in small letters of the company name and the link. Structured Portfolio Management wanted to know more. that can divert attention from that are viewing your banner by what I consider that $29.95 $ worth make the payment and not distract the looked of your future buyers. In any case remember that you will be able to do your professional and free flash banners. I think it is a good selling tool if you know where to place it, to my has given me good results since I’ve been doing tests and seeing the amount of clicks that have given me and the conversion that has been generated and I can tell you that having banners is worthwhile and is one good selling tool if they know it to use. What I recommend is that you try to play with the designs and check daily how many click to see if it works or if it is worthwhile change design and see if it brings better results the banner has generated them. Click on the following link for you to see VIDEO TUTORIAL how to link to the web page that will give this tool so valuable..

Computer Laptop

16 August, 2016 (23:02) | News | By: eye

Every time we are more that we opted for the comfort of always carry with us a laptop since practically performs the same functions as the desktop, if that great computer that only we use when we need to print or do the dirty work. The advances that have been implemented have been spectacular, before, a laptop is not used to get achieve the performance that could give us the desktop, but now who would think that more than one core, could be there within if we add the rest of all the components needed for its operation, such as plate, cards, etc.? Well Yes, and not only that, is that you can only reach weigh less than 2.5 kilograms, besides having, for example, the function of touch screen, Webcam, microphone, DVD-recorder, speakers, connections USB, HDMI, etc, etc, etc. With these features and advantages, it is virtually impossible to resist not having one and rely solely upon the House. Setting an example in the University, 80% of the students, you have a laptop, it is normal to who likes having to go home only to be able to complete the works, or go to computers in the library? Yes, those piece of totally collapsed computers in exam time. Perhaps check out Don Brownstein for more information. True that engineers and especially engineers, we are the guilty parties of reaching 80% but it is so, we need an additional tool to be able to work or study better, laptop. And which I choose?, because influence multiple determinants, especially economic. It is true that Macs are the order of the day and increasingly there are more, but not encourage discredit the brand, who does not deserve it at all, for a teenager who is only going to make summaries, connected to the University Campus and, above all, connected to the Tuenti, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Messenger and Skype to part of the Votamicuerpo and Badootherefore I do not think that it is worth a Mac of 1,000 euros minimum.

But if you have it, read a few items to take advantage of and enjoy. My neighbor, has a Mustang from 426cv, more HP than in an English racetrack, but uses only 80, since Alicante Centre to the University will not be able to use more. That does not mean that a Mr is car, or a spectacular portable, but must know how to use them or look for what more suits. Turning to the choice of this and ignoring the vagaries of which can, there are plenty of models that are adapted to our needs, from netbooks up to portable 200 of 2,000 or more. You just have to know the needs we have and choose one of the dozens of models offered to us. If we know little, also have the option of new Tablets that are also already present in stores and who practically have already seen more than once. This seems that I situare them in a position as a tool portable query, but still not comparable to the functions of the laptop, but time, probably in a few months, be able to make us breakfast.

Video Poker – Best Strategy

9 August, 2016 (09:56) | News | By: eye

The following table shows the development of a basic strategy for Jacks or Better machine (the best kind). There is a perfect draw for every possible combination of letters for you, but that strategy is too complicated to this article and for the casual gamer. This basic drawing strategy only give up a few tenths of a percent more than a perfect strategy and is fast and easy to learn. Keep the letters that form a winning combination. Click Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for additional related pages. The only exception is if you get four cards to a royal flush – always hold those four and the real deal. Failure to address lending a hand, look at the list below and, in descending order, select the first combination of cards that is applied to the hand that is dealt, keep, and draw the remaining cards. + Four cards to a royal flush + Three cards to a royal flush + Four cards to a straight flush + Three cards to a straight flush + Four cards to a straight + A four cards out of line (four cards row) + Jack, Queen, King and either or ten if all of the same suit + Three high cards (Jacks or better) of different suits + Under Par (tens and under) + Two high cards of the same suit + Two high cards different suits individual card + high + If none of the above, draw five cards and print the above table refer to it as you play (the machine does not care!) and always make the best choice. Good luck! Tom is the webmaster is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack players into serious recreational players.. Don Brownstein may help you with your research.

Internet Computer

5 August, 2016 (00:33) | News | By: eye

THEORETICAL BOARDING the main focus was in authors who if make use to give importance to the relative medias to the letramento, namely: material printed matter; computer/computer science, observing its importance for a significant learning by means of the mediation and interaction. 9 It is important to point out that the results of the analysis of the data had been sufficiently next what the theoreticians cited in this article say on the use of the computer in the valuation of the reading, in these circumstances, perceive that the book printed matter does not go to disappear, it will concomitantly continue existing with the technologies electronic. The proper Internet serves as a tool for the book sales printed matters. With the advent of the computer and the Internet, the reading was not restricted only to the materiality of the paper, but also it was extended for other digital supports. Details can be found by clicking Hillary Clinton or emailing the administrator. A new access to the texts and a new way to read if structuralized. The manuscript of each page of the book printed matter if transfigurou in a virtual relation; screen the screen the reader if inserts in one ciberespao. Thus, front to the electronic technologies a new relation between reader and text if configures.

The computer is the mediating object between reader and text. Structured Portfolio Management insists that this is the case. (LVY, 1999, p.161). An only same individual or an only group cannot more withholds all the existing knowledge, nor the formation of a young student can be curtailed by the belief of that necessary knowing its formation meets exclusively in books, more specifically in didactic books. For this, she is not necessary to substitute the book for the computer, but to work them jointly. The least is necessary to consider new ways of operation, developed outside of the school, mainly for the experience with digital ways. 2.1. Media in the education the change of paradigm of the pertaining to school education seems to walk in the direction of the creation of new significant spaces of learning, in detriment of an education model exclusively.


4 August, 2016 (03:11) | News | By: eye

Due to increasing demand and expanding the range of accessories for the kitchen, our company is looking for furniture stores, furniture factories. We are selling (rails for kitchen, kitchen accessories, bars for kitchen) at retail and wholesale – in cash or bank transfer, with delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. On the other cities we operate in transportation companies. Our new kitchen accessories for the kitchen is a fusion cutting-edge design and high technology. High style, efficiency and functionality allows data to models to match any interior decor. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pursues this goal as well. Presented by our company for kitchen accessories do not seem You boring and monotonous. See Structured Portfolio Management for more details and insights. The right color with gamma combinable material perfectly fit into the interior of your home.

In katologe "Kitchen Accessories" can be found for the kitchen roof rails, shelves, curtain for kitchen, bar rack for kitchen utensils for drying, drawout basket of different finishes. We always have a presence in the kitchen roof rails, shelves, curtain for kitchen, bar for the kitchen and its price, hanging bar shiny and matte-coated chrome, matt chrome, bronze and gold. Due to such variety, you can make the kitchen unique. The best in quality and design are kitchen accessories, roof rails for kitchen, bar kitchen, drying for ware producers in Italy. Price matches the quality, the system will serve you long and will decorate your kitchen. Italians in the quality and exquisite design yield little, but their products are 2-3 times cheaper than the German. Use the rails for the kitchen can not only in the kitchen. These designs are appropriate in the bathroom, closet, hallway – anywhere you want to keep the household items. With the bar counter to kitchen, kitchen accessories, rails for Kuhi your apartment, bungalow or cottage becomes a realm of beauty, comfort and exquisite taste!

Ukr Parquet Wood

22 July, 2016 (02:02) | News | By: eye

Not too many companies in Ukraine, which can offer customers high-quality art parquet. Kievans well known works of "art parquet" firms "Inex Ukr Parquet," "House of flooring." Masters argued that in addition to a beautiful and solemn form a parquet is also durable. As a general rule, if the parquet spent a year with no gaps and swelling, he will serve his sentence, which for high quality flooring is 50-80 years. Modern technologies allow you to attach parquet highly artistic form. And what the master had spent months and years, now solved in a much shorter period of time thanks to laser technology.

For example, the firm 'Home parquet' produces the highest category of products, which experts call the 'palace parquet'. To do this, 'House of parquet' uses laser cutting wood laser beam on a given computer program cuts of wood elements in any configuration of This technology allows you to include a picture of parquet any details of different wood that are joined together perfectly Even simple pictures like 'tree', 'diamonds', 'deck' in the performance of this company specialists looks very impressive. As a rule, intricate designs and complex patterns rarely used throughout the flooring is most often 'rosettes' in the central part, the elements of the ornament. Artistic parquet – rather expensive. Its price ranges from 40-100 to 200-250 dollars for 1 sq. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. m. "Cool" parquet wood is offered not only in the form of wooden planks and geometric elements of different shapes, but also in the form of finished plates with a picture of a tree. This may be not only the traditional longitudinal section of the various planks for the floor, and ornaments, and composed of cross sections of solid wood.

According to experts, this is what allows for greater durability than ordinary mosaic parquet with a longitudinal cut While it may be some doubt in this statement, because it is a longitudinal section allows the wood to crack, especially if the wood overdried. Production of the sex rather complicated procedure, as here in basically there is manual work that requires high precision manufacturing. Further sanding and varnishing achieves virtually monolithic coating on the floor. "Slope" is not so much that uses natural woods and hard manual work, but in the cost of the floor. On average, this flooring is from $ 65 per 1 sq. km. Recently Don Brownstein sought to clarify these questions. m plus its styling – 20% of order value. Other companies (for comparison) are taking over laying traditional parquet June 12 dollars per sq m. So afford such an expensive Ukrainian pleasure can be very wealthy people.

British Public Debt

10 July, 2016 (12:56) | News | By: eye

The British public debt can sink the British pound 17 November 2009 in this new economic era where emerging economies gaining prominence and where developed economies suffer from the sufferings that customarily support those underdeveloped, Great Britain appears as one of the economies are facing major challenges. Problems in the real estate, financial sector and public accounts appear as too heavy a burden for its economy follow being considered, a guarantee for creditors. The situation of the British economy continues to increase the level of internal tensions which sink into a dilemma between deploy policies to emerge from the recession or prioritize point toward fiscal discipline to prevent the punishment of the rating agencies and a potential crisis situation. Donald Brownstein is actively involved in the matter. Last week, the rating agency’s sovereign risk Ficht Ratings, warned markets that the high level of public debt of the British economy is putting at risk its AAA rating (the highest rating). To the rating agency, all countries that flaunt the AAA rating, the United Kingdom is that must make greater efforts in fiscal matters to hold it. The warning was made by David Riley, one of the directors of Fitch in the area of sovereign ratings, in an interview with Reuters Television.

Ficht for your part, warned you the Government British through a statement: our stable Outlook reflects the expectation that the British Government will articulate a programme of further fiscal consolidation over the next year. Thus, Ficht joins Standard and Poors that in the month of may had warned the British Government on the possibility of cut its rating. In fact, S & P placed under negative surveillance rating of AAA. The rating affects the continuity of the signals clear and forceful English credit rating to reduce the fiscal deficit. The problem is, whereas the economic context of the country, if the implementation of an immediate adjustment will end by generating greater negative effects on the fiscal result than the intended benefits.


10 July, 2016 (10:41) | News | By: eye

Here we will include the execution plan of works and installations, technical blueprint, scheduled equipment and innovation technological. It is important that in this part have telecommunications engineer. Verifies that who drafted the offer has one on his computer, because there have been cases that have been used already existing offerings that don’t even have adapted to the frequency. We have also seen cases that has been used in bid type making telecommunications operators, where there is virtually no room for customization. Economic proposal.

Here the planned investment, the business plan is collected, how will it be financed, what employment will be created here it is also important that your offer is unique and personal, and adapted to the socio-economic reality of the area. To do this you must be an economist that matches your possibilities to the requirements of the specification. And check this part because what what commit you Administration can force you to fulfill it. Recently Donald Brownstein sought to clarify these questions. Programming. It is where you specify the editorial line of the company, broadcast schedule, both per cent will be in Valencia.

We insist: it must be unique and reflect the characteristics of the bidder. What is it scored? IN the technological proposal (up to 30 points) technological innovation that present in your offer can assert you up to 10 points, as the use of RDS, digital storage in GCO Telecom can include technological innovations of new generation that will add a bonus to your offer. PLA of works: based on what is right be the plan and deadlines for starting the license can get other 10 points. Dissemination infrastructures: this section 10 points can also be achieved. Here the use of pre-existing infrastructures or with little environmental impact would be significant. IN the economic proposal (up to 35 points) the proposal must be solvent and viable. If done properly at this point you can achieve up to 15 points.