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Visualizing the Micro World Today

Posted on January 17, 2011 in General

The wedding of high tech electronic devices with the science of optics has produced remarkable results in the field of visualizing and manipulating the microscopic world. Some of the products which have resulted from this partnership are full high-definition digital microscopic cameras; ergonomic visualization imaging systems for whole animal micro dissection and experimental microsurgery and a lot more.

Without these amazing tools microsurgery, which is on the rise, helping thousands of people around the world would not be possible. Some of the procedures made possible by this technology are the re-attachment of severed limbs, such as fingers, toes, and even hands. Re-attachment of limbs requires the suturing of tiny blood vessels and nerves in order to achieve movement, sensation and blood flow into the previously severed limb. Expect more breakthroughs on the way as the technology develops not only to enhance the ability to view tiny biological systems, but also the ability to manipulate those systems with high-tech tools.

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Installs Tv Online

Posted on August 21, 2019 in News

Are you can educate current technological media, television, internet, computer, TV online? Since I was studying at the Basic, the book ranked first as one of the tools most important so that we could learn today this is not the case. Now seeking knowledge about current technological tools example TV today, I realize that not only ordinary people has resisted the technological changes of teachings, without going any further, the same Plato claimed that the book was going to transform men into less intelligent, because his thinking was not already in his head, but in the sheets of the books. Therefore, the man would have a memory weaker, by trust in the comfort of that medium. Source Financials opinions are not widely known. Currently, these objections are you media such as computer, TV, TV online, internet and others. The school has always been considered as the driving force in the development of man in this society, the largest tool book and the teacher who recommends this, to learn an infinite number of topics. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shines more light on the discussion.

To school today make it difficult to compete with television and the internet. . We can compare the number of hours kids spend in front of the screen on the TV and the computer with the time that spend in going to class and studying. The school is in a disadvantageous position. As we move forward? I believe that our teachings institutions must recognize these two big technological impacts and more that focus in criticism in a negative way as Plato did, they have to be added to it highlighting the positive things and how we can get great results with this technology.

That does not mean forgetting of books more well to complement all these tools. We have the responsibility to stimulate the creativity of the students. You must teach to create and not stay only with what is received from outside or by the books, nor by TV, or by internet. Learn to create with these tools, teach, educate to grow making sure that our students of these technologies grow straight and without deviating or suffer an inclination in its formation. So came the moment that let them them start their own free way, we have to remember that each era is different but the words on how to teach do not pass over time and do not change with current technology.


Analysis Of Usb Sticks

Posted on August 15, 2019 in News

USB is an interface plug & play between PC and certain devices such as keyboards, mouse, printers, modems, plates of sound, digital cameras, etc., which in the past were connected differently for example through ports serial or parallel, which require different drivers to operate and were many slower in what transfer rate refers. This interface is also widely used in data storage devices as they can be the USB memory or as a safety device so that our PC is locked and not be able to access our information such as USB keys we can name several benefits of Usb port: 1 one of the most important features is that allows devices to work at speeds on average to about 12 Mbpswhich is more or less 3 to 5 times faster than a device of parallel port and 25 to 40 times faster than a serial port device. 2 Has a more simple connection, since it has only one type of cable, by the tantopracticamente not errors shall be recorded at the time of install printer, camera, or even a storage device such as a flash drive, because there is only one type of cable (a-b USA) with different at each end connectors, so it is impossible to connect it wrongly. 3 Is cross-platform, it can be used both in different operating systems such as Windows, Linux or OS2 and different hardware as a PC or MAC platforms. This benefits significantly to compatibility, since eliminating the risks in offers a range of products, enabling the creation of innovative PC combinations, manufacturers software and peripherals that meet the needs of specific market segments. Additional information is available at Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Remember that in the past, each device had a different port, the printer parallel port, serial port mouse, as well as also the keyboard used different port called ps/2.

4 Is Plug and Play, that is when we connect a printer or scanner via the USB interface, is not necessary to shut down the computer so that the new hardware is detected as the system automatically recognizes the connected device and installs the appropriate drivers, which allows it to be Hot Pluggable, it is saying that the user can connect and disconnect USB devices as often as you want without having to turn off and turn on the machine. 5 Is of great benefit for people with less experience in the world of computing, and to connect certain devices such as for example a network or a modem, plate years ago they had to if or if recourse to open the CPU to install the device, all this is much more easy and simple because now these devices are connected externally via USB. 6. USB technology allows connections in operation, so that users can easily incorporate a printer and when they need it, in USB, it is possible to connect up to 127 devices to our computer. In the photo we see a device to expand the connection for devices quantity.I say goodbye leaving so they visit a page which has many interesting utilities for USB devices and in particular want to recommend a totally free to be able to test the speed of your USB and can scan if the USB memory. Original author and source of the article


Choosing A Computer Desk

Posted on August 13, 2019 in News

How to choose a computer desk arvutilaud home? Computer Desk arvutilaud home requires combining all the functions table toolid, shelves for books riiul and tables in one. Acquired computer can be placed anywhere in a corner in the kitchen or at the simple table. After some time spent behind the monitor, you notice that your eyes get tired, neck, back and legs prevented. Pens, books, notebooks and hinder the work lie anywhere. Prevents standing next to a printer, a scanner, anywhere does not fit. A great time at the computer carry children. And then to think about their beduyuschem. We need a computer desk arvutilaud Modern computer desks arvutilauad occupy a minimum space, you can put them where you convenient.

Table together all necessary to work with your stuff. Only need to choose a suitable model. In the online stores a huge number of variants of models of computer desks arvutilauad. Start by measuring the size of the free space, measure all possible dimensions. And let the journey on the internet in search of a computer table arvutilaud.

For model selection is very important to mix it with the interior of your furniture in a room the size of your printer and scanner, and the same opportunity to wire up to the table toolid. Determine your comfortable corner computer desk arvutilaud or simple. Choosing a corner table arvutilaud, remember that it saves space. Be sure to choose a model with roll-out stand for keyboard. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts may also support this cause. Find a way to install additional lighting. Make sure you have attachment for table lamps, as the absence of light adversely affect your eyesight. In the production of computer tables used a variety of materials: wood, particle board, and their analogues, glass, metal and plastic. The main part of the table arvutilaud a tabletop. The most common material for countertops and shelves – Particleboard and mdf. Usually they are coated polymer, laminate or melamine, which gives the basis of water repellency and increase its practicality. Cover tables can be made also from solid laminated board. Edge of the table, for more durability, paste over a strip of pvc. If the table is made of particleboard, it is necessary to check whether the edges are processed, so they do not release hazardous to humans of formaldehyde. Size of table top should be sufficient to table arvutilauad was possible to write. The height of countertops from the floor must be between 68cm to 76cm. Correct distance from the eye to monitor saves your eyesight, the distance to the eye must be at least 30-40 cm of human sitting at a Glance Your computer must be directed downwards. Conveniently, if the monitor will be located right on the countertop without additional shelves. In this case, the monitor if necessary can be easily set aside. Now there are new Options tables arvutilauad, where the monitor is located on a separate shelf, which can take any angle. Located conveniently peripherals. You must not interfere with printer and scanner work. Set beside the phone and You will not run at every call to the phone. Most shops provided free delivery of computer desks arvutilauad els 14 to the client. The use of high technology in the production of tables, good design, quality materials requires money. You buy a computer desk arvutilaud primarily for easy use and not for the interior and include responsibility for this choice



Innovative Medicines

Posted on August 8, 2019 in News

Based on the concept of traditional medicine this is the complete sum of knowledge, techniques and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences of different cultures and used to maintain health and prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical or mental disorders. (WHO) The above improved significantly with the application of the scientific method which achieves demonstrate operation and finds mechanisms of action, reliable and reproducible. The scientific medicine in the 20th century developed exponentially always based on evidence, making a contribution to humanity, to discover and develop new drugs coming mainly from plants or even synthetic, which allowed to reduce various diseases. Its development along with other branches such as biotechnology and nanotechnology, have made significant progress but quite sophisticated and expensive. Alternative medicine has really been present since traditional medicine and referring to different practices to the conventional which has also evolved from their religious, magical or superstitious, considerations that have changed to traditional practices, rediscoveries scientific, metaphysical, and scientific with extracts of plants and not pure assets, that are carried out in different cultures and with globalization are shared and are modified or adapted to other cultures, which have been tested with different approaches to the scientist and who demonstrate with trial and error, or derived from scientific coincidences that are effective without being sure of a logical explanation. Today we can say that alternative medicine is used in 75% of the population worldwide and that 40% of the components used in medicine scientific are of natural origin. Exieten countries such as China where the medicine allopathic cannot reach the bulk of the population and need to heal various ailments still resting in the traditional and alternative medicine. Mean that paradigms of classical theories are broken that has allowed experiment and Discover new ways of doing things. For example if a drug was developed over 10 years, it was assumed from research laboratories, bibliographical research, scientific tests of laboratory prototypes, formulations, analytical methods, pilot batches, stabilities, backrest, biochemical studies, patents, registration, industrial transfers, production, sale and marketing, the result was obviously an extremely expensive drug, given that the laboratories had to collect all of your investment from research to commercialization.


Elite European Sports

Posted on August 5, 2019 in News

In the northern part of the Minsk region near the city remained Logoisk amazing piece of nature: picturesque hills, fields and meadows, surrounded on all sides by forests, make a lasting impression. Properly combining the natural landscape and modern technology, able to create a unique sports and fitness complex in Belarus. Logoisk – ski sports complex in their characteristics is not inferior Elite European resorts. The complex was built for fans of snowboarding and skiing. The complex consists of four lighted trails and chairlift. Experienced instructors will always help and prompt rules behavior on the track and on the academic side. All necessary equipment can be rented on site.

Also in the infrastructure of the complex includes a sauna, swimming pools, massage rooms, showers, locker room. A special pride of the complex – it Of course, tennis courts. You can hold competitions and sparring play at any level throughout the year, as the courts are covered. Ski sports complex "Logoisk" will bring you the brightest Positive emotions help to relax after a hard day or week. Andrew Karaite


Project TWT

Posted on August 4, 2019 in News

Career at TWT: trainee project management Dusseldorf, October 23, 2012 early October launched the TWT trainee programme for young digital professionals. This year, eight good heads for the trainee program could qualify. At the end of the traineeship, a trainee project is realized together in which all learned skills are demonstrated. TWT performs very successfully the trainee program for the 3rd time. It is an integral part of the TWT’s own Academy and of the TWT of training and continuing education program for young professionals. The trainees of the Dusseldorf full service Internet Agency will receive a comprehensive qualification in all Komptetenzfeldern of project management and digital communications within 12 months. The aim of the training is to develop of the participants to the junior project manager.

So far the results have been very good and it all trainees in a long-term employment relationship were taken over and now make a career at TWT. It is very important to convey all relevant competencies, our trainees us the she in the Project management and in the customer service of a digital agency need. Universities and secondary schools do not have unfortunately these tasks. Therefore we opted for TWT, to do it yourself, to invest in young talent and to expand the education and training program of the TWT Academy”explains Hans j Even, Managing Director of TWT interactive. “We show up very good prospects, the staff likes to get involved and have fun doing it, to use their career opportunities at TWT” Hans J. Even added. Digital know-how and training on the job of the trainee programme is modular and contains different qualification elements of process management of training on the job until going to trade know-how of all digital services.

About the content offering is also constantly to current topics. But not only specialist knowledge is imparted, but also soft skills such as presentation techniques, customer communication and time management. The trainee program is on the special requirements of TWT and our Service portfolio tailored to. Over the term of the facility, our trainees get a personal mentor on the page that supports them in all matters and accompanied. “, Hans J. Even so. With a mentor on the side of the mentor principle has been proven and continuous feedback processes, enabling the coaching to the individual needs of each trainees can be adjusted. In regular mentoring meetings can then turned to the corresponding screws, be knowledge built up and exchanged experiences. For more information see PropertyNest. In all TWT business sites & brands, eCommerce, CMS & portals, business solutions and online marketing are trained every year qualified trainees who take responsibility and get involved in online projects and digital strategies of leading companies and corporations.


Security Codes

Posted on August 3, 2019 in News

From September 29 to October 1, 2009 in Moscow will host the largest exhibition of Information Security Infosecurity Russia 2009, participation in which traditionally takes a group of companies InformZaschita. At this year's booth 1-701 (Pavilion 7) integrator InformZaschita submit a comprehensive service for the protection of personal data protection of virtual infrastructure, outsourcing of information security, identity management, access and rights users of information security incidents, information security risk and services within the PCI Compliance. The company "Security Code", a member of a group of companies InformZaschita, provide innovative tools protection of information developed in accordance with the requirements of legislation aimed at protecting personal data. Specialists Group InformZaschita will read the reports: – Threat to corporate network – Security virtual infrastructure – Protection from DDoS-attacks – Protection of Personal Data – Comprehensive protection from unauthorized access – Incident Management and PCI DSS, etc. A detailed Program presentations at the booth can be found on the websites of companies InformZaschita "and" security code ". The exhibition is traditionally held a conference in which appear the most authoritative experts and analysts in the field of information security, including experts from the group of companies InformZaschita. Michelle Smith Divorce insists that this is the case. This year Michael Yemelyannikov, Director of Business Development InformZaschita, will hold two roundtable discussions "The Internet as a field of competitive battles" and "Security in Virtual Environments: Technology software. Michelle Smith Divorce may also support this cause.

Why traditional media is not enough. " CEO of "security code" Alexander Shirmanov announced Bid on new products, "Lions and Gladiators" a new software product Security Code TrustAccess, designed to protect against unauthorized access to network resources information system. In addition, our specialists will participate in the 4-PEX round tables: – The Internet as a field of competitive battles – Building and maintaining business continuity in the existing conditions. Information security as an element of continuity? – Current issue the introduction of PCI DSS; – Security in Virtual Environments: Technology software. Why traditional media is not enough. A detailed program of presentations at the conference is available at companies InformZaschita "and" Code security ". The exhibition Infosecurity Russia 2009 will take place September 29 to October 1, 2009 in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya.


Competent Person Lighting Profession For The Testing Of Security Lighting

Posted on August 3, 2019 in News

HDT-trade event dedicated to an event this very interesting topic on the May 27, 2008 in Essen the Haus der Technik in Essen on the May 27, 2008 in Essen. Staff persons are trained during this one-day training seminar to internally check security lighting on their safety. The formation of a technical advance or a prolonged use in the technical area is required for participation. In the one-day seminar of the knowledgeable participants in addition to the legal basis meets the basics for security lighting. Definitions and criteria are described as well such as servicing, maintenance and control measures. Also discusses typical problems and the required documentation.

Learn the tasks, rights and obligations of a competent person continue. Source Financial: the source for more info. The training contents are based on the current rules and standards and practical outlines of a security engineer. Management seminar designed Mr. Dipl.-ing. Manfred Liebscher, Ingenieurburo Voss-partner for work safety, fire, radiation and environmental protection, Salzgitter. The seminar is aimed at: corporate executives, (prospective) responsible persons, employees, maintenance, maintenance, control or audit work perform, electricians, work safety, specialists interested persons. A repeat appointment will be the September 25, 2008.


New Buildings Have Become More Expensive

Posted on July 31, 2019 in News

MyHammer.de ensures benefits from the construction of the home new buildings have become more expensive. So, the Statistical Office in Wiesbaden reported that the costs have risen at an annual average of 6.5% 2007. This is the highest increase since 1991. Especially the areas heating installation as well as electrical, gas and water plumbing were considerably more expensive. The desire for a new home is however as large as before.

I’m glad that there are opportunities for resourceful new owners to save costs. In the above, whose trades, costs can be reduced sharply. This allows MyHammer.de, Germany’s biggest online portal for trade and service contracts. Here, future home residents will find artisans who make their wishes come good and cheap. Also plumbers, electricians and bricklayers offer their services on the Internet platform. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michelle Smith Source Financial is the place to go.

So, it works with the dream of the House. And all at a reasonable cost. About MY-HAMMER AG: MyHammer.de is with over 25,000 daily running Orders the number one among online platforms for trades jobs and services in Germany. MyHammer.de represents the largest private order book of in Germany for trades jobs and services. The spectrum ranges from complete construction over repairs and apartment renovations to care and teaching. When MyHammer.de, customers can set orders for free. Tradesmen and service providers bid well calculated to obtain the contract. MyHammer.de enables private clients, carry out tenders.


Heating With Wood Is Garden & Home Factory

Posted on July 29, 2019 in News

Who wants to burn wood, but always should ensure the necessary supply. Higher energy costs have caused many homeowners not only in the past few years to modernise their heating system, but also to keep looking for alternatives. Please visit Startapp if you seek more information. In addition to solar energy and geothermal energy, reflect many of the oldest fuel of humanity and again heat with wood. Fireplace or stove, through the use of wood you can not only save, but brings also a cosy atmosphere in the House. Who wants to burn wood, but always should ensure the necessary supply. Because: The longer wood is deposited, the fuel has less moisture and its calorific value is the greater. So it makes sense to buy already cured firewood or, if enough space is available to store it in the garden. Where: the smaller the wood format, the faster the drying process is complete.

Even one or several trees in the garden who, which must be cut down and processed wood. a professional should hire at least for the case work. Comfortably and quickly an expert for the desired work can be found on the craftsmen market MyHammer. Just describing what to do, any images with upload, wait for bids of interested professionals and award the contract. For even more opinions, read materials from Source Financial. Or one simply accepts his request after delivery of firewood the rubric ‘who provides cheaper’ an and here specifies what amount of which wood in what format he wants, and what he would like to maximum output for the wood supply.

The necessary stock is winter-ready for the next. About MY-HAMMER AG: MyHammer.de is the number one online platform for trades jobs and services in Germany with over 25,000 daily ongoing orders. MyHammer.de represents the largest private order book of in Germany for trades jobs and services. The spectrum ranges from complete construction over repairs and Apartment renovations to care and teaching. When MyHammer.de, customers can set orders for free. Tradesmen and service providers bid well calculated to obtain the contract. MyHammer.de enables private clients, carry out tenders. Clients save 30% or more on average. MyHammer.de assessment system, the customer can check the quality and reliability of contractors. The seat of MY-HAMMER AG is Neuss; the company has 40 employees.