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The First Step Toward Freelancing

Posted on November 17, 2018 in News

If you have lost their jobs or just tired of stupid leaders. If you believe that it is time to start working for yourself, it is time you become a freelancer. Who are also the freelancers? Freelancer – an employee who works remotely. In this kind of activity has its own advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side can be ranked no need to go to work every day at the office, listening to stupid suggestions leaders participate in office intrigues.

As for dignity, they are fairly conventional. For example, a minus or a plus is the lack of a permanent wage? Rather it is a plus, because in this case, you hope only for myself and generally become more demanding of itself, but it is a very good effect on your self-esteem. Following conditional negative – the lack of formal work experience, which in turn is displayed on your pension. But let's a sober look at the pensions of ordinary citizens who worked all his life, only for pensions, it is quite clear that this was not a significant loss. While working freelance, you can pretty safely invest their free money purchase pension and dividends are not bad. In order to begin to work remotely you will need a very strong desire to become independent and successful. Special programs for freelance help you in your work. On Today's most popular professions in freelancing are: optimizers, photographers, copywriters, translators, programmers, web designers, designers. And this list is not complete. Every job that performed remotely, certainly falls into this list.


SEO Pages

Posted on June 15, 2014 in News

PageRank (PR) – a measure that determines page rank, which in turn determines the position in the search results page of Google. The search engine Google – one of the most popular search engine, which causes a huge interest in it. Therefore, the question of increasing PageRank is becoming more popular. To learn how to improve it by making small changes to your site, you will learn from this article. Before you begin to increase PageRank, should at least broadly familiar with the way it is calculated. PageRank calculation algorithm is quite simple. All pages contained in the database, Google, assigned to the same minimum value of PageRank. On the pages there are links to other pages.

Each link gives part of the PR page to which it refers. One page may give only a certain percentage of their PR, so the fewer links, the PR will be more than those to whom it refers. If this is you do not understand, then explain it more accessible. Page 1 2,3,4,5 refers to the page. Page 1 of all can give PR = 4, ie Each page will get on PR = 1. And if the page will only refer to page 2, page 2 gets PR = 4.

Now, I think, you become clear algorithm for calculating PageRank. It is important to note the fact that the page does not give, and give PR. That is its PageRank will remain with her, even if it will refer to the 1000 sites. It can be concluded that PageRank is dependent on: the number of links per page (more – the better)-PageRank link to You page (more – better), the number of external links from the page that refers to you (more – is worse). Thus, the right to raise the PageRank of pages can be due to internal pages of your site. It is very easy. The site should be as much as possible the internal pages linking to the page, PageRank which you want to improve, but on the inside pages should have a minimum of other links. Such a method will help you raise the PageRank 4, for further growth will need external PR work on the site, which can learn in detail of the benefits of search engine optimization 'Top position 2' Source: search engine optimization


Internet Brain

Posted on March 2, 2014 in News

With this body we can find everything we need and get a pointer to a link to the necessary resources. Also, like the human body was originally created for the motion and study the surrounding world, and similar search engines originally programmed to explore the World Wide Web. Eyes: The eyes of the search engine are the so-called spiders (also referred to as robots or crawler). These most spiders are constantly browsing the Internet to search for new sites and monitor changes on an already indexed. In this case, the spiders 'crawl' on page of the site from its internal links (both ways), and similarly the man who on his way to see many roads its movement. Fortunately for us, crawlers move to fiber-optic wires, which is why they can surf the internet at light speed.

This is what allows them to visit all the Internet pages that caught in their path. Brain: The brain search engine performs the same function as the human brain: contains a set of functions for manipulating the body of his master. Also, the brain must have its own instinct, which needs to know about work and continuously monitor all the organs and systems. That's why the search engine can not do without it most of the brain that it helps to survive in this hostile world (even in something and virtual). Instinct: With instinct for the search engines have a set of key functions, such as browsing Web sites and filtering of data to be or not to index.



Internet Project

Posted on February 19, 2013 in News

The realities of our time are such that ignore such a sphere as the Internet can not. In addition, the Internet provides for the development of the project a huge opportunity. They only need to use it. In order to take advantage of Internet opportunities in the first place must have their own website. Sometime in the early days of Web-based knowledge on how to make a site was chosen destiny.

Fortunately, those days are long gone. The current state of the issue is that almost anyone who can read and use a computer, can build a functional and sophisticated website. You need only become familiar with any system content management (CMS). However, this approach has a hidden flaw. All the functional site will be limited to only those modules that can be found online for your CMS. And with the development of the project will be a question of necessarily using some special features to implement business ideas.

Of course, in this case, you can go to any Web-studio, which for a fee and the site for you and will be engaged in its development and support. It is only necessary to take into account that these web-based professionals are quite a lot of money. And if you use the cheaper services to students in a year you can be in a situation where, literally, "nalyapanny" code system, even the author himself will not be able to put in order. Therefore, cost-effective way to develop the project might look like this: in the initial stages, you can use ready-made solutions based on a popular free CMS; with just installing and running your project should begin to understand the basics of web technology that will enable as needed to make changes to an already running website, well, and when the project unwind, then you can safely share of income allocated for development of the site and enter into a contract with a web-studio, the more that knowledge of web technologies will be enough to determine how a professional studio works with the client. That also need to learn? HTML. He is a web-based. Virtually all browsers are designed for display of HTML. So his knowledge – this is the foundation that holds tightly to the castle site on their shoulders. CSS. Give elegance of the text, which is formed HTML codes allows CSS. Knowledge of HTML and CSS only opens the door to the construction of the remarkable static sites. There are a number of methods that allow you to make awesome websites only on the basis of HTML and CSS. JavScript. Embedded in the HTML page scripting language. With it, change the buttons begin to gracefully leave the menu and pictures appear with different effects. JavScript animates static Web pages and significantly expands the range of possible functions. PHP in conjunction with MySQL. It is best to explore them together. This allows you to make a bunch of sites with dynamic pages that will change their content depending on different conditions, and the data stored in the database on the server. User authentication, the creation of various forums, blogs and online stores – all this and more is available with PHP and MySQL. If you possess the listed items that will be available to almost any problem in web development. But even basic knowledge will be sufficient to modify the code CMS for your site, for an organization to function.



Photo Albums

Posted on June 25, 2012 in News

Take the situation: you and the employer comes to you to get a job man about whom nothing is known except to a labor records. There is a desire to get acquainted with a man closer to understanding whether or not it fits. Of personal communication course can be found a minimum of information and an idea, but need the facts. Or you met a pretty girl and you want to know if it does not occur to anyone? Some of the readers just say that supposedly easier to ask her, but suddenly she cheat 🙂 Today in runet giperpopulyarna social network VKontakte just lazy and do not have it in your page that hosts all the information about hobbies, interests, hobbies, occupations of the man. What am I, and to those that simply do not take advantage of the sin and not carry out its information intelligence. You must agree to the personal pages may emerge interesting facts and details. To find man enough to drive a VKontakte his name and in most cases you will find it.

But what if the person has decided to restrict access to its own page in the security settings? Namely, hid their custom photo albums, pages with video or audio, a page with a list of applications, notes, questions, groups, ratings, and presents. The following is a method that will help to lift this veil of secrecy. In order to 'split' profile, you need it identifier in the system. Calculate it easy, if you go to his page (where it displayed a message that the user chose to hide the information), then the address bar will change to 319 881 182 The numbers just is nothing like the id. Then take that number and substitute at the end of the list of addresses, URLs obtained paste into your browser: Photo Albums – Picture, which is marked – Videos – Videos that are marked – Audio – Applications – Wall – Notes – Questions – Groups – Rankings – Gifts – Of course not likely to be available all the information, but I think something that you still learn.


Web Site Promotion Prospects

Posted on July 12, 2011 in News

Probably have all the leaders of thought one way or another, and the most advanced – and has embodied this idea into practice, establishing a web-site of the business on the Internet. And any of them should know what is website promotion and why it is needed. AND this is very true! Where, as neither the Internet broke out following the battle of the Great Capitalist War of the Buyer? In the recently released blockbuster movie in theaters 'Surrogates' shows a future world where people do things for the robots. People just sit at home and supervise them. And it's not so fantastic as it may seem at first.

Progress on this and go. Who needs to be advertising in the subway and streets in such a case? She now has little interest to potential client, and sometimes annoys him. And then the promotion of web sites, in defiance of an expensive and inefficient as advertising in the media, will be released in leading positions in the list of methods to attract visitors. Indeed, even now daily the largest number of visitors to Web sites is comparable and sometimes exceeds, the number of people traveling on the subway. And they can see your colorful and interesting advertising.

And emerging from the avalanche rate system PPC advertising allows you to display it only with clear terms of people – in the city, age, gender, interests, etc. Cool, eh? But in addition to a fee and, therefore, still relatively expensive advertising has improved methods to find a buyer. Moreover, it is concerned, you, your product offering. The buyer himself will find you, well, yes? But how? But this need and promotion of your site. User visits the site search engine, type in the search term that interests him or offer goods and sees you. Everything is easy and perfect! Of course, this course of events there is no possibility of a certain game at a moment of weakness client when he entered the shop and – ah! – Notes marvelous teapot, even though he came for winter tires. Yet here is not so hopeless. With proper site design, placement of information on current promotions and uletnyh proposals seller can easily continue to manipulate the visitor motivations. In the wild it is modestly called supermarket merchandising)) This website promotion, when he is among the first in the list of issue search engine is also called search engine optimization. It is fairly cheap, and most importantly, is almost time for life – then you have to be only a small number of regular activities to keep your site on these initial positions. Promote it on the internet – you never will not miss that!