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Assessing the Number of Priority Activities

Posted on November 17, 2018 in News

they observed to meet the deadline, improvement projects, the motivation of teachers … There will be a small survey among the teachers involved. 2nd Assessment the project itself, taking into account the final results, the degree of participation of all members of the group, goals achieved, quality of work, etc. EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR INTEGRATED PROGRAMMES Assessment will be by objective criteria and subjective criteria, objective criteria in each of the planned integrated programs will be assessed:

a) Results on the needs assessment. b) Number of interviews c) Number of measurements or data obtained d) Number of participants in each of the activities e) Number of parents who have followed f) Number of teachers who actually participated g) Whether the proposed objectives consistent with the results h) Assess the number of priority activities i) Post by guest achievements j) Number of training activities undertaken by teachers k) Number of meetings with the coordinator of the program in general l) Number changes that have taken place in the program to get adapted to the students. m) Number of questions asked to understand the objectives of the project and to complete n) Check the sequencing of the program or) Check if it has been necessary to change the organization of schedule p) Check whether the program has met the established time q) Check if you have been necessary to change, modify or create activities r) To analyze the involvement of institutional bodies in our own program s) demonstrate the effectiveness of the program through observation scales or questionnaires between subjective criteria to evaluate each program will be established: a) Determine if a scale has met the expectations of students b) Interest shown by the students c) Checking up on teachers d) Check the satisfaction of the parents e) Check the satisfaction of people who want to carry out the Centre f) Test behavior and habits acquired g) Review the new requirements and check whether it meets the project objectives EXPERIENCES Within this project there have been several experiences that I to present two, both of which also have as main objective, the acquisition of healthy lifestyles, have common goals..


Learning Languages

Posted on November 6, 2018 in News

Is there a way to use the ubiquity of the Internet for learning the language? It has long been known that immersion in a foreign language environment seriously contributes to the growth of language skills. We are a young and energetic Russian company RapidSteps, offering his original decision – a social network for learning foreign languages. The main idea of our project is that each polzovavtel this network is able to surround yourself with people so as strongly motivated to learn a foreign language. In addition, we provide a number of different technical solutions for more intensive and aimed to improve their language skills. Our project RapidSteps.com provides a means for increasing vocabulary, communication users sharing knowledge, connecting the English language and cultural features of English-speaking countries. Site users have the opportunity to ask questions and receive timely satisfactory answers to the discussion in section discussions.

All communication is in English, which greatly increases the effect of immersion. (As opposed to Startapp). We also offer tools for beginners – any member of the debate can take advantage of built-in automatic translation. Section 'Blogs' is an extensive collection of materials on grammar, culture English-speaking countries, different ways of learning English. The rating system to evaluate the relevance of published material, increasing the visibility of different materials and reducing the visibility of low quality. You can also share their knowledge associated with learning English and to discuss the publication of other users.

It is known that vocabulary is a key indicator of the level of ownership language. For its completion, the site has provided a special section, which contains a small amount of thematic dictionaries. Dictionaries can be divided into two groups: professional and user. Dictionaries for the first type each word contains transcriptions, sound and image. Dictionaries of the second type are created by users to memorize words they need. Remembering facilitated 6-Tew built-in tools: Flash card Write the translation of words written word for translation, translation, variants of words and alphabetical soup. We are planning a major replenishment of these basic tools. In the user profile there is a possibility indicate the progress of the development of new words. RapidSteps.com is a unique project that provides funds to improve the speed and quality of foreign language learning, using the latest technology of remote learning. Joint study of foreign language support and interest in the subject high motivation in learning, which is a key aspect for the successful assimilation of foreign languages.

Translation Models

Posted on October 23, 2017 in News

This clarification of the contents of the original translator and the option of transfer. As a result, the transition from the original text to text translation, the translator often act intuitively. Translation theory tries to explain the patterns of action as an interpreter and, in fact there is a transition from the original to the text of the translation. In view of the impossibility of direct observation and research, the study of the translation process is indirectly, using various theoretical models describing the process of transferring the whole or any of his side. Many writers such as Peter Thiel offer more in-depth analysis. Conditional description of a series of mental operations, which are doing the translations of all original, or some part of it is a model of translation. Since the model does not necessarily reflect the actual translation of the interpreter in the process of creating the translated text, it is conditional. As a rule, Such models have limited explanatory power and does not claim that based on them can be realistically implemented a translation of any text with the necessary degree of equivalence.

Task models are only to describe a sequence of actions that can help you solve the translation problem for the given conditions of the translation process. Go to Doppler Labs for more information. Translation models reveal the individual aspects of the functioning of linguistic translation mechanism. Description of the translation process by means of theoretical models and a set of translation transformations does not set a goal of fully characterize the real actions of an interpreter. It only indicates to general linguistic features of the translation process, the nature of the relationship between text and translation in general and between the individual units of the texts, representing the relationship as a result of certain linguistic transformations. .


Language Courses And Jobs

Posted on October 10, 2017 in News

Language courses have become popular for a long time. Learning a language is prestigious, profitable fashion. But still, there are a number of more specific reasons for which people are recorded on the course. First language needed for the job, future career, kaernogo promotion or the device to work. Even if you are applying for a specialty not directly related languages, possession will be a huge advantage over other candidates for the same position.

Also, foreign language courses will be useful salesperson, even if you're selling software or hydraulic pumps, you will need knowledge of the language that would enter the international market and to cooperate with foreign companies, which pay higher than domestic ones. Another reason for attending courses, too, is work, but abroad. It is no secret that in our country, particularly in regions difficult to find work and many looking schatya abroad. Even in such specialties as: pomshnik chef, handyman, builder, deliveryman goods required language. No one will make the pass a written exam or to improve pronunciation, but Spoken should be at a high level, otherwise the chances of finding work considerably umenshaeyutsya. In most cases, the earnings go to the EU, so this makes sense to attend courses in German or English, as in other countries these languages are also understood. And another reason is a hobby.

Many people want to learn a language for themselves. They do not associate it in any way with a career, do not want to earn or be employed by foreign languages. They just interesting to speak the language, to learn more about life, mentality and culture of another people. In such cases, the preferred rare languages or even Latin. Great popularity among the fans enjoy Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. In addition, given the trend towards globalization of our world, we deal with many foreigners via Skype, or on social networks. Foreign language is becoming part of our lives and we do not find udevitelnogo nothing in his study or in the possession of them.


Internet World Wide Web

Posted on December 15, 2014 in News

The reality of contemporary anyone these days still quite versatile. Mainly this is due to those norms, in fact that almost any explicitly makes certain those around him personally living conditions. Availability of new technologies, revision of earlier versions, and their corresponding implementation, all this is done in order to improve the lot made necessary by the people of any products. On Today it is no secret that our planet is not capable of so many natural resources, which she immediately available, feed a growing world population. And because a large number of people on earth work working to different areas of agriculture could produce the necessary variety of needed products. Relatively recently, the new term in real life, namely biotechnology. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. Definitely it is on biotechnology, most scientists of the planet put the appropriate expectations, specifically as biased toward a variety of products.

At the same time it should be mentioned that during the formative years of the concept of biotechnology, it is in greatly expanded and penetrated with the various spheres of life support. Recently, the Biotechnology is not solely products of all kinds, or let's say for example biofuels as a substitute for the usual direct source of any energy, but also genetic engineering, which is working on those to create new variants of plants, including new breeds of animals. In addition to displays all sorts of microorganisms, which today are used everywhere in medicine and certainly in the food industry. Definitely that was actually more clearly defined with the definition of what is Biotechnology has developed a substantial number of books and special directories. In addition, no small part of background information can be find in the Internet World Wide Web. But, in a very large burn, comprehensive background information on this topic on the Internet, to find still quite problematic, and the need to find often have to spend considerable time. With that, a huge number of articles and auxiliary literature on biotechnology, laid out in the global network in English.

Instead it should be said that a good primary source of data on the topic of biotechnology, it will be a dictionary of biotechnology. Is directly the most thorough collection, it will not make difficulties to find the right terms of genetics. This glossary of biotechnology for the production of food but other than that, and Agriculture compiled by a group of authors, would be a good reference tool specifically for researchers, students in universities and of course all sorts of technical experts, which is directly in some way in their own work related to the theme of biotechnology. This handbook really no effort to find a global network, turning on a thematic Web site on which no problem if it is necessary to revise the vocabulary of concepts Genetics. Now you do not need to spend no little time in order to find in the web of the Internet what a correct concept of the above topics. It only takes, in general, any available time for yourself, go to an information website and found it absolutely all interested in any sort of information that should be allocated, there is a fully bezoplaty.




Posted on June 16, 2014 in News

The Desconstruo of the modern citizen Inaugurador of a new was Metaphysical, the philosopher in the truth advanced more, helping to convert this idea into principle of moral behavior that, today, is desired to reduce to the technological injunction, when claiming, has one hundred years more than, that, ' ' although it is a necessary start, it is not only enough to be to be an only man: this would be to exortar to restrict you it you. We must pass of a diverse individuality to others and to live deeply the existence of a multitude of beings! ' ' (VP 1935, P. 389). The convergence of this idea with some teses of the main theoreticians of the cibercultura is notable, given that, according to same we recentssimos, them progressos technological verified with the appearance of the generating machines of virtual reality (simulation) and the telemticas nets of interaction try the creation of a responsible culture for the erosion of the modern subjectivity. ' ' In this scope the old dualismos and the safe borders that characterized ideologically our cultural tradition is ranks in check. Radical separations as I-other, body-mind, creator-creature, truth-illusion, Real-unreal, among others – they are not more so clear and operational in the world of the relation man-mquina.' ' For the spokesmen of the thesis, the communication technologies would be, really and in special, promoting a multiplication of contacts knowledge whose resulted main, socially speaking, it is the gradual change in the effective conceptions on as if structure and functions ours I. The development of mechanisms of virtual interaction would be exceeding the opposition between sender and receiver, making us using interagentes of open nets and without center, in which ' ' the unstabler, multiple citizens if become each time and difusos' '. Through the machine, we start to live situations where not only cited I became multiple, fluid and opened but, moreover, he is having a rupture of the beginning of identity.



Discoveries That Can Turn The World

Posted on December 1, 2013 in News

Russian scientist – Biotechnology Gennady Oblasov offered a very different understanding of some of the known fundamental philosophical and physical categories such as single category of space-time, as well as fundamentally new scientific concepts and categories Biosystems. All variety of events, organisms, and action is seen from a single position Biosistemnogo approach: Biosystems – a purposeful organization of specific actions, interactions and relationships. World Biosistemnyh effects, interactions and relationships, the qualitative differences, and has creative activity due to internal forces in Biostemnom mechanism. The nature of these forces is based on internal reaction dependent on the location of Biosystems real-time space. It is established that a time filled with events that do not disappear, and placed in an orderly fashion and form a real space-time, which consists of individual cells Times, forming a coherent structure of a certain thickness and length of both sides of the past and the future. The simplest example is the daily Times Biosystems, a thickness of 24 hours, and its length in past or in the future depends on the number of days. Effect of Time on the creative potential of every Biosystems is a decisive factor in creating quality of Biosystems past and future. After many years of practical studies have revealed new fundamental properties of the major categories of physical and philosophical dimension of space – space-time channel, all the cells which are connected by the wave structure Compatibility. Thus, the limitation was evidenced by four-dimensional Einstein – Minkowski. Engaging Concepts Biosistemnosti based on the interaction of three fundamental entities Evolutionary order of nature "OBJECT – WEDNESDAY – Biosystems", from which it is impossible to break away any fruit of efforts that can replace the representation of four-dimensional space and linear time for another deployment, Actually the real shape of a single space-time with a more complex, multidimensional – cell structure.


Britain History

Posted on November 25, 2013 in News

Education in the uk in private schools – the standard of traditional classical English education. The majority of private schools in England have a long history. Education in these schools in addition to high quality teaching and education received a very prestigious. To the old school in England is Warwick School. Year of foundation of the school is considered to be 914. Official confirmation of the existence of this school has existed since the reign of King Edward the Confessor (1042-1066 year).

Documentary evidence on the activities of the school remained very small. However, a direct reference to the school occurs in the decree of King Henry viii on the opening of the new Royal Warwick School. In the period from 1697 to 1879 uk study was conducted in the Warwick School in the form of half board, ie the Warwick School was a school day learning. Initially the school was in St. Mary's Church, but in the late 19 th century the school was moved to the valley of the River Avon. This was due to the fact that kolichetvo students studying in the uk in the Warwick School has dramatically increased. In 1878 there were only about 45 pupils, while in 1906 there were already 110. Further development of the school characterized by a constant increase in the number of pupils, 30 of the 20 th century kolichetvo students 350.

Such an increase in the number of students could not affect the technical equipment of schools. Continuing otsraivalis new buildings there were new sports facilities, laboratories, music rooms. That is why many students want to study in the uk. After all, technical equipment – one of the most important conditions for successful process learning.



Brazilian Access

Posted on September 19, 2012 in News

Giving continuity to the mission to improve education in the places where it acts, the School was created that Valley with the intention to prepare the professors and the pupils of the first one to the fifth series of Basic Ensino, offering improvement, update and pedagogical planning of the educators and reading, writing, verbal communication and access to the Internet of the pupils. Its projects interdisciplinares have helped, considerably, children to improve the reading, the writing, to work in team and to know the history of its region. This citizenship example has provoked great transformations in public education, acting with partnerships of institutions specialized in educative programs, more than benefiting 290 a thousand pedagogical people who had participated of its programs, such as professors, directors, coordinators, coordinating places, local producers and pupils (Cross, 2004); (Foundation, 2011). The access to the TICs, nowadays, is a reality as facilitador resource and of great use in all the areas of the knowledge. As solution to improve and to increase the access of the population to the telecentros, for example, the accomplishment of great investments in the construction of new telecentros and free and gratuitous programs is necessary. All the beings of a society are involved for the innovations that the TICs they offer, as the Government, the public and private institutions, the not governmental organizations and the citizens. For in such a way, the partnerships are the best indications government to develop it and to spread models of telecentros for the Brazilian territory. The telecentros are public of shared and gratuitous use, dedicated to the personal and communitarian development and operated spaces solely for the government, through partnerships with institutions of as and the third sector. The telecentros must have free and universal access, thus contributing for the improvement of the quality of life of the people, facilitating the access the social programs and promoting the education and the digital inclusion (USP, 2007).



TICs Social

Posted on August 11, 2012 in News

New and efficient the TICs had given a jump of gigantic dimensions and to have a free and democratic access to these environments and that it propitiates the informacional inclusion, social, digital, educational and professional, the necessary State to take part of this initiative in concrete, creative way and of much innovation. To have an idea, social initiatives as the Program Stock market Family who the Government comes implementing, currently, do not generate income, do not generate job, do not decide the social problems of the minorities, do not improve the educational system and keep the distant people of the emergent technologies, without possibilities to participate, productively, of the globalizada economy (Branches, 1995). The application of great investments in education and the modification of the current models of education in all the levels and domnios can revert the problem of the digital exclusion. As example, the quality of its educative system is cited the Finnish model that got success in the digital inclusion of its society, improving (Castells, 2005). It is cited, also, the United States whose population is part of a system of management of the knowledge where the education is based on the model to learn to learn throughout the life, having as objective to apply this capacity of learning to all the domnios of the social and professional life (Castells, 2005). With the incorporation of the TICs to the educative process, a new pedagogical paradigm can be oportunizar and concretely be implemented, with potential to produce and rich situations of learning (Castells new, 2005; Branches, 1995). Thus being, one remodels structural needs to be made in the schools in terms of management, of new concepts, methods of education and curricular contents, in order to prepare its professors, as well as the pertaining to school community and the proper administrators to face the new proportionate challenges for the emergent technologies.