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Month: June, 2014

Ultrasonic Cleaner

25 June, 2014 (05:12) | News | By: eye

The ultrasonic cleaner provides shine and purity Ultrasonic cleaners are devices used by opticians or dentists to clean eyeglasses or dentures. Also jewelry stores don’t get along without an ultrasonic cleaner. He serves for cleaning jewelry. In addition to gold and silver, too precious or semi-precious stones can be cleaned. In the industry ultrasonic cleaner […]

Special Economic Zone

24 June, 2014 (10:19) | News | By: eye

The word no longer the case, finally, the variance in our country, the government has paid considerable attention to the problems of small businesses. Laws enacted to make it easier to start business activity, decreases number of regulatory bodies are created special economic zones, with a soft tax regimes. But not all private employers have […]

Contact Us

18 June, 2014 (06:02) | News | By: eye

Need all the goals, indicators, targets and measures the value to assign to specific employees, departments. 7. Implementation of mtp in system performance evaluation and motivation. This is a very important point, one of the key. Once you fix all the parameters and values for each individual employee – you have created a kpi (key […]


16 June, 2014 (14:26) | News | By: eye

The Desconstruo of the modern citizen Inaugurador of a new was Metaphysical, the philosopher in the truth advanced more, helping to convert this idea into principle of moral behavior that, today, is desired to reduce to the technological injunction, when claiming, has one hundred years more than, that, ' ' although it is a necessary […]

SEO Pages

15 June, 2014 (03:48) | News | By: eye

PageRank (PR) – a measure that determines page rank, which in turn determines the position in the search results page of Google. The search engine Google – one of the most popular search engine, which causes a huge interest in it. Therefore, the question of increasing PageRank is becoming more popular. To learn how to […]

Contact Welding Methods

9 June, 2014 (20:26) | News | By: eye

For welding with pressure is contact welding, which uses the heat released in contact welded parts during the passage of electric current. Distinguished point, butt, seam and embossed contact welding. The main methods of contact welding developed in the late xix century. In 1887, nn Benardos received a patent for methods of spot and seam […]


5 June, 2014 (03:19) | News | By: eye

The book of Wisdom, book this existing only in the Bible catholic, has two versicles that they had changed my form to see the things. Wisdom (1/4,5):? thus in the malignant soul will not enter the wisdom, nor will inhabit in the body subject to the sin, because the Espirito Santo, teaches that it, it […]