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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Posted on June 25, 2014 in News

The ultrasonic cleaner provides shine and purity Ultrasonic cleaners are devices used by opticians or dentists to clean eyeglasses or dentures. Also jewelry stores don’t get along without an ultrasonic cleaner. He serves for cleaning jewelry. In addition to gold and silver, too precious or semi-precious stones can be cleaned. In the industry ultrasonic cleaner also no longer are away to think.

Of course these devices assume in this area even larger proportions. This means, when you consider that Ultrasonic cleaners are used, for example, in the automobile production. Ultrasonic cleaner work according to the principle of cavitation. This word comes from Latin, means Cave of cavitare. In an ultrasonic cleaner, waves in the fluid. The pressure change in terms of cycle. Once the vacuum prevails, then again the pressure. Cavities, which want to join through a pressure compensation arise that the pressure changes.

By bursting Forces, causing the dirt to be removed Yes, away is simply blown caused by air bubbles. Ultrasonic cleaner is therefore very effective and useful. The handling is very simple. Therefore, there is no reason why one should think to one not as a private person. So you have to look at not the optician, cleaned only to his glasses? If you have an ultrasonic cleaner at home, saves unnecessary Rennereien. Often, one hesitates to out going to the dentist or jeweler. You can do it tomorrow, we think again. And then it takes often forever, until you will do what it has taken for months. If however has an ultrasonic cleaner at home, then you can get easily regularly its rings or earrings to shine. You also need to know that it is not too often to clean the desired items in this manner. Because then it can cause bumps on the surface. This may affect unfavorably on glasses. If you the ultrasonic cleaner but with measure and target uses, then are to be expected no disadvantages.

Special Economic Zone

Posted on June 24, 2014 in News

The word no longer the case, finally, the variance in our country, the government has paid considerable attention to the problems of small businesses. Laws enacted to make it easier to start business activity, decreases number of regulatory bodies are created special economic zones, with a soft tax regimes. But not all private employers have information about the existence of such zones. But, as a true and correct to do business in these areas, generally know very few people. Fortunately, there are companies that will help you understand how to properly build your business into a special economic zone. 'Logos-Audit' – bright example of such a consulting company. We suggest you build your business in a particular area 'Dubna', it will suit you if you have been doing things in IT, high technology, or are just starting to build your business. Let's understand why the choice of this particular area so promising? Because, apart from the special tax regime and facilitated the customs regime in the area there are plenty of advantages, which will introduce you to Company 'Logos-Audit'.

Turning to the company 'Logos-Audit', you can be assured that you will receive: 1. Accurate, and one hundred percent reliable information on how to do business in this special economic zone, what is its advantage. 2. Consideration of the correctness of your documents of different character. 3. High-quality tax consulting on business issues in a special economic zone, and many other services. You will become a true professional in of conduct of its business in special economic zones, after an appeal in the 'Logos-Audit', even if never experienced such. Your interaction with the 'Logos-Auditing' can be built on any, conditions favorable to you, whether it is signed a treaty providing for one-off provision of advice or a contract for up to a long and complex to maintain your case suitable for a ways. We very much look forward to enroll you in the ranks our customers!


Contact Us

Posted on June 18, 2014 in News

Need all the goals, indicators, targets and measures the value to assign to specific employees, departments. 7. Implementation of mtp in system performance evaluation and motivation. This is a very important point, one of the key. Once you fix all the parameters and values for each individual employee – you have created a kpi (key performance indicators). System tangible and intangible incentives must be closely related with the degree of responsibility of each employee. Basic principles for the successful formation of the msp.

1. Reasonable enough – a limited set of possible informative indicators. 2. Consistency – a consistent specification and forming a tree of interrelated indicators that reflect the real causal relationships 3. Contact Us – constant analysis informative and adjustment of structure and composition of the indices. 4. Strategic objectives are known and understood by all employees. Each employee has its own strategic objective, which is correlated with strategy.

5. Teamwork and delegation of authority and responsibility. 6. Map of msp with the core indicators should be rendered. Everything is changing quickly. If you change one parameter, you need to quickly change and others, if necessary. Therefore it is necessary to simplify and if possible to automate the mtp. You do not need the msp, if: 1. You keep your company's strategy in secret and do not want to share your ideas with employees. 2. You are against teamwork, and believe that the staff – it is simply implementing your will. 3. You do not want or do not know how to delegate responsibility and authority. 4. You do not need a successful business in 5-10 years, you care about just what it is today. Optional: 1. msp eliminates the methodological gap between strategy and budgeting. Usually the budget be based on historical data adjusted for the future, but rather in the form desired growth in sales and profits and reduce costs. lss allows a balanced approach to the construction of the budget system, because Planned value card msp – this is the key control points for the budget. A financial structure is closely linked to indicators and accountable for performance. 2. Well-compiled mtp allows you to track the early stages of rejection in the present of a desired future and to conduct adjustment. However, this approach requires a change of thinking of top managers, because they must learn to identify indicators in three dimensions. ssp – is not a static technology. Once developed, without further constant adjustments, it will do no good. That the system actually worked, it is necessary to work constantly, analyze and correct.




Posted on June 16, 2014 in News

The Desconstruo of the modern citizen Inaugurador of a new was Metaphysical, the philosopher in the truth advanced more, helping to convert this idea into principle of moral behavior that, today, is desired to reduce to the technological injunction, when claiming, has one hundred years more than, that, ' ' although it is a necessary start, it is not only enough to be to be an only man: this would be to exortar to restrict you it you. We must pass of a diverse individuality to others and to live deeply the existence of a multitude of beings! ' ' (VP 1935, P. 389). The convergence of this idea with some teses of the main theoreticians of the cibercultura is notable, given that, according to same we recentssimos, them progressos technological verified with the appearance of the generating machines of virtual reality (simulation) and the telemticas nets of interaction try the creation of a responsible culture for the erosion of the modern subjectivity. ' ' In this scope the old dualismos and the safe borders that characterized ideologically our cultural tradition is ranks in check. Radical separations as I-other, body-mind, creator-creature, truth-illusion, Real-unreal, among others – they are not more so clear and operational in the world of the relation man-mquina.' ' For the spokesmen of the thesis, the communication technologies would be, really and in special, promoting a multiplication of contacts knowledge whose resulted main, socially speaking, it is the gradual change in the effective conceptions on as if structure and functions ours I. The development of mechanisms of virtual interaction would be exceeding the opposition between sender and receiver, making us using interagentes of open nets and without center, in which ' ' the unstabler, multiple citizens if become each time and difusos' '. Through the machine, we start to live situations where not only cited I became multiple, fluid and opened but, moreover, he is having a rupture of the beginning of identity.



SEO Pages

Posted on June 15, 2014 in News

PageRank (PR) – a measure that determines page rank, which in turn determines the position in the search results page of Google. The search engine Google – one of the most popular search engine, which causes a huge interest in it. Therefore, the question of increasing PageRank is becoming more popular. To learn how to improve it by making small changes to your site, you will learn from this article. Before you begin to increase PageRank, should at least broadly familiar with the way it is calculated. PageRank calculation algorithm is quite simple. All pages contained in the database, Google, assigned to the same minimum value of PageRank. On the pages there are links to other pages.

Each link gives part of the PR page to which it refers. One page may give only a certain percentage of their PR, so the fewer links, the PR will be more than those to whom it refers. If this is you do not understand, then explain it more accessible. Page 1 2,3,4,5 refers to the page. Page 1 of all can give PR = 4, ie Each page will get on PR = 1. And if the page will only refer to page 2, page 2 gets PR = 4.

Now, I think, you become clear algorithm for calculating PageRank. It is important to note the fact that the page does not give, and give PR. That is its PageRank will remain with her, even if it will refer to the 1000 sites. It can be concluded that PageRank is dependent on: the number of links per page (more – the better)-PageRank link to You page (more – better), the number of external links from the page that refers to you (more – is worse). Thus, the right to raise the PageRank of pages can be due to internal pages of your site. It is very easy. The site should be as much as possible the internal pages linking to the page, PageRank which you want to improve, but on the inside pages should have a minimum of other links. Such a method will help you raise the PageRank 4, for further growth will need external PR work on the site, which can learn in detail of the benefits of search engine optimization 'Top position 2' Source: search engine optimization



Contact Welding Methods

Posted on June 9, 2014 in News

For welding with pressure is contact welding, which uses the heat released in contact welded parts during the passage of electric current. Distinguished point, butt, seam and embossed contact welding. The main methods of contact welding developed in the late xix century. In 1887, nn Benardos received a patent for methods of spot and seam welding between carbon electrodes. Later, when the electrodes are made of copper and its alloys, these methods of welding steel core. Resistance welding is the leading mechanized welding methods in the automotive industry in the sheet-molded compound body structure car. Butt-welded joints connecting rails, joints of pipelines. Seam welding is used in the manufacture of thin-walled vessels.

Projection welding – the most high- method of welding fittings for the construction of reinforced concrete structures. Capacitor resistance welding is widely used in electronic industry in the manufacture of components and chips. One of the most developing trends in the welding industry – wide use of mechanized and automatic welding. It is as mechanization and automation of welding processes themselves (ie, the transition from manual labor welder to mechanized), and a comprehensive mechanization and automation, encompassing all activities associated with the manufacture of welded structures (procurement, assembly, etc.) and the establishment of stream and automatic production lines. With the development of technology there is a need welding of various thicknesses of different materials, in connection with the constantly expanding range of species and used welding methods. Today while the workpiece thickness from a few micrometers (in microelectronics) to tens of centimeters or even meters (heavy engineering). Along with the structural carbon and low alloy steels are increasingly have to weld special steels, light alloys and titanium-based alloys, molybdenum, chromium, zirconium and other metals, as well as dissimilar materials.



Posted on June 5, 2014 in News

The book of Wisdom, book this existing only in the Bible catholic, has two versicles that they had changed my form to see the things. Wisdom (1/4,5):? thus in the malignant soul will not enter the wisdom, nor will inhabit in the body subject to the sin, because the Espirito Santo, teaches that it, it runs away from the fictions, and is moved away from the rendered crazy thoughts, and is banishes for the supervenient iniquidade.? That is, the person who leaves its mind to be fantasiando the things, this mind makes with that its soul becomes malignant, a time that at any time the same one will incur into sin, since the fiction does not leave of being a lie. who is the father of the lie? Joo (8/44):? It are of the devil, that is your father, and want to satisfy the desires to it. It was homicide since the principle and he never firmed himself in the truth, because in it he does not have truth. When it pronounces lie, speaks of what it he is proper, because is lying and father of the lie.? That is, the father of the fiction is the devil, and the person who does not obtain to keep its mind focada in here and now, that is, in the gift, becomes son of the devil, momentarily or definitively, thus moving away great Espirito Santo professor, who teach in them in the gift, sphere where It acts.