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Posted on September 29, 2014 in News

In terms of overgrown sands construction and maintenance of roads is much easier because there is no mobile forms of relief, and drifts in the correct management of construction work can be completely eliminated. Under these conditions, earthwork cloth should build as far as possible without breaking cover. Instead of tabs side reserves the soil for embankments or cuttings taken from the ground pits. The best time of year for the production of earthworks – and winter spring, when the sand is wet and easily passable for cars. Performance of bulldozers and scrapers in this period becomes higher. In addition to the rational choice of route and time of production work in the complex measures to ensure the independence of the road or the effective protection from sand, is the right choice and design of roadbed observance of special rules for the production of earthworks. Peter Thiel has much experience in this field.

Cross-section roads should provide for continued transport of sand across the road, without accumulation, that is to have a streamlined shape with the slopes of embankments and cuttings are not steeper than 1:2. The slopes and shoulders should be strengthened to protect the earth cloth from blowing sand. Roadside strip in places where sand drifts are formed, are planning a bulldozer at a minimum width of 15 – 40 m with one or two sides of the road. The large width of the band (25 – 40 m) is needed in places where the formation of major landforms (sand dunes and dune chains) in places where the formation of small landforms, the bandwidth reduces to 15 – 20 m. These lines are planned in the operation of sand periodically cleaned of sediment of sand. Outside arrange strips designed compartment band, fixed panels, asphalt film or vegetation on the width of 25 – 150 m or more, depending on the terrain of sand, their degree of mobility and growth conditions vegetation.

Hypothetical Statements

Posted on September 28, 2014 in News

His basic strategy is to reduce the scope of the mental to behavioral hypothetical statements. For more information see this site: Peter Thiel. For this reason, be regarded as logical behaviorism assumes a relational conception of the mental, rather than focus on the properties intrinsic phenomenon. 3) Theory of mind-brain identity (Physicalism) Position in Philosophy of Mind, which identifies mental states and processes neural states and processes. * Unlike behaviorism, identity theory supports the existence of states mediate between stimuli and responses (eg, the so-called central states). Thus, he admits that mentalistic terms have meaning. * However, the time to characterize what the nature of such states and processes and, accordingly, issued on the meanings of terms like "pain" and "think" the identity theory ends up reducing the neural states. 3.

Theory of mind-brain identity (Physicalism) The identity theory holds that a term and a term mentalist physicalist can have different meanings, but refer to the same phenomenon. The scientific research program is to identify which neural phenomena mentalistic terms actually refer to once gained identification, replace them with equivalent physicalist that in short, are the real meaning correspond with reality to explain. Physicalism does not deny the meaning of mentalistic terms, simply improperly considered a scientific and a-refer to the only thing that really exists: the neural states. Physicalism physicalism cases and types? Physicalism of cases or instances? Version of physicalism which holds that, in general, states and mental processes are generally identified by states and brain processes, but not issued on the existence of correlation between generic types of mental states and brain states generic types.


Turkey Riviera

Posted on September 24, 2014 in News

In May 1912, in the article "Russian Kreytsnah or Donetsk Riviera," published in the journal "Historical Journal, NA Tomin mentioned these beautiful places. However, there were no remarkable blue lakes, which truly transformed the local nature in the Riviera. Rest here all year round. Spend your entire vacation and escape from the bustle of the city over the weekend. Clean air, beautiful nature, home comfort and delicious food – that's what attracts people to these places. Nobody can remain indifferent to clean expanse of blue lakes, they are clean and transparent as a tear. The air is filled with pine aroma. Primeval nature.

Someone might argue that there is nothing better than the Crimea, Bulgaria, Turkey or Egypt for vacation. But I will tell you that it's not for everybody. Someone like the scorching sun, someone likes to contemplate the wonders of nature – to each his own. However, the Riviera on the Blue Lake is able to unite all and provide for recreation is necessary. And no matter you come for the entire vacation or just for a weekend stay positive emotions in your memory forever! You can even just to visit the area and did not stay for the night. Just leave your car and walk to a wonderful place.

Once on site lakes was mined sand, and in the early 1960's career filled with spring water, hence the name 'Blue' lakes are on the right: the water in them net – like a tear and blue – as the sky. Who said that Cardinal Richelieu? In the hotel-restaurant complex is a restaurant. It is here that you will feed and provide an opportunity to try the signature dish of our chef. It is worth to a time to visit and fall in love for life. Come on Shchurovsky Riviera, which is blue lakes, we are waiting for you!

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Posted on September 24, 2014 in News

Every minute the world around you changes. Returning after a month in the same places, you may not know them. A small town can turn into a fortress, and the mountains – in quarries gravel for new roads. In World of Warcraft you will have the opportunity to join one of the warring parties – the Horde or the Alliance – and select one of 8 races. To choose offers 9 character classes – Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior. For each, you can choose name, gender and profession of the soul – the hero can become a blacksmith, a shoemaker, an alchemist, etc. Everyone – from the fan travels to daredevils, not thinking of life without a battle – can be found in 'World of Warcraft' something for everyone.

You do not just solve problems and do the job – you live a life of virtual characters. Any, even the seemingly most insignificant actions affect the lives of other players and history of the world Warcraft. Determine which of three modes of WoW you find most interesting – Normal, Player vs Player or Role-playing and begins its journey. Gold, silver and copper – with virtual coins you can buy anything your heart desires, not only weapons and clothing, but also own a horse, mule, and the other pack animals and wagon, which is handy when traveling. Money can also be invested in education – for example, take the lessons of fencing, to learn a particular craft, get knowledge of medicine, etc. The game has over 1000 spells and skills that can be learned or bought with money. Earned and won in campaigns things can be sold at special auctions that take place within the game. For transmission of emotion in the game uses animated and voiced by an icon. Communicate with friends may be at special conferences. The game interface can completely change and adjust 'for themselves'. It is very important, because in the universe World of Warcraft you have to spend hundreds of hours of playing time.


World Wide Web

Posted on September 21, 2014 in News

Twenty-first century – an era of high technology, a time when children are aware of the mouse and keyboard, and Internet today is not only in the rural hinterlands. Forums, chat, social networks. . . With the advent of World Wide Web was formed many virtual communities where people interact with the same interests around the world.

Now the Forum received a huge development: this online platform for debate” is present in every city, at the fans of almost any computer game and the popular book, in any profession. There is even a forum maniacs, which contains information about known offenders and the collection of “success” in the world of crime of any age. Should note that the forum maniacs – it is not just biographies of people in conflict with the law: sometimes the users of this online community will be ardent fans of his case. Available and a forum for university students, where they discuss own student life with its sorrows and joys – Student Forum. Professional Forum is an association of people who are related in the same occupation, whether drivers or engineer.

Say the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” is an army of fans, and perhaps, among us there are no people who did not look, do not read or had never heard of her. So, they form their own forums, more famous as a forum Tolkienists. In the presence of carriers and forum, which brought together all those who truck it becomes a second home. Forum – a piece extremely comfortable. Really want to understand the sort of question? Forward! Only need to type in search engine keywords Forum tongued, forums Braz searcher typed in “forum ” and found a list of forums on one of the best higher educational institutions of Ukraine – Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Even for consultations in the clinic, we now walk less. That is the question, but what sense, if functional, such as strabismus forum where dozens of people share their own experiences in dealing with this defect of view? With the advent of the society informal flows (ready, emo, etc.) have flooded the network and a variety of informal forums, where, in fact, you can find out more detail about all of these flows, to honor the life of metal and emo kidov, as well as understand how react if your son suddenly grew and his hair dyed black. Forums are so much into our lives with you that soon, before you call the checks and call an electrician, we will first take a look at the forum electricians in order to ask which one is better.


Good President

Posted on September 17, 2014 in News

The forthcoming elections to be held April 10 lead me to reflect on who should be the President that the country needs. What person embodies values that radiate on a society like the Peruvian devoid of Compass, dominated by materialism and relativism. The mandatary is the conductor of the nation, must have a moral leadership and be example of virtues, above all honest, resist and combat corruption as well reject the prebends and business lobbies. Be transparent and clear accounts. To effectively manage resources. Also of family well constituted, capable, that crystallize the dream of people, listen, observe what it promises. To build the ideal country, taking clear that this quest for happiness, for the common good, we can do away from God.

It should contribute to social peace, non-discrimination for political, racial or cultural reasons deemed minorities; the good relationship with neighbouring countries, and as points out the blessed Pope John XXIII peace in the Earth, Supreme aspiration of mankind throughout history, is no doubt that you may not settle or consolidate if not faithfully respecting the order established by God. technology investor may also support this cause. And what is this order? Among other things, respect for the family. Otherwise produces social ills crime, disintegration of the family and therefore destruction of society. Therefore, as pointed out by Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, we need not be import models from other parts of decadent societies that have adopted the so-called gay marriage, the legalization of drugs or abortion. This is not liberalism, it is delay. A good agent should be fair, respect the human being above all, not avasalle the other powers of the State, such as the judiciary and the legislature and honors freedom of expression, which are the great temptation to have a comprehensive power. It is also the first server in the nation, with a great vocation of service that carry blood, magnanimous, comprehensive, equitable, just as King Solomon. Have the attributes of simplicity and humility.

Be brave to acknowledge a mistake and rectify it. We should ask you that character in the story would like to emulate. Churchill? Castilla? Washington? Stalin? Pierola? Caceres? Lincoln? Attila? Demosthenes? Julius Caesar? Henry VIII? Jesus? Saint Martin? Bolivar? Mao? Patton? Mc Carthy? Mariategui? With this we could know where we heading. It must also inspire confidence. Which of the presidential candidates would you give the key to your House to take care of it? Who could you leave your children for you educated? Who could care for your elderly mother? It reflects and vote well. Original author and source of the article.



Industrial Engineering

Posted on September 16, 2014 in News

The characteristics of the stage where I had for the first venture into the mastery of industrial engineering, was where participates in the formation of the master’s program in Industrial Engineering from the school of EGAII at the Autonomous University graduate again Leon, Monterrey, Mexico long ago, with the collaboration of the industrial engineer and Master of business administration from the defunct Eng. Mario Gonzalez Garza. Master, we began with the collaboration of other teachers, expert engineers who gave us their experience, skills in the exercise of their profession within the Monterrey business environment, coupled with all this analysis of what other universities were offering in this regard, both at the regional, national and international level. We define the profile at the time of the graduate from these studies that had the basic knowledge to provide the technological development of enterprises, their operation, processes, backed of the modern tools, regulations and techniques that ensure quality and productivity. Unfortunately at that time, he was given great strength to mathematics, more that to other relevant subjects such as management of processes based on productivity; Quality systems; Production management; Problems of the engineering industry Mexican, to name a few. Another aspect that I escaped us in this beginning was with regard to the basic fundamentals of organizational behavior and modern management topics, which assist the engineer reinforce their technical knowledge with managers, providing the production management. However, I am always the possibility that after the first year of testing, you should go restructuring the program according to the advancement, role impact of the industrial engineer according to the behavior of the business activities and that it arises in relation to the production, quality, service, competitiveness, particularly in an environment dynamic business as the Monterrey. The commitment that it would minimize overuse of mathematics and entering more operational, very significant research at that time, as well as applied, especially in quality statistics was.


Marketing Viral Activates

Posted on September 16, 2014 in News

Viral Marketing: Turn your business! Viral marketing is a term that has achieved its popularity inside companies and of those seeking to promote a product so effective, fast and without investing large amounts of money on advertising. This term was developed from the analogy of a biological virus or in his case, cyber and its manner of propagation, transmission or contagion: body on body, system, system or in our case by word of mouth. The word of mouth spread is one of the tools that supports the viral marketing. It seeks to attract a greater number of people at a low cost advertising and the best way of doing this is through recommendation. Other leaders such as Naveen Selvadurai offer similar insights. Everyone at some point in our lives we have been partakers of a viral marketing commenting on how fantastic that is the movie we saw last Wednesday in the two to one, or to highly recommend a new restaurant that has captivated our palate, etc., etc. But of course, in these cases, I would be remiss to be make via the internet. Another elements of that viral marketing is supported is the electronic media as mobile phones and computers; which lead us to connect us with wonderful social networks.

And I say wonderful, because they are a great way to connect with the world through a single person. For example: if I know Peter and Peter meets Juliet, Juliet Megan in another country, Megan Joseph, Joseph to Thu-Tin in Thailand, and so on, is a hypothetical way to feel connected with the world through a person. Thanks to networks is that we can reach more people without having to spend much time, money and effort. Isn’t this an excellent advertisement for your product? Before proceeding with more forms of viral marketing operation, I want to comment that, in particular, seems very important to me because from my own experience, it is very annoying to feel attacked by advertising in the form of unwanted messages or that come from unknown senders or people. .


Miguel Hidalgo

Posted on September 15, 2014 in News

While in 2009 the world was shaken by one of the biggest crises in the history, and ensured that the acquisition of mortgage loans would reach a brake, have been some ups and downs so far this year in the real estate sector. One of the reasons that led to this economic crisis was that involving the financial sector why? an almost uncontrollable expansion of artificial in form of credit money there was what this mean? There was a lot of money that banks lent in the form of mortgages, the problem is that this money did not really exist, but that was what is known as fictitious capital, this means that it has not built with work, but that it’s titles that are awarded by either part of banks, the State or companies that have an established name. These loans were given through the banks supported by the State which led to it being to ruin as the American economy collapsed, since Mexico has with an economy dependent you can not develop adequately the internal market and for the same reason there is no purchasing power or flow of money, whereupon has to incur multi-million dollar loans from companies such as the World Bank. Faced with this situation, is thought the sale of houses would go into decline since is already had a very large debt with the institutions of credit around the world. For even more details, read what Expa says on the issue. This was only speculation, as statistics show us is the economy changing. They suggest that in the first quarter year 2010 (January-March) sales of houses increased by 32% compared to the period from October to December of 2009; from 1751 to 2300 approximately, according to data from TINSA (valuations), multinational company of consultancy and real estate analysis.

Inside the buildings that more they were sold are the housing half and residential plus. It is not uncommon to delegations that more houses were sold to find Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juarez and Cuauhtemoc, since they are the ones that are home to a large amount of money and business. Within this study also highlights the construction of new projects rose by 20% compared with the end of last year to be supporting the construction of 60 new homes projects.


Baby Boom

Posted on September 15, 2014 in News

Today the franchises are a way of life that we don’t even notice. We don’t think about anything when we travel 1000 miles and are looking for a restaurant or a local who is familiar, even if we are somewhere where we have never been to us. In these times, is a good bet that your meals and favorite purchases occur in local franchisees and are available almost anywhere. The principles of the franchises that McDonald s pioneered, including duplication and uniform standard operating systems, today they are proven business practices. Trend No. 4 welfare: next the trillion industry. Follow others, such as Naveen Selvadurai, and add to your knowledge base.

Some industries are born of necessity, others of a new technology, and some are simply created because more than 75 million people demanded it. The generation of the Baby Boom, those who were born between 1946 and 1964, are those who are demanding and getting almost everything what they want on the market these days. While it is a fact that we are all getting older, no group of people is more aware of this than this generation. You do not need to look beyond the hundreds of billions of dollars that is spent each year on products and services with only one goal: make them look and feel good. Opportunity. These four trends, Internet, distribution principles of franchises and the growing welfare industry are with what we have. The opportunity comes from the point in which the four overlap. As well as in the case of Internet pioneers, innovators of the distribution chain, franchise developers and those seeking leverage current trends in well-being. We are confident that within the creative principles of each of these four trends combination, there is an entire industry of own business to build.