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Posted on June 19, 2012 in News

Thus the time at which the match point leans on your side, you will be a memorable moment as a result of your hard work, perseverance, intuition, talent and courage can finally enjoy the sweetness of success in your project. Life is a story that is not written, we are with whom we conduct our framing, and our relationships with others whom we are writing. Strive to behave and interact in So do not be remember that it is appropriate or expected to do, but it is always better left to flow and how they live situations coming to when you reach the end of the journey you can truly say that you have decided what exactly you wanted to live life. Do not live life wondering what would be ideal to win the match point, and the other wish I have, but be yourself to decide what a life to live, and there will eventually be worth the game, the point is won with an instant luck, and often simply deserve much better off playing the game, that we have left to play. Coincidences, chance, luck and match points there are many around us, I hope you'll bother to support to help us recognize when they appear, and do not let the opportunity pass. Sometimes we realize the importance of our relationships, moments that can change our future and the opportunities it offers us the life, having match points and letting them know they do not pass recognize. They had a moment of luck and took advantage to play your best game.

I hope you recognize when you arrive you know good games, the trifle, and if you gain over the tournament better. "The one who said" better luck than talent, he knew the essence of life. People are afraid to admit that much of life depends on luck, scary to think how many things are beyond our control. In a match there time when the ball hits the edge of the network, and for a split second I heard you can go forward "" backward. With a little luck continues forward and win, or do not and you lose … " .