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The Domestic Incident Visionary Don Miguel De Unamuno

Posted on November 29, 2018 in News

I returned on my steps many times, especially authors reread almost forgotten, isolated in the halo of the academic halls in the dusty shelves, visited only by the hands of the wind and looked distracted and lazy. It is not my case, I put it bluntly, but without vanity. I go every day to humble site where I place in alphabetical symmetry all the books I've acquired over the years. Behind a row of text, of recent date, gloomy and melancholy I could see an analogy to the sublime writer, philosopher, thinker, educator and poet Miguel de Unamuno Basque. With pleasure we get into the pages of lucid poems, something yellow and brittle and as a result of the relentless passage of time with his scythe mowing everything, all diluted, corrupted and vanishes. Ecstatic in reading the most representative verses of his poetry, Lyrical Sonnets Rosario, El Cristo de Velazquez, Spanish Andanzas and Visions, Rimas de Dentro, Romance of Exile, among many others, we faced with a piece of small size and apparent simplicity intimate: Domestic Incident. To compose the poetic piece, lay hold of Don Miguel free verse, to describe an incident gentleness warm while delivering his thoughtful insights and her young daughter played with paper and pencil sitting at his feet on a typical afternoon. Free verse same as his thought, wings to the wind on ripe wheat pastures on the brave breaking waves, gliding among tufts of grass recently, between the trunks of the trees and the rustic presence of the wild animals.


Optical Illusions Hypalon

Posted on November 25, 2018 in News

Some are made especially for Hypalon or PVC only while there are some brands that can be applied to both materials. They come in different colors of gray, white, black, red, blue, yellow and orange. You can also ask the seller to custom-mix for you. Water-based, this paint that can be used for both PVC and Hypalon that is also applicable to neoprene, vinyl and even for wooden floorboards as it is non-skid. Application is easy as you can coat the boat without using any first directamente. However you need to clean and dry the boat first away from direct sunlight. If your boat is PVC wash it entirely with MEK until it is no longer glossy.

If your boat is Hypalon, wash it with acetone first. Use masking tape to tape off all areas that you don t want to be painted. Dilutes the first coat with water then apply the first coat using a good brush. Make sure that you paint all the nooks and crannies that need to be painted. Check for drips and runs before the first coat drying. Apply the second coat full strength. Paint it on thick making sure it is even then let it dry for at least four hours.

Note that if you change the color of your boat from dark to light you need 3 to 4 coats. Inflatable Sealant You need to patch from the inside if patching the exterior does not stop leaks. Internal sealant kits are in order for severe wicking, abrasion or excessive wear and tear of the floor-to-tube seam. Check the boat for leaks using the soap-bubble procedure. Mark the spot. Drain water from the tubes then inflate it to its usual pressure. Make sure you have the right valve as you insert the sealant injection nozzle through it s. Squeeze about an ounce of sealant into the tube then immediately remove the nozzle as you pump air into the tube. Turn the boat oriented to the marked spot and let gravity move the sealant to the leak. When the sealant starts to bubble through the leak, deflate the tube with air barely leaving. Let it dry for 3 to 4 hours. Treat each leak independently.

Assessing the Number of Priority Activities

Posted on November 17, 2018 in News

they observed to meet the deadline, improvement projects, the motivation of teachers … There will be a small survey among the teachers involved. 2nd Assessment the project itself, taking into account the final results, the degree of participation of all members of the group, goals achieved, quality of work, etc. EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR INTEGRATED PROGRAMMES Assessment will be by objective criteria and subjective criteria, objective criteria in each of the planned integrated programs will be assessed:

a) Results on the needs assessment. b) Number of interviews c) Number of measurements or data obtained d) Number of participants in each of the activities e) Number of parents who have followed f) Number of teachers who actually participated g) Whether the proposed objectives consistent with the results h) Assess the number of priority activities i) Post by guest achievements j) Number of training activities undertaken by teachers k) Number of meetings with the coordinator of the program in general l) Number changes that have taken place in the program to get adapted to the students. m) Number of questions asked to understand the objectives of the project and to complete n) Check the sequencing of the program or) Check if it has been necessary to change the organization of schedule p) Check whether the program has met the established time q) Check if you have been necessary to change, modify or create activities r) To analyze the involvement of institutional bodies in our own program s) demonstrate the effectiveness of the program through observation scales or questionnaires between subjective criteria to evaluate each program will be established: a) Determine if a scale has met the expectations of students b) Interest shown by the students c) Checking up on teachers d) Check the satisfaction of the parents e) Check the satisfaction of people who want to carry out the Centre f) Test behavior and habits acquired g) Review the new requirements and check whether it meets the project objectives EXPERIENCES Within this project there have been several experiences that I to present two, both of which also have as main objective, the acquisition of healthy lifestyles, have common goals..



The First Step Toward Freelancing

Posted on November 17, 2018 in News

If you have lost their jobs or just tired of stupid leaders. If you believe that it is time to start working for yourself, it is time you become a freelancer. Who are also the freelancers? Freelancer – an employee who works remotely. In this kind of activity has its own advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side can be ranked no need to go to work every day at the office, listening to stupid suggestions leaders participate in office intrigues.

As for dignity, they are fairly conventional. For example, a minus or a plus is the lack of a permanent wage? Rather it is a plus, because in this case, you hope only for myself and generally become more demanding of itself, but it is a very good effect on your self-esteem. Following conditional negative – the lack of formal work experience, which in turn is displayed on your pension. But let's a sober look at the pensions of ordinary citizens who worked all his life, only for pensions, it is quite clear that this was not a significant loss. While working freelance, you can pretty safely invest their free money purchase pension and dividends are not bad. In order to begin to work remotely you will need a very strong desire to become independent and successful. Special programs for freelance help you in your work. On Today's most popular professions in freelancing are: optimizers, photographers, copywriters, translators, programmers, web designers, designers. And this list is not complete. Every job that performed remotely, certainly falls into this list.