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Bufman Tax

Posted on February 16, 2014 in News

On the other hand, force the BC to keep an adequate volume of reserves to take care of to the excesses of demand for verge that, porventura, can occur. Moreover, the maintenance of fixed taxes of exchange depends on two other requirements: that the taxes of inflation of the different countries are sufficiently next and that the economic agents believe the support of the exchange tax. If it has an expectation of exchange depreciation, the Central banking can try to delay rationing it the supply of exchange for the importers of goods and services and the exporters of incomes. However, it cannot prevent that the exporters of goods and services postpone its foreign activities and nor that economizers interrupt the entrance of capitals in the Pas.Segundo Zini Jnior (1996), the commitment to keep the fixed tax of exchange, in the conditions where misalignments in the domestic politics motivate speculative flows of capitals, has been routinely treated for the low investors as promise to credibility, a time that no country obtained to keep the fixed tax of exchange in last the 20 years. Two factors corrode the credibility of the regimen of fixed tax of exchange. First, to adjust the economy, she is necessary to promote contraction. Data that the shocks economic they tend if to distribute asymmetrically for the different countries, the mechanism of adjustment of this system demands difficult and custosas contractions on the job level.

The other factor inhabits in who controls the expansion of the liquidity in the group of countries that adheres to the fixed exchange, a time that different countries have distinct preferences how much to the priority attributed to the combat of the inflation or the defense of the job level. In this direction, the system of fixed tax of exchange tends to introduce politics conflicts enters the participants of the system. Leiderman and Bufman (1995) mention that the fixed taxes of exchange are excellent anchors for the desinflao programs.


AIG Reports Loss Of 5.4 Billion

Posted on February 15, 2014 in News

The group insurer AIG (American International Group) has reported a further drop in their business considerably beaten by the current global crisis, which joins the mortgage crisis in the United States.

During the period from April to June, the largest insurance company in the world announced a net loss of 5.36 billion dollars, compared with 4.28 billion won just one year ago.

In June, when the initial estimate of the quarter, AIG his dismissal and CEO Martin Sullivan replaced him with Robert Willumstad, who blame the weakness of the housing markets and credit problems for the company.

Certainly one of the most important factors in this fall, was a charge of $ 5.56 billion that AIG had to face in contracts sold to protect investors from losses.


Secrets Of Family Happiness

Posted on February 4, 2014 in News

Many couples live in a marriage to 30, 40, 50 or more years. Others are divorced after a few years of marriage. Perhaps there are some secrets to family happiness, which are known first and second familiar? Probably the absolute rules of building relationships in the family that would fit entirely all there. But some of the secrets of family happiness, which are eager to share a couple for a long time lived in harmony, is good to know everything. Before marriage Secrets of Family Happiness and relate to those who have not yet married, but only going to take this serious step. Since marriage – is serious business, you need to think things through well, get to know your chosen one. Indeed, it often happens that after the wedding, young people are disillusioned with each other, learning your second half just on the other hand, opening it, or it those traits, which did not even know.

Often, it is causes of divorce. Therefore, entering into marriage, it is better to decide for themselves what requirements to elect and what weaknesses, if they are discovered, you can live with. People who marry, need to know about each other everything. And yet, in no case be a family just to please someone else. Hoping that endure – slyubitsya. Fidelity of the spouses Best kept secrets of family happiness – is faithful spouses mutual support, trust, ability to appreciate each other. Loyalty – a pledge of family happiness. Many young people in the pursuit of fashion, or wishing to assert itself, lead up to the lovers or mistresses.


Coral Minerals

Posted on February 4, 2014 in News

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