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Month: January, 2013

Dumpling Island

24 January, 2013 (00:36) | News | By: eye

led lamps and fixtures – is the fastest growing industries in the field of led products. It has already transformed our lives, giving us a unique energogsberegayuschie projects, for example led coverage of the whole island (North Dumpling Island) led lamps and lighting fixtures. What can you expect from a semiconductor technology in the field […]

Electromagnetic Fields

16 January, 2013 (05:10) | News | By: eye

As mentioned in the Old Testament: "And will all the earth: bordered by filaments'. It seems that these words were indeed prophetic. Now Globe surrounded by hundreds of thousands of electrical wires. So what, you say, we also have to live somehow, we are accustomed to refrigerators and TVs, do have to give up all […]

Screen Paint

9 January, 2013 (04:46) | News | By: eye

Original form was made of silk, hence the old name – screenprint, later – of synthetic or metal mesh, spanned by a special frame. The principle of screen printing is the bursting of paint to the printed material through the open print form elements. Scope of screen printing using the fruits of Screen printing, sometimes […]

Scientific Knowledge

5 January, 2013 (09:46) | News | By: eye

Frequently, the beginning ones in the study of the Parapsicologia if question regarding the position of this latest science in the universe of the human knowledge. During much time, kept out of society of the context of official science, the Parapsicologia scaled a true mountain of obstacles until being definitively recognized in the science condition. […]