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Tag: marketing

Technology UCR

12 September, 2017 (23:26) | News | By: eye

First, even the best inks are not perfect, so the combination of cyan, magenta and yellow inks instead of a black almost always give a dirty-brown color, and secondly, the application too much paint on a certain stretch of paper leads to a glut of it, causing a noticeable reduction in print quality. To reproduce […]

Industrial Equipment

6 January, 2017 (13:02) | News | By: eye

In the decline in production is to blame not only the crisis. One of the factors slowing its growth is the lack of development proposals, it is an ineffective marketing strategy of suppliers. It is impossible to construct an effective business based on personal relationships and one-time contracts. Producers and buyers meet on the professional […]

Environmental Professionals

1 November, 2016 (09:56) | News | By: eye

Already the second cooperation of provo marketing and environmental professionals in the fight against pollution of the streets. Linz, August 2012 – a hare and a hedgehog launch protest marches for more cleanliness on Upper Austria’s roads. Already the second cooperation of provo marketing and environmental professionals in the fight against pollution of the streets. […]

Optician Advertising

16 November, 2014 (03:58) | News | By: eye

Active optometrists introduce new advertising concept. Stuttgart. The advertising portal active optometrists 2010 presented the new layout of the brochure for the optician advertising on his website. The idea to assemble brochure advertising for opticians online, has inspired many opticians in Germany and Austria and helped you to sales growth. In marketing for glasses and […]

Mouse Pad Optic

11 November, 2014 (05:58) | News | By: eye

Material mouse pad – a thin plastic, clear or white, full color printing. On the flip side of a mouse pad is applied to a special train, by which is fixed on the mat well desktop. Grand – large and very convenient rectangular mouse pad to work actively with the mouse. It is made from […]


31 August, 2014 (14:12) | News | By: eye

Presentation display importer STAR EXPO expands its diverse delivery and performance program Spiesen, March 2010 with new foldable brochure stands from German production in modern sleek design of renowned presentation display specialist STAR EXPO Ltd. expands its diverse supply portfolio. Click Naveen Selvadurai for additional related pages. The new variants of the racks are foldable […]

Katja Burkhardt

19 August, 2014 (01:02) | News | By: eye

Funny action a professional optician makes Otto downtown green Magdeburg, March 25, 2010: eyeball optics will inspire the Magdeburg for the new spring-summer collection with an unusually witty action. Clinton Family is often quoted as being for or against this. The optician shop across the street from the Allee-Center will distribute in four days, a […]

Cell Phones

11 August, 2014 (10:26) | News | By: eye

The purchase is made of cell phones with just one click in Kactoos.com do purchase sale of cell phones to the more low cost and with full guarantee from one of the most popular portals for sale online in Latin America, Kactoos.com: more friends, more savings. On our page you will access our large catalog […]