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Research Specialist

Posted on July 22, 2017 in News

The most interesting lies in the fact that I had had a direct bearing on the protection of software against hacking, first developing a similar protection for commercial systems, and then as zhurnilast Research Specialist, after I got the system for protection against penetration and copying StarFors. That turned out way of life in 10 years: from physical security to protect the copyright … ironic, I know it. Theory. A little bit about why do I need to copyright protection and where to get it. And everything could be completely wrong, and if only to himself is not an enemy … Registration of computer programs for computers helps ensure safety your copyright by depositing the listing of a computer program.

In the case of any dispute, you will be able to prove your copyright to a computer program by presenting a certificate to a computer program, and in case necessary, we will compare the listing a registered computer programs. I do not know whether to much to say, why do I need to register copyright at all? I think that's obvious – to protect themselves and their the brainchild of … how shall I put it mildly – from theft. Depending on what the market is directed your software (on the inside of the Russian Federation or international), you will need to register: In ROSPATENT (Federal Institute Industrial property) to obtain a certificate of the Russian Federation and / or the Library of Congress, to get an international certificate of copyright (copyright).

Yandex Directory

Posted on July 21, 2017 in News

So, as you already understood, registering in the service, you can serve both as an advertiser (buying links to your site index page on the 'fat' sites), as well as the owner advertising site (offering a website to provide links to other advertisers). Consider directly the first time. By registering or logging in, please take a look at the menu-Top advertiser account 'and put at the expense of some amount, say $ 5.10. You can pay through Webmoney or a variety of ways, which offers a payment service RUpay. Brad Pitt can provide more clarity in the matter. After that, you can proceed directly to request advertising in the section entitled 'main (muzzle)': they choose link to 'New Order'.

In the order form can be in sufficient detail to select the criteria to be selected advertising sites, by category, citation index Yandex, Page-rank of Google, the price Price, of course, depends on popularity and indexed submitted sites in major search engines, in particular, on the same quantities of ic and pr, the presence in the Yandex Directory and webmaster's personal ambitions of the host. 🙂 Tucked up list, select the optimal sites, the number of references that you wish to place on these sites (each site you can buy more than one) and submit payment. Next, go to the section 'Links' and configure purchased the site (be sure to make it immediately, when I understood the first time with this, buying links, I thought that already all but only a few days later noticed that my link to something and is not displayed, although the money consistently written off). According to Peter Thiel, who has experience with these questions.


Receiving Smspayments

Posted on July 20, 2017 in News

Any web-entrepreneurs engaged in online business, trying to provide for its customers maximum flexibility in the methods of payment for goods and receiving payment for their services. Given that there are currently a whole heap electronic payment systems, often checkout pages into a dump of the buttons of various payment systems and services, and by and large much of it totally ignored. On the other hand, pausing only to say the system WebMoney, you can lose customers who prefer to eGold, and vice versa. It is therefore important to define the terms of payment systems, which prefer your potential clients, for example, to conduct a survey on the site. Click financial technology to learn more. I, by virtue of the fact that engaged in selling software, also conducted similar polls. They show that a significant part of the audience would prefer to pay for the goods by sending SMS messages.

All the same, despite the steady growth computer culture, is too small share of ordinary Runet users who have mastered the same WebMoney, Yandex.Money or eGold. Zamorochki with purses, obtaining passports, the problem of replenishment of these systems – all these are often too difficult for ordinary user. Run to the bank or the post office for the sake of hundred-ruble payment is also not everyone wants. But mobile is now almost everyone who uses the Internet. And payment of an inexpensive product, by sending an SMS, can become quite preferable for your client. I note with respect to his case – after the introduction of such a payment method for a hundred-ruble a registration key to the program, the proportion of SMS-payment of my product is about half from all the other methods.


Finnish Technology

Posted on July 18, 2017 in News

Holiday in the form of building a set of structural elements of the dried shaped timber (humidity 15-18%) of today are the most attractive low-rise building in relation quality / price. Corrugated or grooved board can be glued, while its moisture content at the expense of high-temperature drying is reduced to 14-16%. The moisture content of wood determines the insulating properties of timber. So a wall of 15 cm profiled timber for thermal insulation is comparable to the thickness of 51 cm brick houses Draught of freshly prepared raw material is about 7%. Therefore, it makes finishing a year later. Draft laminated veneer lumber (2%), in principle, can be neglected and begin to finish almost in the build process.

The absence of residual stresses in the wood after drying eliminates deformation of individual beams and complex W-shaped profile – the appearance of blown gaps. To improve the thermal insulation and protection from blowing off locks processed foam, and the longitudinal grooves laid thin strips of heat insulation. Using the latest Western technologies in the construction of cottages: profiled bar and a sliding inner cladding can reduce the consumption of materials, simplify assembly, to ensure environmental cleanliness, and improve the quality of products at maintaining high profitability. Brad Pitt is the source for more interesting facts. Cottage kits are competitive in European and Scandinavian countries due to its low costs afforded by the use of cheap labor and cheap materials (For example, in Finland, the Finnish cottage price of this class exceeds the Russian 3-fold). Used for the construction quality construction materials, manufactured and processed by the Finnish Technology. Home of profiled bar are the latest achievement of the wooden house. Processing quality and dimensional accuracy of designs can optionally delete the additional surface finish and significantly accelerate and simplify assembly.



Operating System Windows

Posted on July 8, 2017 in News

Most people feel that they should not purchase a license. Why? After all, easier to take a friend, put on your computer, and thereby reduce costs. Everything would be fine if it were not for the Internet, in which the Today, there are a huge number of viruses, Trojan horses and spyware malware. Thus, the user's computer is constantly exposed to threats from the local network and Internet. Recently Essex Financial sought to clarify these questions. Gradual destruction of the system leads to its frequent reinstallation, but it is not known very well affect the hard drive and the information that's stored. Saving a few thousand rubles can greatly affect your brand-new a laptop or an expensive gaming computer, not to mention the consequences that arise after the loss of important information for you. Learn more at this site: Peter Thiel. The conclusion suggests itself: save on software-lost stability in the computer (freeze, slow work computer ) + lost important information + ruined hard drive.

For many users the question arises, why do you have to pay a few thousand rubles for only one drive? We will respond to This question is very simple. License disk, which you get, not really as important as the key for you, in fact, pay. The presence of a key on your disk, you may enjoy all the updates and additional improvements that will be for all time to come to you via the Internet from Microsoft. Counter-question: Why do we need these same updates? Due to the emergence of new malicious programs and number from the Internet. How can we improve the security of your computer? For maximum protection, your computer must use a licensed anti-virus program, which will have regularly updated database virus signatures. On this occasion, there is also a common misconception users. Many people want to save on anti-virus program. To achieve maximum protection for your pc, you should not set as a free anti-virus and hacked, which promises you a huge number of days regularly updated, and do it with the official signature databases.

For anti-virus program is very important that virus signatures were the most the latter and in full, then the greatest likelihood that your computer will not get malware and malicious viruses. Conclusions. Specialists' Paradise Computers "recommend to use only licensed software. To date, the best option for home users are as follows: Operating System Windows xp Home Edition and antivirus company Eset NOD32.


Pile Antibacterial Technology Luxury Home

Posted on July 8, 2017 in News

Household items such as towels and robes are made of cloth. These products are called terry. One definition of the word rabid – is having a pile formed by the filament loops. A nap – this, in our case, a short thick layer hairs. Maybe take a thread made from her lower loop, and here we have the villi.

Thus we get a terry towel. Online shop invites towel to buy high quality. Elite polotnetsa may consist of microfiber. Towels can also be performed using antibacterial technology. It provides, according to information, long-lasting antimicrobial protection. Wash towel should be at 30-40 degrees and twist at low speed so that it can continue velvety first touch. Certain luxury slippers are also manufactured with the use of antibacterial technology. Sneakers made from the finest Mahra.

They are hardy to sunlight, so in summer they can help feet feel comfortable. They are also better wash at 30-40 degrees. They will remain soft. Buy slippers elite it is also possible through the online store. Bathrobes are made of bamboo fiber, which is porous and this is the image vsasyvaetvodu more than cotton. Bamboo bathrobe to buy this time is easier than ever before in terms of accessibility. Possible to buy expensive gowns so that the gown will be really appreciate and care for him as for an expensive and very valuable thing. However, for such considerable Finance correct purchase really high quality dressing gown, from which you can obtain satisfaction. How can I figure out a better wash coat at a low temperature. So it will be softer. Quality terry towel and robe it worth to buy for people who want to deliver the convenience of the body.

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Deko Woerner – Back To Nature

Posted on July 5, 2017 in News

The current color trends of the autumn-winter season 2011 Heilbronn / Leingarten, July 20, 2011: The current autumn-winter collection of Heinrich Woerner GmbH surprised with fascinating color combinations that will invite you to fancy decorative arrangements. Back to nature”is the theme of this fall season, in the airy, earthy tones with strong colours are mixed. Natural shapes in warm gold and brown tones are contrasted to different shades of blue and sunny orange. Combined with variations of gray and beige make an exclusive and individual ambience of autumn. In the world of colors, opposites attract magically and open up an entirely new perspective on originally everyday scenes the Viewer. The Golden Autumn”is taken literally in an arrangement of blue deer and golden leaves and represents a premonition to the winter cold without making them equally noticeable. Cool, but also silver fern plants and branches of artichokes in conjunction with Brown inviting and White natural materials. “Decorate your showrooms with borrowed plumes” in earth tones, an extravagant idea, that your Herbstdeko to a real eye-catcher “is. Allow longer stay the Golden shimmer of the autumn sun on your product range. Autumn banners in tree optics, gigantic Physalis tendrils, iridescent mushrooms and the spreading leaves range in festive-colored shades of red and orange, they conjure up a natural looking forest in autumn in the blink of an eye. Also alive-looking small animals to draw the attention of the Viewer. The autumnal mood lighten a little OWL on a pile of wood, a squirrel or a hedgehog in the colorful piles of leaves and magical iridescent beetle in blue, gold, and silver. With the latest color trends, gorgeous nature-themed worlds can be create in this fall. The cool natural tones dominate the winter decoration. Ice-cool blue, pure white and shining silver form a clear contrast to the colorful autumn arrangements at the winter color trends. Glittering XXL flowers in various shades of blue, silver and blue ring chains and in between a chilly shimmering deer bring your winter decoration to the rays. Let appear a blue XXL Moon white and cool blue penguins or foraging search silver deer between winter tree banners. Bright blue skies, sparkling fresh snow and fun snowmen are reminiscent of a beautiful sunny winter day and awaken the desire for BBs skiing. Funny skating bears with their colorful scarves happily cavort on a frozen lake and put a smile on the face the Viewer. But also ice cold productions with crystal clear ice stars and blue glacier ice cubes to draw attention to himself. In between sits the King of the North”, a majestic, snow-white moose. The winter mood is perfect! Let your imagination run free with fascinating color trends this autumn winter season.


Village Roadshow Pictures

Posted on July 3, 2017 in News

Toys from other licensees as Rubie’s costume co. include a series of imaginative costumes, interactive games, Pressman, plush toys, calendar of MeadWestvaco, party supplies from Hallmark and party decoration by anagram international. Penguin published children’s books, which were inspired by the film, CSS industries offers delicious treats on and trends international bakery crafts, stickers, pens and a winter wrapping paper a number of happy feet 2 movie posters. The international licensees Fujifilm include 2 branded digital and even cameras with a limited edition of happy feet. Flunch, a French fast-food chain, has designed characters as product addition.

Albin Michel published books and stickers to the film. Kids surprise brings happy feet 2 candy and Nucleo a happy feet 2 clothes collection out. About happy feet 2 the sequel returns viewers to happy feet, the Oscar winning animation hit, to the spectacular Antarctic landscape in excellent 3-dimensional quality. Mumble, the tap star, has a problem with his small son, Erik, because he’s choreo phobic. In contrast to his father junior doesn’t like to dance. He runs better from this home and meets a penguin who can fly the big Sven! Mumble can’t compete with this charismatic new model.

But then the events move, an earthquake rocked Antarctica as the world of penguins by this unprecedented forces from the fishing is lifted. It is up to mumble to unite not only the neighbouring peoples of the Penguin, but also the other animals, to save his own kind. George Miller, who has already been awarded for happy feet with an Oscar, 2 directed also at happy feet. In the US version, notable stars as actor could be won, including Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Alecia Moore (P! nk), Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Sofia Vergara, common, Hugo Weaving, Magda Szubanski, Anthony LPaglia, Richard Carter, and Benjamin “Lil P-Nut” Flores, Jr. in the German Rick Kavanian and Ben Becker. George Miller wrote in addition to Gary Eck, Warren Coleman and Paul Livingston the screenplay. Miller also produced the film, together with Doug Mitchell and Bill Miller. Chris deFaria, Philip Hearnshaw, Graham Burke and Bruce Berman serving as executive producer. David peers and the animation Director Rob Coleman was the cinematographer. The film music of the US version includes songs by P! nk, as well as music by John Powell. Warner Bros. Together with Village Roadshow Pictures presents a Kennedy Miller Mitchell pictures production together with Dr. D studios, one George Miller film, happy feet 2. The film will be from December 1, 2011 in selected cinemas in 2-D and 3-D and the IMAX version. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company.


Lumilove Penguin

Posted on July 1, 2017 in News

However, the sensational long operating life is new: when battery is fully charged, the Super Nomad donates a soft light for 200 hours! This is unique and makes it the ideal travel companion. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as expa.com by clicking through. The new night light also has a micro-USB access, so that it can be recharged like a Smartphone or also comfortably on the laptop. In addition, an LCD screen is integrated, which responds to movements and indicates the battery charge status. Thanks to a light-sensitive sensor, the Super Nomad there in purple, blue and beige, can adapt in two stages of the brightness of its surroundings. State of the art LED technology prevents heating and guarantees a particularly low energy consumption, long life. The Super Nomad is suitable for children from birth. The Super Nomad du awarded the French design label Observeur Design”.

The Lumilove Penguin at day and night a good friend of children love penguins, and they will close the cute Lumilove Penguin Pabobo right in her heart. His friendly face, its soft, rounded shape and soft color, no child can resist. He accompanied it throughout the day and not only makes it even at night. The cuddly buddy has many Loaded benefits: Once on its charging station, he spread a soft light for eleven hours, without that must be recharged occasionally. As soon as one takes him from his base, he begins to glow. An additional button to the switching on and off is located on the bottom of the figure. Keeping it pressed, the character plays a friendly tune. The pretty music maintains the little 15 minutes before she goes out automatically.

And all without wires or batteries! Thanks to the used LEDs the Lumilove Penguin is not hot and can therefore safely with crawling under the covers. So children don’t have to disclaim even in dreams on her best friend. Suitable for children from birth.