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Industrial Revolution

Posted on August 22, 2014 in News

The authors suggest the reflection on the relations between museums, collections, specialists and politics. They point out the museums as depositaries of the Collective Memory that would be indissocivel object of the language that same it represents. Veem the language as something that if constructs and if reconstructs the all moment; it is a process, as well as the museum. That museum of the antiquity, the muses, already associated with the knowledge and the power. These give place to the museums that are consequence of the economic events, social and politicians of century XVIII. The museums are related there the consolidation of the National States.

Of the British Museum (1753)? the first museum I publish, even so this public it belongs the supplied layers of the society, reflects, with the spreading of its collections, already it is part of the happened changes in such a way of the effect of the Industrial Revolution, the urbanization and also of the expansion of the educational system. The Louvre that opens doors for it I publish in general? consequence of the rules of the French Revolution. In Brazil, the National Museum (1812) also comes to represent and to legitimize the National State. Benedict Anderson, another citation, describes the nations as communities you would imagine. In its conception, all bigger grouping that a village, if develops as imaginary.

In the modern age the individuals are more independent, with ampler trajectories of life, pass if to also feel in imaginary collective the amplest one. It points despite the unification of the language and the convergence of the capitalism and the technology of the press are essential elements of the modern nation. The religion of the place to other forms of being able, that they explain the world for the optics of the reason. Science is essential in this context, to not only deal with the origin the species but also to command the historical events.

German Xenon

Posted on August 18, 2014 in News

Now, a xenon lamp 6000K shines with a kind of yellowish-green tint. Instead, a xenon lamp shines brightest 6500K white light, slightly lame-blue spectrum. Now we remove the XENON 6000K and put the Germans with a temperature of 4250K. As you may have guessed … Mercedes had no compared with Hundai … just everything is exactly the opposite … Unfortunately output is not in favor of German Xenon lamps: the higher the color temperature, the brighter and whiter light shines. And if at first (up to 4000K) light has a clear yellow shade, after 4000K spectrum shifts to red, then it goes from pink to greenish hues …

And after the 6000K range of ‘go’ with the blue … All these observations are valid for lamps with a transparent envelope, because blue bulb Naturally all the shifts in the blue area. Incidentally there is a perception that the blue lamp is made of white, the color of light that does not fit into the rigid framework. This is partly true, but not all manufacturers. At one time, held through Moscow, the party of blue lights, which even a blue coating on the bulb could not hide the difference in the glow of lamps. And the people who suffer kupivshiesya of price now so far. But back to ‘our sheep’. We talked about the ‘naked’ light bulbs …

If they are inserted into the spotlight, there may be some variations in color as the glow then makes adjustments to its reflector. And then we want to note that if you want to have exactly the same light as the ‘out that Mercedes (Audi, BMW)’ then you need to buy the same car … Optics are different. We had a case where the same set of xenon for the interest rearranged ML-210-D body. Lamps and blocks are the same, but they shone on two different machines in different ways. But it was machine with optics, not designed for the installation of xenon. Now imagine what the difference is between, say, two Mercedes 220’s bodies, if one xenon from the factory and another is set in Russia in halogen optics. Yes, the difference will be, and quite decent, though the machine must be near. Otherwise, this difference can not even catch any specialist. Although any special right to say, shine your car lights ‘xenon’ and there are shining galogenki … By the way installation of xenon on the Mercedes in linzovannoy optics does not allow the eye to determine the ‘factory’ Xenon is a car or not. So rejoice owners straight from the tin AUDI, VW, and BMW …