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Posted on October 3, 2019 in News

If this happened, the magnetron could undergo overheat; and if the peeled points got to perforate themselves, the microwaves will leave that way. By all means that this is very well-known and easy to identify since when is connected the sparks marked in the place where lack the painting. Adroll describes an additional similar source. The small grating or enmeshes that it is in the expensive intern of the door of any furnace of microwaves, allow that the light enters and avoid that the radiations leave the cavity; that is to say, it works like ” it catches ondas”. The light incidence does not represent any problem, because its wavelength is very small; but as the one of the microwaves he is greater, these must be retained somehow; for that reason ” has been gotten up; it catches ondas” metallic Precautions during the service and the use of the apparatus For security of the equipment and the own user, it is very important to emphasize the following thing: 1. It bypasses or never it eliminates interlocks located next to the door, because these safeties avoid that the equipment works when the compartment is open 2. Once it has opened the equipment to prove his operation, 30 cm.

mantngase remote of the magnetron at least Remembers that although is armored, it can have some type of flight. 3. Further details can be found at Technology Investor, an internet resource. It recommends the clients who never open the apparatus to review their internal parts. Only personal described it can carry out his repair. 4.

It will have noticed that the apparatus has one or two thermal sensors; it never eliminates them since they are what they avoid the overheat of the magnetron and its later destruction, which is very important by the lifted cost of that apparatus that usually is almost just as microwaves new of low quality or cost. Strictly speaking it is located to a side of the magnetron, and the other normally in the opposite end. With them temperature level is detected that generally is of 150 or 170 degrees Celsius. These sensors in fact are switches who abren themselves when they detect high temperatures; since they are in series with the line entrance, when to reach his nominal value they are abren to prevent that all the equipment energice; this one retakes its on-speed operation, until they only lower their temperature. On the other hand, we remember that the magnetron works with loads that go approximately of 2.500 to 3.000 volts; therefore, never it approaches the hands the main transformer when this one is in operation, either tries to prove it neither with a pilot nor with tester common like whom we used generally for it a small circuit with resistance is used that can be found with facility in the Internet or visiting my Web. Also they remember that once disconnected of the network it even conserves tencin of a condenser that is due to unload before maneuvering with the magnetron. Also it can use some electronics very easy to make for the detection of flights in the furnace that can be looked for in Internet or as before I mention I look for or it previously and this in my page Web that as always I say is the form but easy to help the technicians and to free find everything in a single place and without having to register themselves or to pay to obtain aid.