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Month: January, 2014

Dave Ramsey

28 January, 2014 (03:36) | News | By: eye

Rich hope, save and buy with cash. Awaiting the perfect time to start saving with the majority of the positive life changes we can make, not seem to be a perfect moment. Now it is always much better than then. Continues the crowd the more I do, more I realize that people are often wrong. […]

5 Tips Fundamental To Start Your Own Business

21 January, 2014 (23:11) | News | By: eye

In the following article will guide you through five important tips for entrepreneurship and so start your own business, the idea of being your own boss and create a company that offers great products does not let you sleep, everything you do is still dreaming but you never start. Are not alone. The 5 tips […]

Recycling Art

15 January, 2014 (00:12) | News | By: eye

"What is trash to some is a treasure for others" is the motto of Drap Art, International Recycling Art Festival of Catalonia, which offers the CCCB exhibition and a flea market with items made from scrap material. Participants in the festival creative approach to recycling from various disciplines with a common denominator: convert abundant waste […]


8 January, 2014 (23:12) | News | By: eye

-Handle communications with third parties (business partners) and with workers who are traveling or away from the Office (for example: Freelancers). 4 Education for:-consult addresses of colleges, universities, institutes, etc – find information on courses, programs and materials. -Notify places and dates of educational events: congresses, lectures, exams, etc. – send notifications of acceptance or […]