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Month: April, 2013


5 April, 2013 (04:32) | News | By: eye

Diabetes (diabetes) can damage the eyes, and sometimes there are no early symptoms. So you have no idea that something is wrong and that their view is in danger. These are the main problems of the eyes, which can be caused or aggravated by diabetes (diabetes). Cataracts: often described as a clouding of the lens […]

Biometric Systems Analysis

4 April, 2013 (14:09) | News | By: eye

Biometric systems: Analysis of Retina in a study of retina Access Control is one of the oldest biometric analysis. Already more than 70 years ago failed to establish that the arrangement of blood vessels in the eyes, was different in every human being. With the passing of the years, this idea took force, making it […]

Management Change

4 April, 2013 (07:00) | News | By: eye

Obtain what you want always involves some sacrifice, it is necessary to pay the price, goals always implies a change, it means moving from place A to place B, then it is necessary to make a total adaptation to this new lifestyle we want, implies a conscious and also an inner change, all change always […]

Effective Programs

3 April, 2013 (10:16) | News | By: eye

Truth be told contacts and glasses usually are not your response with regards to giving you better eye-sight, a person wants to look to boost sight with no eyeglasses. There are several good reasons for this, certainly one of the main remaining that spectacles simply conceal the particular challenge, they will do not improve how […]