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Language Guarani

Posted on October 30, 2013 in News

This project is coordinated by Prof. Maria Asuncion Gonzalez Gonzalez, Director of the College; and by Prof. Claudelina Gomez de Aveiro, teacher of the institution. The activity that will be directed to teachers, students, mothers and parents of the community; It will be developed by David Galeano Olivera, Director-General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. Peicha, mbo ehara, temimbo e, sy has tuvakuera onembokatupyryveta Guarani reko has nande rekoha nenangarekope. Jaikuaahaicha Guaranikuera akointe omomba eguasu has onangareko hekohare.

Roundtable discussion on ROA BASTOS and the translation of their works Guarani Paraguayan Chamber Editores, Booksellers and partners (CAPEL), the spectrum graphics Publisher, Vazpi Editorial and Jopoi Editorial translations carried a roundtable discussion about Augusto Roa Bastos and the importance of the translation of their works to the Guarani language, on Saturday, June 20, 5 p.m., at the 15th book fair assumption (ex factory Martel Villa Morra). It is noteworthy that of the Nieves Dominguez and Enrique Chamorro, graduates in Guarani language, are official translators of the works of Augusto Roa Bastos Guarani. They will be exhibitors at the roundtable discussion: David Galeano Olivera, Feliciano Acosta, Lino Trinidad Sanabria, Paublino Carlos Ferreira, Georgina Gonzalez, Maria Eva Mansfeld de Aguero, Miguel Angel Veron Gomez, Maria Elvira Martinez fields and Mario Ruben Alvarez. ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI ohecharamo has omomba eguasu De las Nieves has Enrique rembiapo. Omba apo kyre y Mokoive ombohasavo Roa Bastos rembiapo nane Avanee eme. 16 Years of the REGIONAL ASUNCION-Center of the ATHENAEUM that same Saturday, June 20 at 20: 00 hours, Regional Asuncion-Center of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI will remember his 16 years of Foundation, with the completion of a fellowship dinner which will take place in the military Center, Naval and aeronautics, located on Mcal.

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Controlled Efficiency

Posted on October 19, 2013 in News

It has been wait but for January 2012 you will be on the street the more potent roadster on the market: Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, with its V8 engine with its 422 horsepower. In terms of their technical characteristics, its 422 horsepower and its V8 engine 5.5 l petrol atmospheric, make you reach 250 km/hour with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and an average consumption of 8.4 liters. This block is based on the biturbo V8 which already equipped the 63 AMG, CLS 63 AMG, S 63 AMG and CL 63 AMG. Automatic change AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7 G – TRONIC is dual clutch. Account with three programs of driving: Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M). Propulsion is back. In terms of its exterior facade is clearly distinguished from the rest of SLK models by style wheels, by decorative elements exclusive to the bodywork and interior and the exhaust outlets. There are also a few specific details that make the typical elegance of Mercedes, as the steering wheel, console with decorative elements of aluminum or clock designed by IWC that sits at the top of the dashboard inside. In addition and as an option, you can choose various decorative packages to the exterior and interior, according to taste. As other SLK models it may carry a solar roof whose main characteristic is that it may darken. Mercedes still committed to be the main reference of the market sales and renting of Mercedes.


Federico Nietzsche

Posted on October 11, 2013 in News

Others to the man of faith do not hesitate when in later times to reach men with simple things such as these and are left confused. Do not use my eloquence to blaspheme. Argues but remembers as Pombo that always despite your passenger Existentialism you can say: while I, vil Gladiator, I greet you and I bless you… ARGUMENTS of Federico Nietzsche the morality how demonstration against nature morality unnatural, i.e., all morality taught, worshipped and preached until now, will instead, against the vital instincts and is a longer secret, already noisy and blatant condemnation of those instincts. When says: God looks upon the hearts says no to the internal aspirations and superiors of life and considers God as enemy of life. The Holy that is pleasing to God is the ideal gelding. Life ends there where begins the Kingdom of God Orlando Magno: evidently the man participates of an animal nature at the physical level.

Since your body can be compared with other animals. And as animal each man can satisfy each of their instincts. Which would not be unnatural. Not impose a moral to the animal unless we want to domesticate it. More to these actions of domestication, not moral we should you be called, because the animal does not include categorical sense of good and evil.

The animal will simply continue a series of standards that you to feel his instinct for preservation. And even though many of these rules may be unnatural for its very essence as an animal. They are followed by the animal. In order to keep that front that domestic it. Thats life, part of a body that works to the rhythmic beat of chemical reactions. Teach any kind of moral animal goes against the vital instincts and is a secret condemnation as gross Nietzsche. But the animal does not possess something which men conceive as conscience, reason, understanding, kinds of feelings, guilt, happiness, love and many other things that the man feels, even when it is the Earth that man less it reasons.


The Best

Posted on October 8, 2013 in News

As last item is the belief system, many people does not give importance to this and considers that a belief is something everyday, the belief is what determines our aware life is more we are what our deepest belief, if we want to be millionaires we must believe it, is necessary to be able to view us as possessors of great wealth, if we wish to be exporters also have to imagine it, to have the full conviction that we will succeed, with this determination we postponing an attitude and actions in line with our wishes in where the word impossible will disappear from our lives, in the case of very many people who believe that they are poor which touched me to discuss meeting who have ideas rooted around your situationThis is the most important point of the three, that is why now we understand a phrase that many have mentioned and is poverty is in the minds of the people, it is now necessary to clarify a point, it is not that someone thinks I am a millionaire and magically in ten minutes is millionaire, doesn’t work as well, this is a process, first begins by a desire, for example as of being an entrepreneur, then define the category that we wish to exploit, then make a plan from where we are to accomplish our purpose, someone will say I have no capital, I don’t have experience, etc. It doesn’t matter with tells you right now, the important thing is your desire, his conviction, his absolute determination and commitment to what has been proposed, millions of success stories only began with an idea, you can read thousands of biographies and you’ll realize that once you want something with enormous passion and willing to fight with true heart everything appears on the road, circumstances, people, capital, permissions, clients, etc. The best way to combat poverty is to teach people to modify their systems of beliefs, who understand how the power of money, what are the steps to achieve success, remember poverty does not exist, it is only a belief..

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