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Know How To Please Your Partner

Posted on July 24, 2014 in News

There is nothing more beautiful than to get intimate with another person, especially when the act is accompanied by emotional delivery and / or love. But it is a very common problem that one of the members of the couple, most often women do not have the fullness of satisfaction, ie does not reach orgasm. The reasons are varied, from lack of understanding before and during intercourse to problems of dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men and anorgasmia in women. The women usually need longer to experience coital orgasm, while men focus primarily on personal satisfaction, which often leads to making a monotonous and routine time away from being a source of happiness and satisfaction for both. Therefore it is necessary to learn to make the most of each of the stages that constitute the sexual act, thinking about getting one without mutual pleasure and then focus on the penetration, which will be achieved significantly prolong the time delay sex, and to understand and leverage in favor of both the behavior of the couple. It is not recommended the use of drugs or products that increase the time of intercourse in men, since the effect varies from one to another individual and may generate some kind of dependence, as well as many of these products are questionable components could be accompanied by negative side effects to health. The best thing is to understand and adopt a healthy lifestyle that eschews the consumption of liquor, snuff and any drugs harmful to the body, making exercise a daily activity and if possible practice a relaxation or yoga therapy, with harmonization of what each of the activities including sexuality. Finally, a the practice makes maestros , ie if we want something we do well we must conscientiously study and practice to achieve wholeness, which obviously will generate revenues of great satisfaction and strengthen our bonding. If you are interested in learning more about the subject.



Posted on July 17, 2014 in News

The goal of education is the virtue and the desire to become a good citizen. Plato introduction is necessary to redefine what should be the role of postgraduates in their different disciplines in the Venezuelan public universities in order to ensure academic and research excellence that in recent years, in some graduate, such as those concerning the social and economic sciences, even in engineering leave much to say. It should not be forgotten as stated in Wikipedia, which is called the postgraduate studies or post-graduate specialization studies subsequent to the Bachelor’s degree, i.e. that it is a level of education that is part of the upper type or third cycle. It is the last phase of formal education, has as mandatory background undergraduate degree and includes studies of specialization, master or master, doctorate and post-doctorate General information, background, considerations in respect of postgraduate studies, it gives us scielo.org.ve, that graduate education is defined as the systematic process of learning and intellectual productivity in an institutional context, individuals with a professional degree, carried out in order to opt for an advanced academic degree (Morles and Alvarez, 1996;) Morles, 2004).

In accordance with article 2 of the regulation of postgraduate studies leading to academic degree (UPEL, 1989), postgraduate studies: are aimed at deepening the knowledge of a particular area of knowledge, with a degree of greater than professional specialization; train high-level resources for teaching and research, as well as the exercise of technical functions to support teaching, in accordance with the requirements of the educational system and to the needs of the country; and to contribute to the scientific exchange with other universities of Venezuela and foreign institutions. Their backgrounds are located in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century, with the creation of the University of Berlin and with it, the Ph.d. in philosophy (Ph.d.), as the title of highest academic rank, which was obtained with the approval of seminars, courses and public scrutiny of a dissertation or thesis product of an individual, and scientific research under the guidance of a teacher or tutor expert.

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Mining Equipment Industry

Posted on July 16, 2014 in News

Mining equipment industry has excellent prospect The realization of global economic integration promotes China s industries and enterprises in various fields gradually open up the international market; the mining equipment industry with the most widely used mechanical devices, it is explore the international market successfully and usher in greater development space. In this way, while promoting the development of China s mining equipment industry, the technical level of China s mining equipment is improved. Now, the mining equipment industry in China has been on the right track, all types of mining equipment products have been rooted in the international market, and get a certain degree of competitiveness in the market. Today, the environmental protection industry has been facing the international development, so the development of the mining equipment industry also should tend to environmental-oriented direction; in fact, the traditional large-scale mining machinery in mining operations inevitably impact on the environment, and the mines equipment industry enterprises should pay more attention to improve the level of technology and product reduce resource consumption and pollution of the environment, after all, only the green production model is the key for stable development of the industry. With increasing of foreign economic construction, mining equipment demand is also increasing, which will increase the intensity of competition between the enterprises of the mining equipment industry, it cannot help but to stimulate research and development efforts of the mining equipment in China so that it can stably develop in the fierce competition. At this stage, the mining equipment industry is thought have the most excellent prospects in China. Domestic crusher manufacturersshould continue to improve the technical level of cement plant to strengthen their competitiveness in the vast international mining equipment market and drive the booming of domestic mining equipment industry! Rock crushers: Impact crusher:


Tecnologia Terminator

Posted on July 15, 2014 in News

THE IMPERIALISM ECOLOGICOEL gene TERMINATOR LA BIODEVASTACION GM give thanks to TRANSGENICOS.COM per LA information ATT ORLANDO MAGNO six giant companies agrochemical intend to control food production genetically, modified with a factual result that will entail unemployment of millions of farmers and the loss of markets to third world countries at the global level. In 1997 were planted over 12 million hectares of crops genetically manipulated three times more than in 1996 and estimated the market to double annually. Monsanto, Novartis, Agro Evo, Dupont, Zeneca and Dow Chemical multinational conglomerates have invested 8 billion dollars in GM crops and have passed above commercial organizations, agencies, regulators, legislators, media and consumers. FAO warns: is not possible to wait for a creation of jobs with new technologies. This fundamentally affect farming everywhere and will have a decisive role in the future of the poorest. The quarterly report by the British consultant Mc Kinsey says: the world is about to experience a revolution.

Science now is in the hands of huge chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural companies that have to spend a few products to a full menu currently in five years. Biotechnology is revolutionizing the food chain. Only two foodstuffs that can be found in supermarkets in Britain are labeled as produced by generic engineering: Safeway tomato puree and the vegetarian cheese Sainsbury and Coop. Within the wide range of products of this type there are many that contain generically modified ingredients, but cannot identify them are since they are mixed. There are for example maize with genes from bacteria and strawberries with fish genes. TerminatorLo worst of all is the acquisition by the company American Monsanto’s terminator technology and its phenomenal growth through mergers and purchases illustrate the new threat World Food and freedom. On 3 March 1998, the U.




Posted on July 3, 2014 in News

Among other features of the drainage pumps, we note an increased resistance to contaminated liquid and suction pipe, located in the 'bottom' body, so water is collected in full, without the rest (after the technique works in a series of Drenox 80 / 7 from Nocchi and top floor of Pedrollo remain pools deeper than two or three millimeters). To drain the device can operate in automatic mode, equip them with special floats (submersible pumps Ama-Drainer, KSB). This option insures the pump from pumping full of liquid. Suction mechanism in models of the series tmw (WILO) forms at the site of a twist, due to what is removed and the sediment. The main characteristic of the drainage technology – the size of solid particles, which are working pump chamber can pass without harm to himself. Most domestic pumping systems designed for fractions with a diameter of 10-30 mm, but some models (TP 50 and tp 65, WILO; dw Vox, Right, Ebara; gmc and gmv, Calpeda; mc, vx, Pedrollo) capable of pumping fluid from the inclusions diameter of five to seven centimeters. Need to say a few words about the universal submersible pumps of small capacity, such as vibrational model 'Kid' and other Russian counterparts. The 'Babe' no rotating parts, which improves its mechanical durability. It is perfect for watering the garden plots and vegetable gardens, water garden farms, pumping water from basements, and is inexpensive – about $ 25 The only disadvantage of this model – no Automation of the box.