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Posted on November 4, 2014 in News

Everytime one of your friends buys that product through the link of affiliate his son, he will earn a Commission per sale. The good news is that commissions on the Internet are usually 40% to 50%! Websites where your child can find affiliate products: 2. selling products on e-bay or other auctions on the Internet surely you have several items in your home that does not use and that are in your attic or they are taking up space in your home. Why you don’t invite your teen to sell those items through auctions on the Internet? Apart from making money and help you get rid of the useless things in your home, you will learn important sales skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Sites where you can sell products: can learn more about how the auctions on the Internet at this link: subastas-en-internet-una-gu%C3%ADa-para-compradores-y-vendedores-4702 3. Providing service to third parties if their son or daughter is an innate computin, do not look in less easy to understand well with computers.

This ability is highly required today. He or she could provide services to less endowed people in the technological area. Some of the services that are in high demand: 1. Webmaster: Assembly and handling web pages or blog, especially WordPress 2. Virtual Assistant: service of virtual Secretary that has a broad application field, from the management of email accounts, posting on forums, Twitter and Facebook, upload material to the website, to the same accounting of a web site from a client. A virtual assistant can have multiple clients at the same time and they may be located geographically in any part of the world. 3.

Graphic design: If your child shows have artistic skills, can offer graphic design services. You can design images for a website, banners, logos, CD covers and virtual books, etc. 4. Writer of articles, press releases, or blogs: despite the boom audio & video on the web, the main language of communication in the Internet remains the written language. The problem is that many Internet business owners cannot or do not want to write. They hire to third parties so they write for them. If your child has skills to write, you have a skill of cutting edge that can be exploited successfully on the Internet! Directions in which your child can offer their services: 5. photography and videos for sale: If your child is of those who take photos and then love to play with the images on your computer and make videos with them, can upload their products in banks of pictures and sell them there. Each time that sells a video or a photograph of them, they make money. Banks of photos in Spanish language: do you see the tremendous potential that the Internet for their children? Instead of declaring war on the computer of his sons, share this information with them and help them to use their skills in something productive to earn money online.

Jewelry Merchandise

Posted on October 8, 2014 in News

The money is a so important part of our daily life we looked for that it incessantly, but rarely we pause to consider that it is. The modern financial system, with its tickets, checks, bottoms federals, and other complex financial instruments did not arise overnight. It has been developed throughout centuries. The money Is everything what it constitutes means of change or payment commonly accepted. At the outset it took the form of merchandise, but with time it was transformed into money-paper and current All these instruments consider the same essential quality: they are accepted as average of payment in the purchase of goods and services. The societies have happened in the use of the money through numerous historical phases. The sequence of the exchange, the money-merchandise, the money paper and the banking money sample how evolved this one in the course of the time.

The exchange and the use of the money. When Stanley Jevons, in one of first text books on the money, wanted to ahead illustrate the tremendous jump that gave the civilization when it happened of the exchange to money to realise interchanges. The money as half of change appeared for the first time in the history of the man in the form of merchandise, of very diverse types: cattle, olive oil, beer or wines, receive, iron, gold, silver, ring and diamonds.In century XIX, the money-merchandise were limited metals almost exclusively. The silver shines, but it dims. As far as gold, its high specific gravity causes that it is easy to detect any falsification or adulteration.

But during most of history, its value of shortage by ounce has been so serious that they were necessary excessively small currencies to realise ordinary purchases.The majority of the used classes of money tended to be valuable or useful by themselves. Thus, the gold has been used in the odontolgy and the Jewelry shop. Nevertheless, the intrinsic value of the money is less important of he. The era of the money-merchandise opens the way to the one of the money-paper. Today, essence of the money is in the open. The money like so and not as merchandise, do not look for by itself, but by the things that can it bought with him. We do not want to have it to consume it directly but, rather, to use coming off it to us him. Even though we decide to conserve it, its value derives the fact that we can spend it later.The money is an artificial social convention. If by any reason, a substance like money begins to be used, the public would begin to value it. A person who does not smoke will evaluate cigarettes if these constitute the money in a concentration camp.