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Posted on September 9, 2017 in News

He liberates us deep into the energy and allow for freedom from routine and all the familiar, forces us to seek new ways and gives a feeling of complete freedom, which is akin to the soaring proud bird. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by clicking through. Thanks to Uranus, we off the ground, where we leave all the chains of the material, and rushes into the boundless sky in its capabilities. Uranium widens our perspective, forced to think unconventionally, to invent new, to change their lives and build again. Stirs our creative forces, forcing to move forward, which ultimately is the intent and purpose of its powerful impact. Global changes related to Uranus, carry a huge positive charge. There will be new leaders, new ideas emerge, all areas of life come together to move with change. Arise entirely neisledovannye new areas in science and technology. Brad Pitt can aid you in your search for knowledge. There will be many new inventions, coupled with sky, air, astronomy, space and aviation.

Even greater development than it is now, get areas such as the Internet, electronics, computers, mathematics, physics, and genetics. Continually re-evaluated old and occur new laws. Special role in our lives will play people of occult professions – astrologers, spiritual teachers, psychics and parapsychologists. Expected revival of ancient alchemy at some new, hitherto unknown level. Not excluded Slow leveling Institute tservki and the emergence of entirely new social formations based on shared interests and views. From time to time a strong influence of Uranus will lead to the spontaneous emission energy, which will be expressed in the riots, strikes, mass protests, even revolutionary actions and rallies.

The Way

Posted on December 27, 2013 in News

And the blame for this is that at the very beginning of the relationship people have not made it clear that to truly enjoy each of them. To clarify this very important question is the easiest way: you ask the man himself. Of course, we should not expect that in response he would give to rank a list of their values. Most likely, he himself was only dimly suspects that he likes, and no. Therefore, your task is not only ask questions but also to listen carefully to what the person answers, clarifying for yourself (and him) that he understands only partially. By the way, the interested attention like everyone, so that you immediately place the companion to him and make a significant step towards building lasting relationships. Maybe someone at the top is not ready to talk about such things.

That is his right. It means that first you have to earn his trust, that man felt safe and wanted to reveal. Building a safe space to communicate with your partner as a "trump card" that will attract and keep with you as many people as you want. Think for yourself, with someone you like to communicate: a caustic, arrogant people who, as you know, blabbed all your secrets at the first opportunity? Or with a reliable, friendly, wise interlocutors who are ready to listen and support you? The answer is obvious. Become such a companion for yourself, and you will not be alone. Of course, this may require you to something which changes.

What Is Scientology ?

Posted on December 10, 2013 in News

By definition, Scientology – is an applied religious philosophy, founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The word "applied" means "used in the life", which means, all the knowledge gained in Scientology can be used to improve their lives and their loved ones. "Religious Philosophy" – which means that it has to do with the spirit and recognizes the man as a spiritual being. Discoveries that were made in Scientology, made possible by other religions, which explored the founder of Scientology L.

Ron Hubbard. Thus, Scientology represents a collection of knowledge, because it consists of particles of different religions, which were systematized and compiled in whole. Scientology – is the result of study of many religions and detailed consideration of the human mind. Perhaps the sages of ancient times, reached similar states, but they did not pass their knowledge on how they done. And those skills that are in now, can not be restored or transferred.

In this case, only here there is an exact technology to achieve these states. The exact path that you want to go for it called Bridge to Total Freedom. Procedure in Scientology, in order to achieve higher states, is called auditing. A state that can be achieved by applying a Scientology auditing is called Clear. Despite the fact that she has slightly more than half a century, it is one of the fastest growing religion on earth. Any person who correctly apply Scientology to yourself and your loved ones, gets results. Make yourself and sign up for auditing!