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History Of Technology And Equipment

Posted on June 8, 2011 in News

The first samples of research and production of steam turbine is rooted in distant past. First, one of the oldest descriptions of the primitive steam turbine refers to the I century of our era. In Germany, the German physicist O. Gericke was invented first in the annals of universal porshenkovy lightweight pump. Probably published in 1640.

O. Gericke scientifically proved the existence of atmospheric pressure. Engineer Ledemur designed and scientifically argued the centrifugal principle. Ledemurom, in 1732, was invented by the brand-new and unique system of centrifugal water-pump. L. Euler established and scientifically proven concept of centrifugal motor vehicles.

ne and sa Chaplygin and several other prominent Experts in the field belong to the doctrine of axial compressors and propellers. In 1705, Englishman Nyukomenom was opened and created water-lifting machine. Russian discoverer ii sliders, in period from 1763 po1765 years, has created a steam blowing machine. All the data listed above invention does not lead to wider use in industry, pumps and compressors. But due to this information, a scientific basis for the formation and improvement of compressor equipment in the future. The modern systematic study and industrialists have launched a huge compressor engineering industry. Aviation, any industry, food or space, even the catering does not get along without a compressor technology. Principles of designing compressors, developed by our glorious ancestors, still in use today. Change materials, design, form, but of something radically new has not been invented. As for us, the most famous in the old Soviet Union from the compressor with the parameters of performance to 100 m3/min, are reciprocating compressors. Technology to which underlies the principle of their work, more than two hundred years and it is quite elementary. Consistent with this factor, this view of the compressor was considered important and not so long ago, one type of lung compressors produced here. Their main advantage is underestimated initial cost, unlike other types of compressor equipment, ease of manufacturing and ease of maintenance. Reciprocating compressor, in the case of the current. service will last long enough. But these are details, in general, it should be noted that there existed seyches not destroyed before the end of a huge industry. This means that we have another industry that can compete in the market abroad. And you can continue the technical history of the country. Guest developed during ische Union, are now and which still produced the majority of domestic compressors.