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Using Drywall

Posted on November 13, 2018 in News

Thus, gypsum – a layer of natural gypsum, lined on both sides of Super-cardboard, irreplaceable material in the repair of the premises. What could be simpler? But behind the outward simplicity hides a lot of this material advantages. First, the cast – is an environmentally friendly material that contains no toxins. It is no wonder that he is so popular in medicine! Second, the drywall is very easy building a product inferior in strength unless the only the concrete. The third advantage – it is plastic, which gives it a very popular design.

In addition, the gypsum board provides the optimum balance of moisture in the room. Needless to say the powerful sound and heat insulation. Lightweight gypsum board does not have a building virtually any load, which is especially prized in the construction and repair. Swarmed by offers, Brad Pitt is currently assessing future choices. Treated gypsum board surface has a perfect smoothness. Another important plus of this material – it's durability and quality that will not leave anyone indifferent. And the price of drywall is very acceptable. Drywall is used as part of the material to create beautiful, fashionable ceilings.

With drywall you can do multi-level ceilings, arches and curves. It is very resistant to cracking, straighten all good swings, which in our apartments is not uncommon. Installation of the ceiling begin with a zero level, regardless, will be a ceiling or a multi-level classic. Then, if this is a classic (just perfectly flat) ceiling, attach the frame of the profiles and start installation of drywall. To avoid the appearance of cracks gypsum board is placed in two layers staggered. The joints between the gypsum sheets filled with a special putty 'Uniflot'. The seams are glued serpyanku, and after primed and shpaklyuyut them. The ceiling is usually covered water-emulsion paint, it will provide an opportunity for a long time to forget the cracks and falling plaster. Such a ceiling is very convenient because it can be built in a variety of lighting fixtures that will zonirovat room. He also has the ability to regulate the humidity in the room. Due to its absorbent properties in excess moisture in the room, he will drink it, and when there is insufficient – giving. Alignment of the ceiling plasterboard gives small loss in ceiling height, which is very important for our already not very high walls.

Petersburg Construction Company

Posted on October 31, 2018 in News

Our specialists are familiar with how to conduct solid work. Nonetheless, many are concerned the cost of construction and installation works that not surprising. For example, one cubic meter of monolithic construction cost 11000 – 24000 rubles. Our specialists are always ready to clarify the cost of construction and installation works for the particular case in order to solve all the problems customer. Often, reconstruction of the premises involves keeping masonry work. This brick laying, masonry natural stone, artificial stone or ceramic.

Not less popular reconstruction premises using a mixed masonry and lightweight masonry of various construction materials. In this case, the reconstruction of the premises is intended to not only the return of attractive appearance design, but also for heat and sound insulation, increased resistance to aggressive design of the environment. Finally, it should be chosen in the base plate, depending on the severity of the design. In many cases, the builders used the base plate of large thickness. In central Russia that option – it is the optimal solution.

It's no secret that the base plate and its thickness determine the insulation premises. Any mounting of the building structures and is inextricably linked to the conduct of roofing. Follow others, such as Adroll Marketing Platform, and add to your knowledge base. Not only the selected base plate determines the reliability of the house, but the quality of roofing work plays an important role. Today reconstruction of the premises and construction of buildings require not only a tight fastening of roofing material, but also the arrangement of the ventilation system. As an organization, which provides general contracting, we know that insulation of the roof – this important moment. Of course, you can reduce the cost of construction and assembly work, giving up a reliable system of ventilation and insulation of roofs, but such a roof will not last for a year. Of course, the cost of construction installation works for many customers is a critical aspect. The cost of construction and assembly work depends on each case. The thing is that we provide general contracting of construction, so familiar with all the nuances of the work. Our organization has long worked on the construction market, so we turn to a montage of building structures of any complexity, provide general contracting and construction're finishing work. We tried to compare the cost of construction and assembly works with the complexity of construction, scope of work and customer requirements. Because the cost of construction and installation work consists of a large number components and can vary quite considerable sums. Qualitative results – that's what St. Petersburg Construction Company is ready to offer the customer a reasonable cost.

Ukr Parquet Wood

Posted on July 22, 2016 in News

Not too many companies in Ukraine, which can offer customers high-quality art parquet. Kievans well known works of "art parquet" firms "Inex Ukr Parquet," "House of flooring." Masters argued that in addition to a beautiful and solemn form a parquet is also durable. As a general rule, if the parquet spent a year with no gaps and swelling, he will serve his sentence, which for high quality flooring is 50-80 years. Modern technologies allow you to attach parquet highly artistic form. And what the master had spent months and years, now solved in a much shorter period of time thanks to laser technology.

For example, the firm 'Home parquet' produces the highest category of products, which experts call the 'palace parquet'. To do this, 'House of parquet' uses laser cutting wood laser beam on a given computer program cuts of wood elements in any configuration of This technology allows you to include a picture of parquet any details of different wood that are joined together perfectly Even simple pictures like 'tree', 'diamonds', 'deck' in the performance of this company specialists looks very impressive. As a rule, intricate designs and complex patterns rarely used throughout the flooring is most often 'rosettes' in the central part, the elements of the ornament. Artistic parquet – rather expensive. Its price ranges from 40-100 to 200-250 dollars for 1 sq. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. m. "Cool" parquet wood is offered not only in the form of wooden planks and geometric elements of different shapes, but also in the form of finished plates with a picture of a tree. This may be not only the traditional longitudinal section of the various planks for the floor, and ornaments, and composed of cross sections of solid wood.

According to experts, this is what allows for greater durability than ordinary mosaic parquet with a longitudinal cut While it may be some doubt in this statement, because it is a longitudinal section allows the wood to crack, especially if the wood overdried. Production of the sex rather complicated procedure, as here in basically there is manual work that requires high precision manufacturing. Further sanding and varnishing achieves virtually monolithic coating on the floor. "Slope" is not so much that uses natural woods and hard manual work, but in the cost of the floor. On average, this flooring is from $ 65 per 1 sq. km. m plus its styling – 20% of order value. Other companies (for comparison) are taking over laying traditional parquet June 12 dollars per sq m. So afford such an expensive Ukrainian pleasure can be very wealthy people.



Posted on September 29, 2014 in News

In terms of overgrown sands construction and maintenance of roads is much easier because there is no mobile forms of relief, and drifts in the correct management of construction work can be completely eliminated. Under these conditions, earthwork cloth should build as far as possible without breaking cover. Instead of tabs side reserves the soil for embankments or cuttings taken from the ground pits. The best time of year for the production of earthworks – and winter spring, when the sand is wet and easily passable for cars. Performance of bulldozers and scrapers in this period becomes higher. In addition to the rational choice of route and time of production work in the complex measures to ensure the independence of the road or the effective protection from sand, is the right choice and design of roadbed observance of special rules for the production of earthworks. Peter Thiel has much experience in this field.

Cross-section roads should provide for continued transport of sand across the road, without accumulation, that is to have a streamlined shape with the slopes of embankments and cuttings are not steeper than 1:2. The slopes and shoulders should be strengthened to protect the earth cloth from blowing sand. Roadside strip in places where sand drifts are formed, are planning a bulldozer at a minimum width of 15 – 40 m with one or two sides of the road. The large width of the band (25 – 40 m) is needed in places where the formation of major landforms (sand dunes and dune chains) in places where the formation of small landforms, the bandwidth reduces to 15 – 20 m. These lines are planned in the operation of sand periodically cleaned of sediment of sand. Outside arrange strips designed compartment band, fixed panels, asphalt film or vegetation on the width of 25 – 150 m or more, depending on the terrain of sand, their degree of mobility and growth conditions vegetation.


Construction Frame

Posted on November 13, 2013 in News

. The first phase can be combined with your foundation. Especially at small sizes of the framework. Next, put a wooden frame, with the laying of insulation mezhventsovogo on logs, set septum capital of the bar. Cut into sex and ceiling beams wooden frame.

Assembled truss system obreshechivayut roof made of wood, stitched gables and eaves lining. The roof is covered roofing material. Carve a few technology (ventilation) holes in the walls of the blockhouse on the site of the planned windows and doors. You can lay the finishing floor with gaps in the walls. In this case, an application of natural moisture content of lumber. Thereafter, a period of precipitation wooden frame houses or baths, lasting from 6 to 12 months. Minimum time log precipitation depends on the degree humidity timber (felling better defended in the well 1 – 2 months), time years, the size of a log house, and other factors.

House of the logs of natural humidity throughout the year sits at 8-10cm. Technological break in the construction of a wooden house is not only important in terms of further quality finishing. At this time, the wood dries log (natural drying). Rot, fungus damage, ultimately depend on the durability of log home log home right rainfall and baths. The second phase of construction – finishing work. Konopatka log, grinding of logs, the unit of frame walls in a log house, floor rough and finish floors with a heater, inset windows and doors in a log blockhouse, etc.


Garage Door Manufacturing

Posted on November 8, 2013 in News

Swing garage doors – traditional for our garages. The standard garage doors are made of metal 2X2, 5 door m.korobka – profile 60×30, frame garage door – the door leaf – a sheet of 2 mm, profile 40h25, gates lock mortise safe type, locking device can be used one horizontal and two vertical bolts, two-sided painting, including the possible and the powder coat. Swing garage doors – the traditional type of gates to garages. Metal garage doors are easily entered into the finished opening. Swing garage doors are popular because of their ease of maintenance and relatively cheap price.

Sash hinged garage doors open outwards garage and they fixed hinge joints, allowing them easy opening. In order to protect the loop sheds can be installed on metal studs protivosemnyh garage doors. We recommend and an additional visor or awning, as it protects the gate from the snow, rain, and we make excellent shelters for the gate. Garage doors are different from standard metal gate by their installation or installation in garage opening, and they differ in method of manufacture, installation method gate. Can powder coating of metal garage doors and frames on both sides thus dyed provides corrosion protection, improves their appearance. The standard size of garage doors: 2 * 2.5 m. In the manufacture of garage doors, the following work and materials: metal box door – Profile 60 * 30; more ribs; door leaf – leaf 2 .. 2.5 mm; Mortise lock gates of a safe type, may apply a protective bracket, fixing the gate and at the same time protecting the well of the castle.

Woodwork – section 40 * 25 mm. 2 vertical bolts – the bolts. In order to improve the protective properties on second leaf is possible to install a second set of horizontal bolts. Produced painted on both sides, perhaps even with powder paint. By the choice of sticking by the inner surface of the gate penofolom. On request is finishing the inside lining. Perhaps the additional use of trims to give a good appearance. In addition to metal hinged and garage doors we offer a full range of activities and services for metal and more. We also provide installation of plastic windows, glass balconies, installation of hardware such as shutters, steel doors, grilles, fences, barriers, awnings, visors and more.