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Posted on July 3, 2014 in News

Among other features of the drainage pumps, we note an increased resistance to contaminated liquid and suction pipe, located in the 'bottom' body, so water is collected in full, without the rest (after the technique works in a series of Drenox 80 / 7 from Nocchi and top floor of Pedrollo remain pools deeper than two or three millimeters). To drain the device can operate in automatic mode, equip them with special floats (submersible pumps Ama-Drainer, KSB). This option insures the pump from pumping full of liquid. Suction mechanism in models of the series tmw (WILO) forms at the site of a twist, due to what is removed and the sediment. The main characteristic of the drainage technology – the size of solid particles, which are working pump chamber can pass without harm to himself. Most domestic pumping systems designed for fractions with a diameter of 10-30 mm, but some models (TP 50 and tp 65, WILO; dw Vox, Right, Ebara; gmc and gmv, Calpeda; mc, vx, Pedrollo) capable of pumping fluid from the inclusions diameter of five to seven centimeters. Need to say a few words about the universal submersible pumps of small capacity, such as vibrational model 'Kid' and other Russian counterparts. The 'Babe' no rotating parts, which improves its mechanical durability. It is perfect for watering the garden plots and vegetable gardens, water garden farms, pumping water from basements, and is inexpensive – about $ 25 The only disadvantage of this model – no Automation of the box.

Contact Welding Methods

Posted on June 9, 2014 in News

For welding with pressure is contact welding, which uses the heat released in contact welded parts during the passage of electric current. Distinguished point, butt, seam and embossed contact welding. The main methods of contact welding developed in the late xix century. In 1887, nn Benardos received a patent for methods of spot and seam welding between carbon electrodes. Later, when the electrodes are made of copper and its alloys, these methods of welding steel core. Resistance welding is the leading mechanized welding methods in the automotive industry in the sheet-molded compound body structure car. Butt-welded joints connecting rails, joints of pipelines. Seam welding is used in the manufacture of thin-walled vessels.

Projection welding – the most high- method of welding fittings for the construction of reinforced concrete structures. Capacitor resistance welding is widely used in electronic industry in the manufacture of components and chips. One of the most developing trends in the welding industry – wide use of mechanized and automatic welding. It is as mechanization and automation of welding processes themselves (ie, the transition from manual labor welder to mechanized), and a comprehensive mechanization and automation, encompassing all activities associated with the manufacture of welded structures (procurement, assembly, etc.) and the establishment of stream and automatic production lines. With the development of technology there is a need welding of various thicknesses of different materials, in connection with the constantly expanding range of species and used welding methods. Today while the workpiece thickness from a few micrometers (in microelectronics) to tens of centimeters or even meters (heavy engineering). Along with the structural carbon and low alloy steels are increasingly have to weld special steels, light alloys and titanium-based alloys, molybdenum, chromium, zirconium and other metals, as well as dissimilar materials.

Steam Heating

Posted on May 11, 2012 in News

Water pressure before umpeu must ensure receipt at the exit of her hot stream (from the loss of water pressure) with the required pressure of water mains. On the pumping effect of psa. In promotional materials, on psa, often stresses such property as an opportunity to heating and pressurizing the water network. There are allegations about the possibility to refuse pump (negative pressure drop). Expert opinion on this issue 3: 1.Ispolzovanie steam injector for heating the cold water steam and hot water in a storage container is possible if the water and steam in their characteristics comply with sanitary norms and rules. 2. usefulness of the steam injector system for training a network of water at consumer substations that are connected to the steam heating systems are not so obvious and should be considered for each object individually.

If the scheme of heating mains water will be used by psa, which combines the heating system water to increase its pressure, the hydraulic and thermal regimes of the thermal system with psa are interrelated. With increasing (decreasing) the outside air temperature required temperature of network water should decrease (increase) according to the temperature control schedule. This means that the flow of steam through nozzle psa should also decrease (increase), which leads to changes in network pressure hot water at the outlet of psa, and therefore will change its flow. In turn, due to variable water flow, the temperature at exit from the heating system is not equal to the values that should correspond to temperature profiles, calculated at constant flow of water mains.


Trivision Advertising

Posted on March 16, 2011 in News

Advertising promises increased sales and limit the number of advertising surfaces still exist. Huge billboards just city, causing understandable frustration with the residents and representatives of municipal authorities. All this identified the creation of a new, more economical forms of advertising board – Trivision or plasmatron. Plasmatron (Trivision) – an advertising surface, which has an information field. Consists of equilateral triangular prisms, which changing the angle of rotation, creating a different image. Plasmatron may be the following: unilateral and multilateral, wall and floor, detached, etc. Due to its obvious advantages, plasmatron confidently pushes conventional billboards.

Efficiency of its use is much more subject to production of quality materials on the latest technologies. Plasmatron consists of a frame, placed vertically, the upper beam (Attaching to the prisms) and the lower beam (rotation mechanism and mountings for prisms). Standing upright triangular prism work so that one of the faces are always located in the same plane – and formed the image. Once rotary mechanism expands the frame at 120 , the other faces are obtained in the same plane and form the next advertising message. In total there are 3 images, which are periodically replaced with each other.

They can be replaced different ways: vertically or horizontally from the center or on the angle, simultaneously or sequentially. In the rotation mechanism includes the following components: a composite shaft connected to the stepper motor. On the shaft are grooves and pushers. Under the shaft bearings are located, and which make the shaft work. Asterisks touch the disk and shaft with prisms are fixed at the time of a scene. If you use an uninterruptible power autonomous operation plasmatron provides for 150 hours. But in any case, the quality of its work depends on the bearing – small, but the main details plasmatron It bearings are responsible for the process of change images, and the fault of one of them can stop the animations. And most plasmatron require long-term and costly repairs.