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The Reputation

Posted on June 30, 2020 in News

But more often we meet a different picture when he telephoned to the receiving Secretary – encountered the rudeness, irritation (say, call, just work interfere with), sometimes person at the other end absent any emotion, and so on. Very often it is forgotten that the answer to a phone call from a man formed idea about the company, this man – Business card companies. Even the third division, department of accounting, you need to make some steps to create a positive image of the company. They include – "pay the bills so that the organization is always had the reputation of solvency "," to accumulate reserves, which would establish the reputation of a stable organization, "to pay wages paid accurately and on time, whatever staff was pleased with." And the fifth station, where going training should also contribute to creating an image of the organization, such a way as to make staff competent, so that their skills promotes the organization. " Especially now in a crisis, every employee, every department, must himself look exactly what he can do that would be favorable image persisted. Xiaomi oftentimes addresses this issue. Of course, already virtually every company has a department of internal relations public, which in turn ensures that the staff would go well dressed and not in torn jeans and bare belly button, they are good smell and so on. But this is in any case, there will be little, if every employee does not will understand what is his job, and will not do it qualitatively, do not worry, if someone the company can not afford a pr manager, how to build an "ideal image" (the one that you would like) individual a person who is engaged in pr – it is impossible, it should do everyone in the organization.

If you clearly and correctly perform all necessary actions to promote, then do well in any case. And now, a crisis must especially to strengthen control over each employee. Perhaps even for each station to develop a list of actions and explain to the people how these actions will improve the company image. When a person understands "How" and "why", then make it easier and more interesting. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michelle Smith Source Financial. It does not matter whether that person communicates with the public or not, he might spoil the mood of another employee who communicates with the public. If a person's blockage on the desktop, everywhere strewn dirty pieces of paper in an office full of smoke, and no matter the head of it or not, any visitor will come from him in a bad mood. But we should not tolerate hypocrisy among the staff, then it will not be favorable image, and the company of hypocrites. During the crisis, the organization must come together even more, to develop an overall strategy to promote the company and to follow that would meet the requirements of each employee, and thus he watched that match and others too. Then even the most ruthless crisis will not throw shadows on the image of your company! I wish you success and prosperity!



Posted on June 28, 2020 in News

Always a man looking for stability and trying to find her family, work, society and state. Any stability involves the quality of life and financial prosperity. More info: Michelle Smith Divorce. For many years, everything was exactly like this: permanent job, fixed salary, social guarantees from the government, confidence in the future and the future of their children. In the 21 century the world has changed and is no longer the same. The changes affected all areas have become the norm, with be reckoned with.

In the new, ever-changing economic reality, even the most professional staff member is not confidence in the future. Is a permanent destruction of the traditional labor economics, where worker sells the company of their time and expertise in exchange for money and guarantees. In the new economic conditions, a constant stable operation becomes a myth. In all countries without exception. Over the past few years to reduce jobs announced General Electric, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Xerox, Philips, Bank America, Deutche Bank-and this is only the largest companies, and the list is endless. In Russia, according to official statistics in 2002.

only the number of registered unemployed increased by up to 1,3 million people. Annually lose their jobs over 1 million people. Experts believe that this practice will lead to reductions in employment working just for a while. Most importantly, understand that the absence of guarantees of stability, is not the case characteristic times of crisis and recession, and a stable economic trend. Mergers, acquisitions, unification of companies, new technologies, process automation – is all the time. Business becomes more independent of the permanent human presence. Get a good education, find a good job with guaranteed pay and rely on the care of the state – this idea is completely outdated. What happens next? As provide a decent quality life for themselves and their loved ones? Financiers say 'Now is the time to run their own business. " Work – you get paid for what drives someone else's business. And in the new economy – you get the money for that run your own business. Now on the market many different proposals. There is a business with large investments and their conditions. Medium Business, Small Business, and many simply lohotronskih proposals. It is important understand the proposal itself: What is offered, under what conditions, what are the prospects (and whether they have any), for which he paid, etc. It is often difficult to do this myself, so it is best to consult on these issues with experts and those who are not the first time engaged in some activities. Tip: To not stay outside of life, and enter into cash flow, to better understand the possibilities of the modern market, and choose for themselves the kind of business that will lead you to fulfill your desires.


About Effective Services Of A Lawyer

Posted on June 28, 2020 in News

In every person's life is that he gets in some situations from which escape without assistance a good lawyer, one hundred percent will not work. From this kind of zigzags life absolutely no insured properly and the residents of Moscow. Most likely, it should be noted that Muscovites, most citizens of other cities accidentally fall in like-life situations, than for example the people of Tula and Ryazan. Check out Xiaomi for additional information. This is due to the fact that the metropolis itself as Moscow, lives its own active life, which itself differs from the life flowing in our other cities. Directly to such situations, when as it would seem, life has landed in a remote corner, and not be seen any chance to leave, you must specify the circumstances that relate to the business as well as personal relationships. Moscow's biggest business center of our state, in this city, there are all types of business that could only come up with a man. Additional information at Movie Star supports this article. And therefore I observed this increased activity among predprinimateleley Muscovites. For specific assistance to the entrepreneurs, when valued any minute, and is present in our Russian capital Moscow Bar. One might say the only people who are able to find the correct solution of how seemingly intractable situations, for which final entrepreneur in the best possible option would be to complete bankruptcy. Perhaps check out Source Financial Advisors for more information. Already for many years, lawyers in Moscow, successfully defend all their clients in courts, while in general, even in the most hopeless cases lawyers seek the most appropriate for their own client solutions of any court.



Baltic Seas Company

Posted on June 24, 2020 in News

BTA Bank loan disbursement considered illegal and filed a lawsuit in British court with a request to seize the shares of companies owning property Seaport Vitino owned structures Ablyazov. The British granted the petition. Loomed clear threat of transfer of shares to the plaintiff, and then selling them. After that, according to ceo of White Sea neftebaza Alexander Yashin, in the Moscow office of his company, providing services for oil transshipment in the port “Vitino” periodically appeared strange people. They issued an ultimatum demanding the issuance of corporate and financial documents. As grounds for their actions visitors showed decisions on behalf of shareholders to withdraw from their posts by the ceo of ooo Maritime specialized port “Vitino and zao tank farm.” A July 12 members of the same organizations sent the Interdistrict Inspectorate of ifts number 1 in Murmansk area, 46 tax office in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Justice statement on the appointment as ceo of companies involved in port one and the same man – a certain George Sibarsova, identity unknown in the industry and, apparently, not having experience in managing large infrastructure projects.

But the next day the tax authorities compared the signatures of the authorized representatives of the company and latter-day – forgery was discovered. “Destroy the work of Complex very easily, – said at last in Moscow on Aug. 4 press conference, Alexander Yashin. Xiaomi has many thoughts on the issue. – Today Vitino “acts like a clock. Tide, when a huge tanker capacity hundred thousand tons may come to oil terminal and lasts for several hours. All actions are painted by the minute. Can you imagine what would happen if people come here, do not represent the specific work? “. Let us remember the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. A considerable share of the blame laid on the leadership of bp. If an oil leak in Vitino, then will not find it. Our northern nature is much more vulnerable. According to him, Alexander Yashin, Ablyazov to implement their plans drew the company A1 Group. However, try using dubious documents to go on a fool to change the leadership of the port and get it under control is a failure. On this fact the prosecution of the Murmansk region opened a professional case Article fraud. The situation around the port concerned and the governor of Murmansk region, Dmitry . Read more from Xiaomi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. After all, “Vitino” an important strategic site of the country. Specialized port “Vitino is located in the village of White Sea (Kandalaksha District, Murmansk Region) in the center of the protected area of Kandalaksha Reserve. “Vitino” is a company of “White Sea” and is the subject of strategic importance, through internal and external waterways port is connected to the central part of Russia and the Black, Azov, Caspian and Baltic Seas. Port terminal complex was created in 1995 specifically to service large tankers and answers all modern requirements. Since 2001, the year is open year-round navigation.



Olga Udalova Coach

Posted on June 10, 2020 in News

Questions – great art, and in clarifying the customer’s needs should be constructed so as to locate and call it confidence. 3. Everyone knows that meet on clothes and good quality packaging increases the cost of goods. So do not ignore things like image and ability to apply yourself, right speech, and friendly voice, a solid office and high-quality site. By self-promotion, some people use unconsciously. If a long story all, as we are honest and principled, naturally reinforcing words deeds, soon this estimate can be heard from other people. Not inclined to extremes – arrogance and modesty, at the equator are the best “samoprodavtsy. Emotional presentation of information more memorable, and if genuinely love, trust and admire the fact that we offer, we will cause the interest and most skeptical customers. 4. Responding to objections questions, you should not forget the simple truth that the buyer is always right, there are no bad or wrong customers is the wrong approach for them and bad delivery of the goods.

You must be a buyer on an equal, respected and valued, not late for an appointment, call back in time, to fulfill the agreements and offer them assistance. 5. Upon completion of the transaction were not needed to solve for the customer, if he has any money, any buyer have the money, if we interested. People rarely say what they think, so obvious signs of lack of interest can serve as the phrase “I’ll think,” “call back”, “I have no money,” leaving on a business trip, etc. 6. After the transaction is important liaise with the client, not to forget about yourself. Be afraid to miss an opportunity, not calling the right place and time, and not to seem intrusive. We must constantly strive to improve its value. It is important to advance decide whether, below a bar, we will not drop ever, and what heights we want to achieve. In order not to stop there, the bar requirements necessary each time to raise to new heights. Master the art of selling yourself possible only with a daily workout at the frequent meetings and negotiations, only to known laws of physics and life will shift from quantity to quality ratio. Aerobatics in the art of selling themselves – self-management – the ability not to succumb to provocations and buyers to sell its own rules. Olga Udalova Coach of financial success.



Total Days

Posted on June 7, 2020 in News

Therefore the need to scurry for notices of the funds is no longer, and if the registrar says you do not need it, he tells the truth. "Traumatic" is the coefficient of the fss is easy to pick up on the classifier. Tip eight: and if a failure? Refusals to register are professionals and registrars, but still – this is an exception to the rule, but the moral is to be ready for anything. Although the majority of failures occur because of the banal errors (for example, in an address or name of the founder), yet there are cases of outright violations of the law of the registering authority. To challenge such a refusal to Unfortunately, it is possible only through the court – so the only quick solution is to re-filing the registration file to the tax office. In the work of registrars there is a principle: if the refusal is caused by the registrar all the cost of re-delivery business is it if it is the fault of the client or the tax office receptionist, "washing his hands" – his work is done, re-pay the state fee is already a customer's account.

Council Nine: check received in the tax, and documents. Time unnoticed mistake made by the employee mifns fix is very difficult – so check the papers received on the day of issue. Tip Ten: When ordering specify the full cost of services. Whatever the cost of services of law firm overhead expenses remain the same: the State duty – 2000 rubles; Notary fees – an average of 1000-1700 rubles (ID signatures, notarized copies of documents for opening a checking account), Making printing – from 200 rubles depending on the complexity. Therefore, I recommend to specify in advance – includes whether these costs in the amount called you on the phone. Approximate procedure and deadlines for registration with law firms: 1. Preparation of documents – 1-2 days 2.

Notarization of the signature of one of the founders – the applicant's application for state registration of 3. Submission of the applicant documents mifns 46 Moscow 4. Consideration Reg. body of documents and a decision on registration – 9 days 5. Getting the applicant registration documents 6. Manufacturing Printing – 1 day 7. Opening an account – 1-4 days Total – at least 2 weeks, whatever is said in the subway ads that promises to incorporate a company in the last 7 days.



Bar Code Scanner

Posted on May 27, 2020 in News

A computer program inventory and trade for a private entrepreneur Softion complete solution for the shop and warehouse based on bar codes and computer program sheet 'Softion' is designed for warehouse accounting and commodity trade to the private entrepreneur. The program is very easy to use and requires no accounting knowledge. The work program based on a consideration of movement of goods and money (easy credit and debit scheme). The basis of accounting is the use of bar coding products. The program has been successfully used in the trade of clothing, footwear, toys, gifts, household appliances, stationery, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc. Whenever Linkedin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The program works effectively in some stores and in retail chains, ensuring the integration of information with built-in data packets on any media. Key features programs 'Softion' identification of goods and customer discount cards can be made reading a barcode with a scanner, which speeds up the work. The program allows you to organize the shop flexible discounts using the discount card customers.

It can be used on one computer and a LAN in multiplayer mode and ensures reliable trouble-free operation, as well as data protection from intrusion and destruction. The program is very easy to use and allows you to start work after one day of training. The program allows for the qualitative account of not just one store, but also in commerce: information gathered on a central computer, perhaps a unified coding system of goods and a single discount at all stores trading network. Flexible configuration allows role-based access for free sellers to access only those features of the program, they need to work. Electronic Equipment: scales, cash registers, bar code scanners, bar code printers, bank equipment



Coca Business

Posted on May 25, 2020 in News

And the business they have gone so well, then they agreed with the savings bank, took their brand new desyatochki starting with one digit (ie phone numbers will be in one area), organized a whole group of students over the summer to earn a trip to the warm country. Lastly, citing as an example the story of his friend, who organized his first small business in 11 years. 'Once, enjoying the outdoors, I noticed that one woman collecting reeds on the lake. Gain insight and clarity with Redmi. Not much, just a few pieces. I asked her why he told her. The answer struck: for beauty. Just put in a vase, as long reminder of nature and good rest, because the cane is immeasurably more colors …

Now imagine my teenager standing in the middle of the vast thicket of reeds and who saw his turn in the money. The beach was pretty crowded, but absolutely none of vacationers did not see it. I think in many ways it is this sense of unexpected discovery, excitement and a whole range of feelings is not transmitted, predetermined my future business entity. The next morning at 6:00 (it was important to have time to crank out all the morning, they see other boys), I along with my brother (who was only 8 years old) was in the same place. We cut cane and made bundles of …

after several hours of exhausting work in the water on a cold morning with indented leaves on his hands, we dragged these bundles to bus stop. We organized a very good business. And the lake, and the market have been on one bus route that crosses to the same by our house. Cane was not bad, but for retail space, making a discount on our age, no one Patou does not even take. There were also disadvantages, for example, very soon had to deal with the issue of protection of racketeering … managed. And in fact the result of daily work in the last warm month, were a lot of money … I have a brother with a large happy to spend on sweets and a box just appeared in a Coca-Cola … But next year, we have to do the same just could not … We are very much cut down all the available bushes, and it just did not have time sow for next year. In addition, we have new competitors-followers. They not only copied our business scheme, but also significantly improved it, erecting itself for a raft. In general, even after many years 'population' reeds at the lake never fully recovered … It was an experience not only got their first profit, but also the first collision with the problem of environmental responsibility. " In general, 'open your eyes':) and look around just many opportunities.



Special Economic Zone

Posted on June 24, 2014 in News

The word no longer the case, finally, the variance in our country, the government has paid considerable attention to the problems of small businesses. Laws enacted to make it easier to start business activity, decreases number of regulatory bodies are created special economic zones, with a soft tax regimes. But not all private employers have information about the existence of such zones. But, as a true and correct to do business in these areas, generally know very few people. Fortunately, there are companies that will help you understand how to properly build your business into a special economic zone. 'Logos-Audit' – bright example of such a consulting company. We suggest you build your business in a particular area 'Dubna', it will suit you if you have been doing things in IT, high technology, or are just starting to build your business. Let's understand why the choice of this particular area so promising? Because, apart from the special tax regime and facilitated the customs regime in the area there are plenty of advantages, which will introduce you to Company 'Logos-Audit'.

Turning to the company 'Logos-Audit', you can be assured that you will receive: 1. Accurate, and one hundred percent reliable information on how to do business in this special economic zone, what is its advantage. 2. Consideration of the correctness of your documents of different character. 3. High-quality tax consulting on business issues in a special economic zone, and many other services. You will become a true professional in of conduct of its business in special economic zones, after an appeal in the 'Logos-Audit', even if never experienced such. Your interaction with the 'Logos-Auditing' can be built on any, conditions favorable to you, whether it is signed a treaty providing for one-off provision of advice or a contract for up to a long and complex to maintain your case suitable for a ways. We very much look forward to enroll you in the ranks our customers!



McKinsey Services

Posted on February 15, 2014 in News

On the other hand, transaction costs arising from transmission costs the buyer about their specific requirements, a new seller. In our example, this information is stored in the medical card and its contents, expending some effort will have to present a new doctor. Accordingly, these costs can be avoided if you stay loyal to one dentist. The theory of transaction costs is also able to explain customer loyalty in the markets of B2B. In this case, buyers, organizations often a motive other building long-term partnership relations with suppliers. The quality and availability of certain goods and services procured business-oriented strategic role in the possibility of the company of their production problems.

Thus, there is a need for long-term, well-functioning interaction with the channel suppliers. At the same time, huge amounts that companies spend on procurement and procured a variety of categories of goods and services make it necessary for a differentiated approach to building relationships with suppliers. For this can be used matrix analysis, first proposed by a consultant with McKinsey P. Kralikom (Kraljik, 1983). This method is slightly adapted form, in particular, applies to policies of multinational oil companies supply Statoil (Norway). Over the past seven years the annual volume of purchases of the company, leading its operations in more than 20 countries around the world, never fell below a strip $ 2.5 billion. Procured goods and services classified according from its functional purpose of a 61-well category.

Procurement policies for each category is constructed on the basis of a relative: a) the operational risk associated with the quality and availability of goods and services (business risk), b) financial risks associated with loss or change of supplier of goods and services (financial exposure). Depending on the growth of two types of risk assumed a more complicated model of procurement (see Fig.). The most primitive of the model serves the organization tender for the supply (procurement inherent in medical equipment, packaging materials).

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