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Federico Nietzsche

Posted on October 11, 2013 in News

Others to the man of faith do not hesitate when in later times to reach men with simple things such as these and are left confused. Do not use my eloquence to blaspheme. Argues but remembers as Pombo that always despite your passenger Existentialism you can say: while I, vil Gladiator, I greet you and I bless you… ARGUMENTS of Federico Nietzsche the morality how demonstration against nature morality unnatural, i.e., all morality taught, worshipped and preached until now, will instead, against the vital instincts and is a longer secret, already noisy and blatant condemnation of those instincts. When says: God looks upon the hearts says no to the internal aspirations and superiors of life and considers God as enemy of life. The Holy that is pleasing to God is the ideal gelding. Life ends there where begins the Kingdom of God Orlando Magno: evidently the man participates of an animal nature at the physical level.

Since your body can be compared with other animals. And as animal each man can satisfy each of their instincts. Which would not be unnatural. Not impose a moral to the animal unless we want to domesticate it. More to these actions of domestication, not moral we should you be called, because the animal does not include categorical sense of good and evil.

The animal will simply continue a series of standards that you to feel his instinct for preservation. And even though many of these rules may be unnatural for its very essence as an animal. They are followed by the animal. In order to keep that front that domestic it. Thats life, part of a body that works to the rhythmic beat of chemical reactions. Teach any kind of moral animal goes against the vital instincts and is a secret condemnation as gross Nietzsche. But the animal does not possess something which men conceive as conscience, reason, understanding, kinds of feelings, guilt, happiness, love and many other things that the man feels, even when it is the Earth that man less it reasons.