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Controlled Efficiency

Posted on October 19, 2013 in News

It has been wait but for January 2012 you will be on the street the more potent roadster on the market: Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, with its V8 engine with its 422 horsepower. In terms of their technical characteristics, its 422 horsepower and its V8 engine 5.5 l petrol atmospheric, make you reach 250 km/hour with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and an average consumption of 8.4 liters. This block is based on the biturbo V8 which already equipped the 63 AMG, CLS 63 AMG, S 63 AMG and CL 63 AMG. Automatic change AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7 G – TRONIC is dual clutch. Account with three programs of driving: Controlled Efficiency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M). Propulsion is back. In terms of its exterior facade is clearly distinguished from the rest of SLK models by style wheels, by decorative elements exclusive to the bodywork and interior and the exhaust outlets. There are also a few specific details that make the typical elegance of Mercedes, as the steering wheel, console with decorative elements of aluminum or clock designed by IWC that sits at the top of the dashboard inside. In addition and as an option, you can choose various decorative packages to the exterior and interior, according to taste. As other SLK models it may carry a solar roof whose main characteristic is that it may darken. Mercedes still committed to be the main reference of the market sales and renting of Mercedes.