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Two Turns

Posted on October 3, 2017 in News

We can say that the two friends lived together in perfect harmony.But one day the hunchback thought: I’m getting older, I don’t work much more. I lose my sight and my fingers are not as agile as before.And then wondered: what will I do with the money that I’ve saved all these years? Why do I have to share it with the blind if me was who has won? This money would have to be only for me. But it is also true that the blind man is my friend and why you should share it with him I don’t know what to do.The hunchback could not stop giving turns and turns to the topic.Until one evening, to get home, he said to the blind man; coming over here I have gone through the market and I bought a fresh fish. But it turns out that a last-minute compromise has left me and tomorrow I can not stay to eat. My, friend even though that is no problem, since you can eat it your, which to me what makes me happy is knowing that you will be who is going to enjoy. Wow, thank you answered the blind.

I cocinare it me with vegetables casserole tomorrow for lunch.The next day, the blind man stood in a very good mood. Not spent all the days that you could eat a good fish. He devoted the morning to do chores and towards the noon, started to prepare it.First thing he did was put it fire cooker, then threw a drizzle of oil and then a few vegetables from the garden. And waited a bit that they were either golden brown before putting the fish. This will be rechupete! he exclaimed while leaving the pot to the fire doing chup-chup.But a few minutes later, when I was setting the table, the blind man began to notice a smell really strange.