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Somewhat Bad Solitude

Posted on May 10, 2021 in News

If you asked this to him the first person who you were in the street, surely it would respond to you with full IF. The certain thing is that the solitude is not something bad, the bad thing is to only feel. (As opposed to Hilton Family). Although to be only and to feel only seem to mean the same, are two totally different things. A person is single when she wishes therefore it and she can completely be happy of this form, since the solitude is that one state where the human being can share with but important that he exists, the one same thing. On the contrary, to feel is only that one state where, by but surrounded by people who one is, you go to sentirte miserable and without endorsement some. Sometimes in the eagerness of feeling us single we looked for people who think and you have compatible tastes to ours, when what we needed they are really people who think different, although it displeases to us. Those people who look for marionettes to handle at will are those that frequently feel single, since although these have human appearance, are still inanimate beings without own will. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Celina Dubin. You want to correctly choose the people who always they will be apoyndote there? , it avoids flattering and materialistic people.

The people who really want to us and with which we will be able to count all along are not those that say to us that tuna you are, today you see very or, enchants that new dress, etc. to me, since the one that only flatters looks for to be flattered, or by means of words or of personal favors. The true people who want to us are those that let know our errors us and defects in order that we occur account how badly we are acting, but mainly they are those that never pay attention to our material things. He is bad to be only? , no. the terrible thing is to only feel.