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Security Codes

Posted on August 3, 2019 in News

From September 29 to October 1, 2009 in Moscow will host the largest exhibition of Information Security Infosecurity Russia 2009, participation in which traditionally takes a group of companies InformZaschita. At this year's booth 1-701 (Pavilion 7) integrator InformZaschita submit a comprehensive service for the protection of personal data protection of virtual infrastructure, outsourcing of information security, identity management, access and rights users of information security incidents, information security risk and services within the PCI Compliance. The company "Security Code", a member of a group of companies InformZaschita, provide innovative tools protection of information developed in accordance with the requirements of legislation aimed at protecting personal data. Specialists Group InformZaschita will read the reports: – Threat to corporate network – Security virtual infrastructure – Protection from DDoS-attacks – Protection of Personal Data – Comprehensive protection from unauthorized access – Incident Management and PCI DSS, etc. A detailed Program presentations at the booth can be found on the websites of companies InformZaschita "and" security code ". The exhibition is traditionally held a conference in which appear the most authoritative experts and analysts in the field of information security, including experts from the group of companies InformZaschita. This year Michael Yemelyannikov, Director of Business Development InformZaschita, will hold two roundtable discussions "The Internet as a field of competitive battles" and "Security in Virtual Environments: Technology software.

Why traditional media is not enough. " CEO of "security code" Alexander Shirmanov announced Bid on new products, "Lions and Gladiators" a new software product Security Code TrustAccess, designed to protect against unauthorized access to network resources information system. In addition, our specialists will participate in the 4-PEX round tables: – The Internet as a field of competitive battles – Building and maintaining business continuity in the existing conditions. Information security as an element of continuity? – Current issue the introduction of PCI DSS; – Security in Virtual Environments: Technology software. Why traditional media is not enough. A detailed program of presentations at the conference is available at companies InformZaschita "and" Code security ". The exhibition Infosecurity Russia 2009 will take place September 29 to October 1, 2009 in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya.

Information Security

Posted on September 2, 2017 in News

The notion of security as a general scientific category is defined as a condition of the system, in which she the one hand, able to withstand the destabilizing effect of internal and external threats, but with the other – its existence and operation does not create threats for the elements of the system and the external environment. In this case, the natural measure of security systems are presented: – in terms of ability to resist destabilizing impact of external and internal threats – the degree (level) to maintain a system of its structure, technology and performance of exposed destabilizing factors – in terms of absence of threats to elements of the system and external environment – the degree (level) the possibility (or impossibility) of occurrence of such destabilizing factors, which may present a threat to the elements of the system itself or external environment. ; Purely mechanical interpretation of the above formulation leads to the following definition of information security. ; Definition 1.1. Information security – a condition considered system, under which it is on the one hand, able to withstand the destabilizing impact of external and internal information threats, and with another – its existence and operation of information does not create threats to elements of the system and the external environment. It should be noted that information as an indispensable component of any organized system, on the one hand, is vulnerable (that is very accessible to the destabilizing effects of large number of diverse threats), and the other may itself be a source of too big and too diverse number of threats for both elements of the system itself, and for the environment.

Research Specialist

Posted on July 22, 2017 in News

The most interesting lies in the fact that I had had a direct bearing on the protection of software against hacking, first developing a similar protection for commercial systems, and then as zhurnilast Research Specialist, after I got the system for protection against penetration and copying StarFors. That turned out way of life in 10 years: from physical security to protect the copyright … ironic, I know it. Theory. A little bit about why do I need to copyright protection and where to get it. And everything could be completely wrong, and if only to himself is not an enemy … Registration of computer programs for computers helps ensure safety your copyright by depositing the listing of a computer program.

In the case of any dispute, you will be able to prove your copyright to a computer program by presenting a certificate to a computer program, and in case necessary, we will compare the listing a registered computer programs. I do not know whether to much to say, why do I need to register copyright at all? I think that's obvious – to protect themselves and their the brainchild of … how shall I put it mildly – from theft. Depending on what the market is directed your software (on the inside of the Russian Federation or international), you will need to register: In ROSPATENT (Federal Institute Industrial property) to obtain a certificate of the Russian Federation and / or the Library of Congress, to get an international certificate of copyright (copyright).


Buy Apple Laptop

Posted on June 15, 2016 in News

Now do not recall those days when Apple's products are caused to mistrust, and most advanced computer users only used the computers IBM. Today everything has changed. Apple entered into our Life here to stay. Every other fan of electronic gadgets is in your pocket iPhone; to buy a laptop apple, people are willing to stand long hours in queues. Many like an unusual concept to Apple. Enough recall a recent iPad, which according to the developer applies for a new type of electronics – a flatbed media players. In fact, the iPad is nothing more than a compact notebook with a highly modified external design. High reliability and stylish one who has already purchased a laptop from Apple, was able to appreciate the benefits of these portable computers.

The unique chassis that technology-based unibody, guarantees the highest reliability of your technical devices. The secret of strength lies in the fact that the body of Apple notebooks has worked from a single metal sheet. Bottom cover is located so that the laptop is fully protected from slipping on smooth surfaces. In pursuit of reliability, the developers have not forgotten about the aesthetics and performance. Buy laptop apple – so buy a stylish computer with high performance and ability to solve absolutely any problem.

MacvsMicrosoft If you really want to buy laptop apple, but you are concerned about problems with the software, we hasten to clarify the situation. Modern operating system Mac fully supports a full office suite from Microsoft. Thus, owners of Apple laptops completely spared the problems with operating system Windows, in this case could quite happily use the office suite from Microsoft. Modern Apple products for flexibility does not yield to IBM. If you lead an active lifestyle and often move from one place to another to buy a laptop apple is necessary, because with it you get a mobile office, cinema, telephone, television and radio receiving station. Laptops from Apple – it's full range of modern multimedia features.


Windows Media Player

Posted on January 18, 2012 in News

As watch HD videos? First comes the thought of buying a special video player that allows viewing of HD video. Modern AV industry offers a wide range of similar devices of different manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, V DUCK, Egreat, Lacie, Iomega, etc.). Currently, video players that support HD video has a quite reasonable price and wide range of possibilities. On the other hand, you can build a multimedia PC supports all popular formats and allows you to watch HD video. However, HD video on a computer monitor does not produce that effect, which could occur if you watch HD movie on a big plasma screen. In such a situation arises the problem of constructing Cinema HD using household appliances and PCs.

This theater includes several components: the computer as a home base HD Theater, should have significant resources. At the very least, a powerful processor (not lower than Pentium 4) and high-quality video. Media Center – a program that allows you to watch HD video. Among the most popular can select Windows Media Player, Nero Show time, Cyberlink PowerDVD, etc. Remote control – a device to control Media Center installed. Of course, as a remote, you can use your mouse and keyboard, but it's not too convenient. Much better to use self-control.

In this case, you can use any universal remote with IrDA-receiver to view HD video will be much more comfortable. TV screen. The final link in a home theater system is a HD television screen, be it plasma, projector and LCD screen. Connection to PC by means of an adapter HDMI. For audio output to your receiver using S / PDIF cable. So, watch HD video on a home theater is easy. You can buy a HD video player, and immediately enjoy your home or build their own HD movie theater. The second option seems to us more cost effective and profitable. With proper installation of such a kit many times surpass the HD ready solutions Video player for most indicators.



Setting Bios

Posted on October 30, 2011 in News

A personal computer consists of components that are configured individually using the parameters BIOS. These components are: the chipset, CPU, RAM, keshpamyat. Each of them has its own BIOS collection of settings that affect the operation of these components and their interactions with each other. By changing the parameters of BIOS, you can improve performance of your computer, that is, increase the speed of running programs. It should be borne in mind that the overestimation of the BIOS your computer may become unstable.

It is therefore important to maintain a balance between performance and stability of your computer. Manufacturer averaged parameters are established that do not provide maximum performance, but at the same time guarantee a stable operation. Companies that sell computers, collect them from completing their own and make your adjustments in the BIOS settings to inflate the baseline characteristics, and thus be able to set a higher retail price, than that which deserves the computer. Buying a laptop, you get a computer assembly factory, which sets the average parameter settings and, therefore, it is possible to improve the performance of your computer (up to 10%). On the contrary, buying a desktop computer, collected by the seller, you get the car does not factory assembled, which means that the BIOS could be inflated above the average. Therefore, the owner of your computer must have an idea of how to quickly determine how BIOS settings are different from the optimum. It does not require special training. You just have to enter the BIOS and on the first page that opens to find the line Load Bios Defaults (or Load Optimized Defaults).

It remains to get the cursor on this line and press Enter. This will set the parameters averaged BIOS, adopted by the manufacturer and make the most stable operation of the computer. It remains only to enter the BIOS, rose cursor on Save & Exit Setup. Thus, quick and easy do you define the nominal characteristics of the test computer, then there are those who have been declared by the izgotovitelem.Teper consider setting your computer components with parameters BIOS.

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