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Know How To Please Your Partner

Posted on July 24, 2014 in News

There is nothing more beautiful than to get intimate with another person, especially when the act is accompanied by emotional delivery and / or love. But it is a very common problem that one of the members of the couple, most often women do not have the fullness of satisfaction, ie does not reach orgasm. The reasons are varied, from lack of understanding before and during intercourse to problems of dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men and anorgasmia in women. The women usually need longer to experience coital orgasm, while men focus primarily on personal satisfaction, which often leads to making a monotonous and routine time away from being a source of happiness and satisfaction for both. Therefore it is necessary to learn to make the most of each of the stages that constitute the sexual act, thinking about getting one without mutual pleasure and then focus on the penetration, which will be achieved significantly prolong the time delay sex, and to understand and leverage in favor of both the behavior of the couple. It is not recommended the use of drugs or products that increase the time of intercourse in men, since the effect varies from one to another individual and may generate some kind of dependence, as well as many of these products are questionable components could be accompanied by negative side effects to health. The best thing is to understand and adopt a healthy lifestyle that eschews the consumption of liquor, snuff and any drugs harmful to the body, making exercise a daily activity and if possible practice a relaxation or yoga therapy, with harmonization of what each of the activities including sexuality. Finally, a the practice makes maestros , ie if we want something we do well we must conscientiously study and practice to achieve wholeness, which obviously will generate revenues of great satisfaction and strengthen our bonding. If you are interested in learning more about the subject.