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Trigger Voltage

Posted on March 26, 2012 in News

Optimized mode of operation has reduced the time the ignition. Also decrease the number of micro cycles ignition positive impact on lamp life. Two-way communication between the unit and the lamp can intelligent system to maintain a good working balance, taking into account the working conditions. Low starting current – 6 A working characteristics of the maximum values correspond to the claimed passport (the deviation of not more than percent). Exceptional reliability.

Optimized algorithm for combustion control lamps significantly prolongs the life of the whole set. High-efficiency power ignition ensures low heat. Qualitative shielding protects against outside interference and does not allow interference in automotive electronics. Reliable waterproofing ensures stable operation at high humidity (85%). Passport life blocks ignition 20000 hours (Average annual use mode 4000 hours). Trouble-free anywhere in Russia.

Wide operating temperature -40 +100 C allows the use of equipment in extreme heat and cold. The design eliminates lamp razbaltyvanie flask while driving on any roads. Blocks firing of mtf embodied the latest advances in the field of engineering xenon light. The equipment is designed specifically for use with lamps with philips flasks and provide data lamps optimal performance regardless of external conditions. Certification of the pct (GOST), e-mark, qs, tuv. Dimensions 95h75h40. Weight Blocks 380 Guaranteed operating temperature range of -40 to 100 C . Rated operating voltage 12.8. Permissible operating voltage: 9 – 16. The maximum peak inrush current 6 A. Rated current 3.4 A. Trigger Voltage 19 35 kV. Arcing time 0.3 sec.