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The Son

Posted on May 7, 2021 in News

They waited a Messias that came with being able and victory, and the Old Will promises, in reality, such Messias. Kaiser Health News can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Son of Davi is a King the holy ghost that Isaiah will govern in the messianic kingdom (9:11; Jeremias 33), when all the sin and all badly they will be taken off, and they will take advantage the peace and justice. The Son of the Man is a celestial Being to who is trusted the government on all the nations and kingdoms of the land. The Old Will does not say in them of that it forms if two predictive concepts of the davdico King and the celestial Son of God relate between itself these, or that way each one of them can be identified with the Man of pains of chapter 53 of Isaiah. Therefore, the Jews of the first century waited a winning Messias, or a Son of the Man, however celestial, and not a humble Servant Mr., who would suffer and die. The messianic mystery – the new revelation of the intention the holy ghost – consists where the celestial Son of the Man must first suffer and die in fulfilment of its messianic and redentora mission, as the Man of pains, before presenting itself with being able and glory. The mystery of the kingdom closely is associated with the messianic mystery. Chapter 2 of the book of Daniel describes the coming of the kingdom of God with lived language, of the point of view of the destruction of all and any power that the God resists and if opposes to the divine will.

The kingdom will come with being able, sweeping all badly and all hostile government, transforming the land and presenting a new universal order of perfect peace and justice. However, Mr. Jesus did not present a kingdom of being able portentoso. From there that as much its message as its person left perplexos its contemporaries completely, also its disciples.