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Posted on March 31, 2013 in News

And all this, taking into account the age and particular situation of our children, of course! For example, I always count examples in workshops that I give to teenage parents, guys, especially after the 11 or 12 years, have many pressures in terms of physical appearance (the so-called self-image). It is perhaps this item one that most affects the lives of teenagers, the self-confidence and self-esteem levels. Did you know, for example, that a low self esteem in a teenager may seriously affect the performance of their studies or their social integration and can end up being a vicious circle, in which your son would not leave without your help or a specialist? And guys who are not accepted as what are, that is they don’t want to because they are fat or skinny, high or low, or cabezones or narigones to say some of the phrases that use, are those who suffer most from complexes of insecurity and low self-esteem? The secret, in these cases, is helping them change optics which looks the problem. Remember, in order to them, this is their big problem and that, in many cases, it may be something real (all have not only physical defects and must learn to live with them, isn’t it?). A mistake that many parents typically commit is to deny it all, telling them that it is not true. Big mistake! You’re not only missing the truth, and the boys are not blind (you will not believe), but, somehow, you just give away part of your credibility, and, possibly, never again believe you things when you say them in the future, even if this time Yes are truth. If you would like to learn how, from today itself, change the perspective of real-life situations faced by your children to help them increase their self-esteem, then want to download my free report how to increase self esteem in a teenager from this link.