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The End

Posted on April 25, 2021 in News

Vulnerable so I feel. What else can I tell you that you can not imagine? You don’t know how much regret it. My claim was staying and my destiny seems to be get away. I wonder, you have crossed our paths, if we then be sore? I think the target most unjust ever written. Sorry if it was little that I could give you. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation: the source for more info. Sorry evil, if there is still something wrong that has not apologized. My voice is cut, my tears spring up, and my fingers are not moving not I can write, talk to you or see you.

I must learn to breathe without your name, I think without keeping your present image, I must act without asking me: how it would you?. It smells of ashes, loneliness and error. Your fragrance into nothingness is gradually consumed. There are no photos to view, because I don’t want to keep you tied to me. My heart prays that you consider this error, while my mind lies in a deathly silence. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin. I just stoning my dreams and my desires, midway between departed, midway between what could be and could not poison. I know that it is not the time, not you throw me in face. Possibly I’m being unfair, I don’t want to cry.

Don’t think that this has been easy for me. I know that this is not the time, but it is not necessary to do so. Necessary to set sail, even if you don’t understand it but at the end you can hate me, but I prefer to hate me until you can forget me now because I must dismiss me, Mi siempre amor de mis amores.