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World of Opportunities

Posted on September 22, 2013 in News

"The scope of a man should exceed the length of your arm" Robert Browning This time I bring an article that talks about changing paradigms and their benefits; Can you imagine the success that you would if you were able to anticipate the changes? It is based on a video that I had the opportunity to see, and I'm sure they will, it is a very interesting topic. If we review the history of humanity, we realize that we lived in constant progress, that every change generates new changes, new trends and innovations that have significantly impacted our future. However, not all people are susceptible to change, most feel frustrated because they just have molded the most recent change, and you're getting another, and another, and so on. But what makes some people adapt to change before any other and what impact these changes? To find the answer, it is necessary to speak of paradigms. In all aspects of our life there are patterns of behavior and rules that we put certain limits, these patterns are called paradigms.

A paradigm can be defined as the way of doing things, and we used to solve problems. They are the new paradigms that allow us to solve the problems within the existing limits, taking us down the road to success. Therefore, if we want to change a paradigm, we must change the way of doing things. With the emergence of new paradigms, the old become obsolete. For example, with the advent of the computer, the typewriter was discontinued, replaced motor machines equally to the vapor, e-mail to mail, etc..