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Optical Illusions Hypalon

Posted on November 25, 2018 in News

Some are made especially for Hypalon or PVC only while there are some brands that can be applied to both materials. They come in different colors of gray, white, black, red, blue, yellow and orange. You can also ask the seller to custom-mix for you. Water-based, this paint that can be used for both PVC and Hypalon that is also applicable to neoprene, vinyl and even for wooden floorboards as it is non-skid. Application is easy as you can coat the boat without using any first directamente. However you need to clean and dry the boat first away from direct sunlight. If your boat is PVC wash it entirely with MEK until it is no longer glossy.

If your boat is Hypalon, wash it with acetone first. Use masking tape to tape off all areas that you don t want to be painted. Dilutes the first coat with water then apply the first coat using a good brush. Make sure that you paint all the nooks and crannies that need to be painted. Check for drips and runs before the first coat drying. Apply the second coat full strength. Paint it on thick making sure it is even then let it dry for at least four hours.

Note that if you change the color of your boat from dark to light you need 3 to 4 coats. Inflatable Sealant You need to patch from the inside if patching the exterior does not stop leaks. Internal sealant kits are in order for severe wicking, abrasion or excessive wear and tear of the floor-to-tube seam. Check the boat for leaks using the soap-bubble procedure. Mark the spot. Drain water from the tubes then inflate it to its usual pressure. Make sure you have the right valve as you insert the sealant injection nozzle through it s. Squeeze about an ounce of sealant into the tube then immediately remove the nozzle as you pump air into the tube. Turn the boat oriented to the marked spot and let gravity move the sealant to the leak. When the sealant starts to bubble through the leak, deflate the tube with air barely leaving. Let it dry for 3 to 4 hours. Treat each leak independently.