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What Does It Mean to Conquer Your Dream

Posted on September 14, 2013 in News

Conquer a dream, is a phrase that contains several meanings, depending on the person who analyzed from their particular vision of life. For a large majority their meaning is tied to the fact achieve some material goals like buying the house, car, kitchen or financial change like getting a loan, win the lottery, receive an inheritance. However, this is a phrase that has enormous value for anyone in particular for women and men entrepreneurs or employers. Conquer your dream can be interpreted in two ways The first is the shallowest but equally desirable and is to create businesses that finance our lifestyle in which they see embodied some dreams or personal goals, with full financial autonomy and freedom of movement, without accountability to anyone or be subject to strict rules and schedules.

This would be a good definition. The second clear from my point of view is deeper with a major difference the vocation “N that has to do with the Don or the skills with which each of us come into the world. These qualities are what makes us unique and special as they develop and practice with a noble end, give special meaning to our transit existential life. Each child is born, grows, develops and exists in society is here for something, a meaning that is to play his vocation throughout his life (what he likes best and most do). Find a vocation or mission, promote it and make it available for our benefit and that of others is one of the greatest responsibilities that each person should take over his life.