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Fragilities Of The System

Posted on August 23, 2019 in News

For the Evaluation it will be made the Analysis of the Potentialities and Fragilities of the System and a Proposal of improvement of the service, a time that the customer already was taken care of and if it waits of it a confirmation of the satisfaction. A ouvidoria of this type already exists, in federal scope, services, the Vestibule of the MEC. The user makes request of information, claim, denunciation or compliment; the order is protocolizado and the demand is identified with a password, which can be folloied until its finishing. The vestibule it receives many claims and denunciations from irregularities in the education, but the information system has also received compliments. Something seemed could be made in the legislative one in municipal and state scope in the sphere of the judiciary one, hearing the people and divulging the costs and the quality of the information to the public.

Conclusion the Brazilian population not yet knows the process of adjustment adopted from the edition of the Law of the Fiscal Responsibility and it will never be able to understand the conjunctural beddings and requirements that had led to the adoption of the current mechanisms of management of the box in the public sector. Exactly knowing that a system of information of costs of the public administration interests the public in general an apathy in the direction is verified to inform. On professionals and technician to the areas of governmental planning, public politics, budget and governmental finances of the diverse spheres of government, beyond professionals of administration, public economy and managers, in its majority they know the Law, however they are these that do not fulfill it. If the Education of Brazil included in its programs of contents the practical one of the transparency, would become more easy to understand the paper of the financial programming in the prevention of the fiscal risks and the diverse mechanisms of adjustment and prevention of disequilibria 15 in the budgetary and financial execution, adopted throughout the history of the Brazilian public finances. In general way, for the consultations to the sites of the states of Brazil, it is the Judiciary power that lacks to make the house lesson, in terms to inform the expenses, also presenting to the public the performance of its tasks, without distrust to justify the high wages and the cost of its rendering of services. With this reflection it was looked to suggest the implantation of an administrative form to use the information including the opinion of the people on application of prescriptions and expenditures effected in its state agencies, installment of accounts to the population, exerting ouvidoria informal, without bureaucracy, Latin and mysteries. .

VMRI Missiles

Posted on September 12, 2012 in News

As data divulged in January of 2009 in the memorandum of agreement of the Treated one to Reduction of Strategical Weapons (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, START), the Russians keep operational 2,825 strategical nuclear devices, and the Americans, 2,200 devices. As vectors of launching of such devices Msseis Balsticos Intercontinentais are used (MBI), Ballistic Missiles Launched of Submarinos (MBLS) and strategical bombers. The Forces of Missiles Strategical (0:5 B=K5 B> 9A: 0 CB@0B538G5A: > 3> H07=0G5=8O, PBCH, or RVSN), responsible for the operation of the MBI of the Russian Federacy, that are most advanced and powerful of the globe, are a separate Force of excessively, inside of the Russian military structure. The Russian intercontinental missiles constitute the nucleus of the strategical force of the Federacy. The four models of operational missiles can, together, to carry up to 1.357 nuclear ogives.

The first one of them, UR-100UTTh, is in service since 1979. Currently the Russians operate 72 units of these missiles equipped with a total of 432 nuclear ogives. With a reach of 10.000 kilometers and carrying six Multiple Vehicles of Reentrada Independente (VMRI) with 750 unitria power of kt, such missiles can attack any situated target in the Europe, Asia, Africa and in parts of the Oceania and the American continent. Each one of its VMRI can be directed against a different target, what it allows each missile to reach six different situated targets for times the hundreds of kilometers one of the other. The digital systems of orientation independes of each vehicle allow a precision of 920 meters, according to Russian sources. However, it is practises common of the Russians to depreciate the official data of precision of its missiles, what it takes intelligence occidental person esteem, in the case of the UR-100NUTTh, a precision of up to 220 meters. Due to official precision of such missiles, one gives credit that its mission is to act in against-value missions, what it means that these vectors would have as white elementary schools the cities and the population centers of the adversary.