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Exhaust Air Purification Systems

Posted on September 23, 2017 in News

Exhaust air purification systems are suitable for kitchens, laboratories, snack businesses, butchers or even manufacturing companies with new technologies for the gastronomy of exhaust air cleaning system. Constantly annoying odours or fumes are created in each operation. Smells when frying, cooking and roasting, but also already exist deposits of fat on the inside of the exhaust systems are produced in the hospitality industry. When cooked in the kitchen, or deep-fried, heavily grease-contaminated vapors rise and flow through the exhaust air systems, where they are then set. What represents a major fire hazard, as ventilation ducts and ventilators can clog. Also, also molds can cause because moisture can no longer be deducted through the clogged pipes.

Therefore, exhaust air purification systems are a good solution. They use integrated active carbon filter, bags and pre-filter, filter the air and leave it clean again. Activated carbon is perfectly suited to the absorption of bad odours. Also flame protection filter in the fixed fats to prevent it could ignite. In the catering industry, there are new exciting technologies.

Environmental protection plays an important role. Therefore upgraded now also in the field of exhaust systems. Today there is no longer only the traditional systems, but also exhaust air purification systems with for example ozone technology. This technology is designed for high and demanding requirements in the hospitality industry. It is suitable for all kitchens and almost maintenance-free. The technique is very environmentally friendly and effective immediately. The systems are easy to retrofit in existing kitchens or mount. No specific prior knowledge is also required, neither of the restaurateurs or kitchen staff. It can be continued normally, as before. The technology brings many benefits. For example an odor reduction by 95%, if you use a downstream catalyst 99.9%. Also prevent deposits on the inside of the hood, which also reduces the risk of fire. Maintenance and maintenance costs can be kept with these plants and you are also following components associated only with low cost. Also, you can use these systems to the heat recovery. Each restaurateur should however regularly wait filters and systems and maintain to ensure a continuous protection. But where do you even get exhaust systems? You can order it now actually in the Internet. A well-known online shop is for example the Gastroplus24. The company is active in the catering industry have long and you will find everything about our catering supplies in their range. Specialized have been on ventilation systems to self build. Therefore you will find both exhaust air purification systems with activated carbon, with or without prefilter, and also exhaust air purification systems with ozone. Today is it for any restaurateur slightly to get the right exhaust system and order them quickly and conveniently online!