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Posted on October 8, 2017 in News

The details of the origin, characteristics and requirements on the use of mana are quite a few acquaintances. 16, numbers 11 xodo are quotes that give to know how as the Lord provided for his people. But the same book of numbers shows the behaviour of people towards your feeding system and spoke against God and Moses town: why we did climb of Egypt to die in this desert? For there is no bread nor water, and our soul has annoyance of this so light bread (numbers 21: 5) features the Mana was pleasant flavor the amount was sufficient for all had good presentation was highly nutritious hygienically prepared in the heavenly bakery was well-done did not have to cook it never lacked anyone was allergic to its ingredients do not had the problem that stole it didn’t technology to preserve it was them coming regardless of where was the people There was no social or economic differences to obtain it free was undeniably that the food given by the sky was hundred percent only blessing.

However the Scriptures recorded negative reactions of the people who received this divine gift every day. If we locate the Mana in the circumstances inherent in human attitudes and needs well we can outline some simple and few concerns. The manna from the human perspective why the daily diet since the human optic era of one type of food? Why the menu given by heaven not offered apparently variety? Could the Lord change daily flavor and the kind of food that he sent to his chosen people? Was a meal or special for the day Saturday mana? Could Lord renew periodically during those four decades the kind of food that gave the people on their journey? A map of entire sincerity how difficult would not get bored eating the same meal three times to the forty years? Do lessons involves the fact that God would give them one? regime of feeding without apparent variety? What role playing experience Christian adequate satisfaction of food needs? We can not exclude the fact that the diet of the pilgrims in the desert could eventually include products of animal origin (milk, cheese, meat etc.), and speculatively speaking perhaps one of vegetal origin, although the sacred pages do not inform about this..